Rubys - (Restaurants in Argassi)

Stu G          10/10

Without a doubt, 10 out of 10 for breakfast, service and value. Went here 6 times in our 7 days on the island and never once left disappointed. Breakfasts were just like back at home and the scrambled egg was just like moms....mmmmmmm . Steph always provided service with a smile and with a bit of cheek, whilst Ronnie, when not working away in the kitchen was always a pleasure to talk to.

Will be back in 2 years and will definitely be spending my mornings sat outside Ruby's, washing down a fry up with the best cup of coffee in town.
Keep up the good work guys.

Erato - (Restaurants in Argassi)

Stu G          10/10

Went here on our third night in Argassi and had to go back before we left. Three course meal for 2 and drinks for 45 euro's! Not only that, but each course was cooked to perfection. Not once did I leave a scrap on my plate. I might have put on a few stone but it was definitely worth it. The best meals we had during our stay by far and excellent service.

Back in 2 years...this will no doubt be my first stop for an evening meal.