Bona Vista Studios - (Accommodation in Laganas)

Carrie A           

Hello everybody, it's Carrie.

for all the ones i have already met, it was really nice meeting you. take care.
i am not working at Bona Vista this year i am at Agnanti appartments next to sarakina restaurant.
for all the ones i haven't met you are going to stay in a very nice appartments.
thank you very much every single one of you for making work time pass so pleasant.
carrie XXX

Sarakina Apartments - (Accommodation in Laganas)

Carrie A           

Hello to all i'm Carrie

I work at Agnanti pool bar just next to Sarakina appartments. For the last two entries i want to say that the location of the appartments is only 15 minutes away from Laganas town. It's a beautiful and quiet place and i'm sure you are going to love it. Lithakia is not far away either but i'm afraid that it does not have many bars over there and your friends will have to come down to Lagana to meet with you. Laganas from the other hand is full of bars and restaurants and you are going to find the one you like the best. See you at the 20th of June. If anyboby wants to ask anything else, i'll be happy to answer. Many kisses