Dennis I and II - (Accommodation in Kalamaki)

Paul F (January 08, 2008)

I'm looking for reviews for Denny Apartments in Kalamaki - as offered through directholidays - is this the same place?

Day trip to Olympia - (Zante Excursions)

Paul F

click to enlarge click to enlarge click to enlarge Just back from kalamaki 1st Sept
This is the one trip that we wanted to go on, so booked it along with 2 other trips (10% discount with 3 trips)

I'll run through the cost and the day
for 3 adults (1x 15yr old) and 2 children (under 13)  it cost us 152 euros (thats with the discount) - booked through Eurosky (I think full price is 42e / 21e)
there is also a further charge to enter the site and museum - which is 9 euro for both per adult (18+)

-Coach pick-up (Tez bus) @ 7am
-ferried across to mainland (about 1hr 15m)
-coach to Olympia (arrived at 10.30 ish) - and were told that we were too early so had to stay at cafe for a drink until 11am
-walked up to Olympia Archaelogy site and met guide (approx 11.15)
-guided tour was informative, and lasted approx 45 mins
- at end of tour of archaelogical site we were given free time and instructions to meet at 1pm for tour around museum
- this left us just over half an hour of free time to walk around the site (not easy in 45c heat)

- we missed the 1pm meet for museum so took the time to look around the museum at our leisure

1.45pm  our coach guide met us outside the museum and took us back into the town - where she recommended a restaurant for us to eat at (we didn't - so can't comment)

this then left us 2 hours+ until coach pick-up to shop around the town
(Personally, I'd have preferred longer on site and more time to look around the museum as this was the main purpose of the trip! but hey-ho!)

So for the full day (7am to 7pm) we were on site between 11:15 to 13:45  (2.5 hours) and had 2.5 hours of 'shopping time'

Neil:  The statue of Zeus is not here, guide said it had been melted down (or destroyed), there is a picture of it in the museum though if that helps?!?

Natalie:  couple of pics for you (If you still want them after 3 years!), but they don't really do justice to the place.