Cocktails and Dreams - (Bars in Laganas)

Kay E

Zante is absolutely AMAZING!!

The main strip is wicked and Cocktails and Dreams was definately our most fav club!! Great Music, Cheap Drink, Fit Lads!!
Loved it!!!

Mon Repos - (Accommodation in Laganas)

Kay E

Mon Repos apartment were perfect!!

A short walk from the main strip, the rooms were basic but very clean. We had one big room between 4 girls and we had plently of room!!
The pool was great for relaxing around in the day and the bar was a great place to start the night.
Im not sure if the people who have comented below went to the same place as I did but I would definately recommend Mon Repos to anyone and will definately be going back this year!!
I love Zante!!!

Rescue Club - (Bars in Laganas)

Kay E

click to enlargeRescue Club was amazing!! Ended up here almost every night!!