Caravel Hotel - (Accommodation in Tsilivi)

Susan W           

Just arrived back from the Caravel today and couldn't wait to get on this site to give my comments. The hotel was positioned in the quiet part of Tsvilli and as the brochure says right on the beach which was man-made sand and not yellow sand as expected. One of the biggest problems at the Hotel which could was explained to the owner by myself was the lack of sunbeds around the pool. We counted them one day as on the fourth day we had not still hadn't been able to sit around the pool and there was only 28 beds in total. There were about 300 people staying at the hotel and even if you put another 30 beds around the pool it still wouldn't have been crowded. The reason this was a problem and alot of people complained was because you were charged 3 euros to use the the beds on the Hotel's grass and 5 euros per day to stay on the beach and of course why should you pay more. There was a notice to say that the beds could not be reserved but this was ignored.The food and service in the hotel's restaurant was fine, the cleanliness of the rooms was poor. I spilt orange juice one day on the floor and three days later it was still there. Also, the beds are very hard and uncomfortable.

Reportage - (Bars in Tsilivi)

Susan W  (September 17, 2003)         

Just returned from Tsvilli and we made this bar our regular!!!! Music was good and the guys behind the bar were very friendly.

Olive Tree - (Restaurants in Tsilivi)

Susan W           

Just come back from Tsvilli and visited the Olive Tree one night and found it to be rather a disappointment. One of the starters was tomato and advocado salad. Very little advocado and a full plate of cut up tomato's covered in oil no imagination on the presentation and was to say the least bland. Also someone ordered the calamari and that was rubbery and chewy. The fillet steak was very thin and came up burnt to a cinder. Not impressed with the Olive Tree. The wine was expensive also.

Tsilivi Resort - (Resorts in Zante)

Susan W           

Myself and six others returned from Tsilivi on Wednesday and I must say we were happy to be back. The hotel we were in was in the quieter part of town, the beach was man-made and not sand. The hotel we stayed in charged us to pay for sunbeds on the hotel grounds. he shops in Tsilivi sold the same goods, rubbish. The food was always served with chips. If you wanted a greek life for your stay forget it.
And the airport, we arrived and stood for an hour BEFORE we were even in the queue to check in. Not good when there were no seats to sit on.
Will not be going back to Zante again.