Fiorentino - (Restaurants in Tsilivi)

Paula C (May 03, 2008)

I'm really pleased to read all the positive comments about Fiorentino.

We first stayed in Tsilivi at the beginning of May 1996 and were one of Frank & Roxani's first ever customers, we ate there for most of the 3 weeks and Roxani tried lots of dishes out on us.
We really enjoyed the food and returned again in September 2001 - it was much busier, but just as good.
Had a postcard from Frank & Roxani a couple of weeks ago telling us that this will be their last season so we've decided to go later this month to say 'Hi' and taste their delicious food once again.
Paula & Malcolm

Benikos - (Restaurants in Tsilivi)

Paula C          8/10

We ate here once.

The village sausage starter which came with sauted potatoes and a dip was lovely although it was quite substantial as a starter.
However, the fried courgettes we also had as a starter were very disappointing.
There were about 6 very thin slices (like potato peelings and probably less than half a courgette) and they were bitter and a couple were burnt. For some strange reason, they were more expensive than the village sausage dish, so not good value for money at all.
We had much better versions of this dish in other restaurants. 
The lamb stifado & beef stifado main courses were lovely, with very tender meat. 
The service was very good and the house white wine was reasonably priced.
The overall price of the meal was very reaonable.
We did intend to go back here to eat again but we found a couple of other places we preffered. 

Dionysos Taverna - (Restaurants in Tsilivi)

Paula C          8/10

As previously stated there are 2 restaurants named Dionysos.

We ate at the one on the main road between Planos and Tsilivi centre, set back from he road a little.
The lamb kleftico was good in here.
The service was good and the prices were reasonable.
We did intend to return here but found a couple of other places that we liked better. 

Fiorentino - (Restaurants in Tsilivi)

Paula C  (June 15, 2008)        10/10

Well, what can we say?

10/10 just doesn't do this restaurant justice!
The food here is the best we had in Tsilivi.
Fiorentino is in the centre of Tsilivi next to the Joker bar, run by Frank and Roxani for the last 13 seasons, although this year is their last.
Roxani still does all the cooking, it's our favourite restaurant and we ate here about 6 or 7 times early June 2008.
We tried moussaka, stamna, lamb in the oven, stifado, kleftico, meatballs in a to-die-for tomato sauce which you can have as a starter or main course (I WANT THE RECIPE, Roxani!), swordfish steak in tomato sauce which was so big that the Greek potatoes came on a separate plate!, lamb pougi which is tender lamb, tomatoes and lots of other stuff in a filo pastry case. I don't think I've seen this dish on any other menu.
Everything we had was just delicious.
They serve PROPER chips, and as much as I love greek potatoes I just HAVE to have to have these.
The fried courgettes and aubergines which are in a very light batter and come with a little tzatziki are delicious as a starter.
The service is good and the prices very reasonable.

Menir - (Restaurants in Tsilivi)

Paula C          10/10

This place is a little gem!

It's located at the Planos end, just past Alamis apartments with a nice view of the sea.

We ate lunch here most days during our 2 week stay as it was close to the beach and our accommodation (Athina Studios).
We tried lots of traditional greek dishes including moussaka, pasticcio, kleftico, soutzoukakia and stifado.
The spagetti bolognaise is very tasty, and is a very generous-sized portion.
Some of the starters we tried included meatballs in tomato sauce, meatballs stuffed with cheese, stuffed tomatoes & peppers and aubergine skordoubi (sp).
Everything we ordered was excellent.
We always ordered a plate of olives, even though this was not on the menu.
The service was very good and the prices are very reasonable. For example, spag bol and pasticcio with bread and 1 litre of house white wine cost less than 15. 
A litre of house white wine cost only 4, probably the least we paid anywhere.
This was definitely one of the best places we ate at.

Zeus - (Restaurants in Tsilivi)

Paula C (June 15, 2008)

We ate here once during our 2 week holiday.

It's located on the main road between Planos and Tsilivi centre.

The food was very good, we had village sausage and a plate of olives as starters, swordfish and briam as main courses.
Even though we ate quite late in the evening, we found the waiters a bit manic.
They seemed to run around yelling 'Happy Days', 'Luvvly Jubbly' and 'Yamas' and clapping their hands -  sometimes in your ear - which was not conducive to the quiet, relaxing dinner we wanted.
I can see how families and kids love the atmosphere though, it just wasn't our 'cup of tea'.
The service was good and the prices were reasonable.
The food was defintely good enough to warrant a return visit but we just found places that we liked better.
It does seem to be very busy early evening. 

Athina Studios - (Accommodation in Tsilivi)

Paula C          9/10

We stayed at the Athina Studios in Tsilivi late May to Early June 2008.


They are located in the Planos area, opposite Alamis apartments and you have use of the Alamis pool, although we didn't bother with this as the beds there are fairly close together and the ones on the right-hand side of the pool (looking towards the bar) lose the sun in the afternoon.

We went down to a snack bar on the beach called Cozy where the sunbeds had at leat 2 yards space all around. Cost 6 for 2 beds & 1 umbrella per day.
There's a fruit shop right outside the studios (belonging to the owners) and a small supermarket across the street.

It's less than a 5 minute stroll from the studios to the sea.


It's a single block with 12 studios over 3 floors, it used to be 8 rooms over 2 floors.

The accommodation is basic, with a small kitchen area with a 2 ring (one large, one small) electric hob.

There's a kettle, fridge and plates, dishes, mugs, glasses & cutlery.

We didn't do any catering at all in the room but some people may find it not very well equipped if they do want to self-cater.


The bathroom was clean, with lots of hot water. The shower head wasn't fixed to the wall so you had to shower yourself, put the shower head down, then lather, then pick up the shower head again. We didn't find this to be a problem.


The bedroom was fairly small with 2 single beds, one 2-drawer bedside cabinet between, a built in wardrobe, dressing table with 2 drawers, a stool and chair.

Although we don't take a lot of clothes, we felt that the 4 small drawers were insufficient for swimwear, undies, shorts, T-shirts etc.


The balcony had a small table and 2 chairs. 


The rooms were cleaned every other day and linen/towels changed about twice a week.

We were happy with the cleanliness of the rooms throughout our stay.


The wardrobe had a safety deposit box fixed inside, keys obtainable from the fruit shop outside at a cost of 30 for 2 weeks. We didn't get our deposit back so maye they have changed their policy or we were just unlucky.


The rooms get morning sun on the balcony, which means they are nice and cool in the afternoon. The balconies are not overlooked at all apart from a small track about 100 metres away leading to some bee hives, we saw someone on this path only a couple of times during our stay.


Although Athina Studios are not in the main centre of Tsilivi, there are lots of bars, shops and restaurants very close by and they were in a perfect position for us.

We found the studios to be quiet at night with very little noise from neighbouring bars.
The centre of Tsilivi was about a 15 minute walk (for us).


On departure day, we left our cases in the reception of the Alamis apartments across the road. Checkout time was midday.


It was our 3rd stay in this accommodation and we would most certainly choose to stay there again.