Gardelli Resort Hotel - (Accommodation in Laganas)

Kate J           

Arrived Fri 29th July 05 to my 3*, Sea View room with Air Conditioning.

After 20mins of battling with the key and the door handle. I finally entered my sweaty hot room with no air conditioning, to see a family of ant's sleeping in my bed. Checking out the rest of my room, I found a tatty broken up wardrobe they had just dragged off the rubbish pile. On Opening the bathroom door I quicky had to shut it again, as the smell of sewage nearly knocked me out! I they went the cheer myself up by looking at the Sea View, as I walked onto the tiny balcony, to the left was the back yard to the 18-30's hotel. Then looking ahead and to the right was the back of a restaurant and a dodgy looking overgrown area with the local kid's sqeaky trampoline and what looked like the local laganas rubbish dump. At last, there it was, if I tip-toed and srained to look I could see a bit of sand and some sea!

Ikaros Hotel - (Accommodation in Laganas)

Kate J           

Stayed last year - Sept 2005

Thought hotel was top ,
The staff were friendly and helpful, although watchout for the young male receptionist who is a bit too friendly!! (Otherwords he probably gets in an average of 20 knickers a week!!)
The rooms were quite big and quite clean, although i heard a couple of complaints whilst I was there... fussy buggers! 
Pool was nice. The bar was great ! although I advise not to have too many of Yiannis special cocktails !
Its a little far from the main strip which isn't too bad during the day, or on your way out at night as there is plenty to do on the way, but a taxi is suggested for your way home at night. Especialy any girlies!
Staying at Victoria this year but wouldnt of minded going back to this hotel.

Bad Boys Club - (Bars in Laganas)

Kate J  (June 20, 2006)         

Lovely barmen!!

Cherry Bay - (Bars in Laganas)

Kate J           

Wasnt out of this place 2005, back this year for some more! Babes and Fellas behind the bar sooo friendly, last years DJ baby James was top notch, will take some beating!

Rescue Club - (Bars in Laganas)

Kate J           

Possibly the best bar in the world!!! With the fittest barmen on the island!!!

Went last year, definatley gonna be there everynight this year too!

Bad Boys Club - (Bars in Laganas)

Kate J  (August 01, 2006)         

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Of course your remembered Lee!  Mwah

You on msn hun?

Bad Boys Club - (Bars in Laganas)

Kate J  (August 17, 2006)         

always badboys for life!

haha, me thinks some of you badboys may of upset some girlies! but i'm quite sure you have satisfied 100 times more!
as for respectable, just pissed all over me chair with that comment! you truely are the bad boys this year, even beating the rescues lads toilet tally by far!!
lee stop being so soft and get your a**e back out there! so many part-timers this year! i'll be servin me own drinks when i come back in sept!
rose, haha, thought that comment was pretty good coming from harv! lol
anyways rose.... just 25 days til carnage!!
voted most f**kable badboys barman 06 ........ graeme!
voted best overall badboy 06 ........ sakis

Bad Boys Club - (Bars in Laganas)

Kate J  (August 28, 2006)         

Rose, you better be having a jiraffe!  Ive booked my September flight. I can see it now, arrive in Lags on 10th with no accomodation and no friends!   I'll bloody kill you Miss Debell! Ah well, suppose i'll have to work for the week! lol

Bad Boys Club - (Bars in Laganas)

Kate J  (September 27, 2006)         

alright sam (why the f*ck sam the cat??)

hope your ok now back home, seemed like you needed it last few days mate.
cant believe badboys f**ked you over. must admit it was w**k this year, only came in to see the actual badboys!
p.s. i still wanna see that video!  if it even exsists!!
email me ...
kate (blonde slag) xx
sakis i love you! hammond your a f*ckin ledge mate! dunc your a p*shed up hunky egyptian barman, but your a star! xx

Bad Boys Club - (Bars in Laganas)

Kate J  (October 13, 2006)         

EZ Mofo's

Glad to see you all back and well. You all been clinic yet? lol
Sam im still waitin to see this chuffin vid! Rose has been tryin to get hold of ya. She to assume you aint gone/going goa?
Hammond, cant quite imagine you trimmin some nice ladies bush instead of being behind bar.
Joey GET OUT!!!  
As if youve all left lil Duncan out there alone, gonna get reports of him gettin washed up on a beach somewhere as hes tried swimmin home!
George, heard you gone home today, mail me, hows Amy? She gone home?
Mwah Xx