Merlis Car Hire - (Car Rental in Zante)

Shaun C           

Had a car from Merlis for the past seven years, Julie is great and we always get a great clean car.Thanks.

Paris - (Restaurants in Kalamaki)

Shaun C  (September 17, 2006)         

Always a service with a smile.

Fantastic food.

Zakynthos Airport - (Places to Visit in Zante)

Shaun C           

We have been going to Zante now for seven years (twice this year) and I agree the toilets are not fit for animals, the snack bar rips you off and when they have a power cut the air con goes off. But the departures used to be arrivals as well so think what it used to be like.The island is fantastic and the people are great. It is about time that they got their fingers out and sorted the airport and surrounding area. We will only be going back to Zante when the airport is finnished because it spoils what is always a perfect holiday.


Mustang Saloon - (Bars in Kalamaki)

Shaun C  (September 17, 2006)         

Hi Tasos and Sinead hope you are ok.(cought the big fish yet Tasos?)

The Mustang Saloon is a must for anyone visiting Kalamaki they have great drinks and a fantastic atmosphere.
Good luck with the baby and see you next year (Kimberley says to look after her board and not to lose it again)
All the best Shaun, Jayne & Kimberley.

Roseland Hotel - (Accommodation in Kalamaki)

Shaun C           

Had a fantastic time, this is the best hotel we have stopped in at Kalamaki (this year being our seventh time in Kalamaki) the whole hotel is spotless, the staff are excellent and friendly the only down side is the continental breakfast but for a change go to the Mustang Saloon the breakfasts are BRILL.

We will definately return to the Roseland next year.

Kalamaki Beach - (Beaches in Zante)

Shaun C           

For all you who moan about the dark sand, visit Zakynthos in May and go diving to see the Logger head Turtles in their natural habitat.

You may be able to understand why you cant go on the sandy beach, because the Turtles need to lay their eggs.
The sea is fantastic you can go out for a paddle and it seems to go on for ever but beware the wind can blow you out to sea if you are on a inflatable so keep an eye on the children ive seen adults being rescued by a life boat not only your precious children.
Ive not been to a resort yet were the sunbeds on the beach are free, you do have a choice sunbed, sand or Hotel pool, I prefer the view from the beach and to pay for my sunbed so stop moaning and get on with your holiday.