Red Apple Bar - (Bars in Tsilivi)

David R          10/10

What can you say about the the Red Apple, my favourite bar in Tsilivi. Top blokes with Spiros ("I own red apple, my name is Spiros") and Fotis and not to mention Mark from Dudlaaaay during the day. Spent a week in Planos Bay and drank there at least once a day and had a few mad, late nights.

It was my introduction into the world of cocktails when I couldnt take anymore Mythos, however nice and cool it was, I just couldnt take anymore. And I will admit I got a taste for them, just call me Del Boy. Spiros is a nuisance but a crack shot with his straw throwing too, only joking lol. You would turn your back and there would be a straw in your drink threw from the end of the bar. 
My mates Walsall shirt is proudly stapled to the ceiling in the bar, a common theme in bars in the town but the first Walsall shirt in the Red Apple.
Cheers for the breakfast Spiros, thats how late it was some nights! Yaimmas!