Elpida Hotel - (Accommodation in Alykanas)

Phil S           

Hi Spiros,

    My partner and I are booked to stay at the Elpida on the 18th of june for two weeks, we booked through Kosmar and we too had been told that you were overbooked, but after a much heated discussion and various threats, on my part, they now say that they have found space for us with you. Is there any way you can verify this for us as its only a couple of weeks away and i'd hate to start our holiday by arriving on Zakynthos and having a blazing row with a tour rep about changes of accommodation
And thanks for posting your message on the boards, maybe my mistake was not booking direct with you in the first place.

Mill Bar - (Bars in Alykanas)

Phil S          10/10

I've been telling little Phil about you, and Alykanas, for years. Well i finally got him to come with me this year, and low and behold, i pretty much had to kidnap him to get him back on the plane !

Thanks for another great holiday and i think it a certainty you'll see us both again the first chance we get.
Keep on doing what you do  
Phil snr.