Ghetto Bar - (Bars in Laganas)

Amber S          10/10

ghetto club was f**king wicked!!! me & my mates started off here every night.. most nights we was too pissed to move on. lol. music wasnt always rnb and hip hop. there was a good mixture :) we loved the  barmen as they were a good laugh :d i have some wicked memories from this place & cant wait til i go back to zante next year! im definately gunna go ghetto again :) loveddd it!

Bad Boys Club - (Bars in Laganas)

Amber S  (15 September 2008)        5/10

 Heyy, Me and my mates went in bad boys on our 2nd night in zante, it was a good atmosphere but we didnt stay in there long, i spilt two drinks as i was bolloxed; and the men kept coming round and cleanin up our mess, we left in the end and moved on. The music isnt the best but its okay for a place to start your night. =D

Kamikaze Bar - (Bars in Laganas)

Amber S          9/10

 I Went To Zante On July 20th-27th. We went in Kamikaze on Our Last Night and Enjoyed Ourselvess It was Amazing :) Me and My Mate Was Dancing On The Tables + The Bar Quite Alot! + You Cant Beat The Fishbowls ;] Lol. Get you masheddd.

Im Coming Back Next Year So i Will Deffo Come Back in KamiKaze :)