Water Village - (Places to Visit in Zante)

Willie B          5/10

We went to the water park in may 2006 , Not alot of People around so no Q for slides , However while going down one of the slides i turned not my fault and entered into the water back ways , The life guard was a real Tit about it , Other than that i thought it was ok .

Filoxenia Aparthotel - (Accommodation in Tsilivi)

Willie B          3/10

In General this Accommadation was below par . We had an issue with Ants in our room on the ground floor and the floor had not been cleaned for ages before we arrived . when i pulled out the desk to see where they were coming in i could see old hair and so on on the floor. I went to the cleaner and she was very nice and she looked after it for us, Some of the lights were not working and we had to  ask a few times to reception. I found one particular womon on reception a bit grumpy and not very Pleasant. The Beer on Draught at the bar is poison . I asked for a pint of Mythos and i was surely given slop.

Another Problem is the road . They put some foot paths in to help walking on the road and before we knew it , there were buses parked on them outside the hotel. So myself and our two year old were walking on the road while the the buses were nice and safe parked on the path.  

Valantinas Castle - (Restaurants in Tsilivi)

Willie B          10/10

Again our eighth visit in a row to Tsilivi. Every year we go to two places Sandras Bar and Valantinas Castle. Food Top Notch , Prices Great . Wine Great / AND now Artemis had gone and got Mythos on Draught and its Magic. So we Love this place and they take pride in what they put on your plate. Too add to this they are local people and everything is fresh if they dont have it fresh that day they will tell you. Mussells and sardines are a must try.   

Sandras Bar - (Bars in Tsilivi)

Willie B          10/10

We visited our very good friends Sandra and Costas again for our eighth visit . Great little bar with good local people and nice drink / cocktails and food. Sandra is born and rared in this town and they both have a great knowledge of the area. They are both great with kids and very welcoming to anybody who might want to go into their bar for a quick drink . If you do then i reckon there is a good chance you will go back .  

They always add a nice touch to visitors who they get to know when going home maybe a bottle of something or some little goodbye present. They also have rooms at the back which i have seen and if i could get flight only then i would be staying there. They are great for a laugh and joke and i love going here with my family.