Virago Bar - (Bars in Alykes)

Rozi B          8/10

A very nice bar, where you can just chill out and listen to a good range of music.
Spiros is lovely friendly funny and kind and is always welcoming, Vikki is a little more reserved  but once warmed up is also very nice (hey she is English).
My only critism is the drinks, the beer is very good but fizzy soft drinks and mixers can be a little flat. I think this is because they use large bottles rather than individual bottles like most bars do.
Aside from this it is by far one of the the nicest bars in the area and certainly deserves a visit. 

Buca - (Bars in Alykes)

Rozi B          10/10

Lovely bar, really great drinks and food. Bar has nice trendy look and music and is really great for posing or just chilling out on the beach. Fantastic location with unusal glass floor .
Heard a nasty rumour that it was being closed down, if so this will be a great shame as it really is something different. Loved it.