Sorrento Studios - (Accommodation in Laganas)

Kevin M           

Hi all,

Me and Girlfriend are staying here on the 27th May for 2 weeks !!! Would love to hear from others staying here at same time so get in touch or meet us there, were both 27, Web Designer and Driving Instructor.

We will write a report on how it is when we arrive back in UK.

All the best

Kevin and Ela

Sorrento Studios - (Accommodation in Laganas)

Kevin A           

Hi Tim and Laura, It was great meeting you at Sorrento, we had the best 2 weeks in Zante as well. Hows rainy Bedford? Hows Staines? Did you enjoy your scooters? Got a driving licence yet?? hee hee !!!!! Hi to June and Dave and the Geordie girls and our apartments neighbours with the squeeky headboard and Jungle music !!!!.

Dont get me wrong though, it is a great place to stay with big night life 10 minutes down road, best cheap restaurants all over the place and one of the best ones was called sirroccos which is on the beach. Near to sorrentos is a small cafe called - The Toad in the Hole and believe me, the breakfasts their are the utter best including the pancakes !!! The owner always has the biggest smile on his face, if you see him say hi for us and mention we were the ones having pancakes every morning ( 12am ish that is ).

With so much to do I would recommend Zante to everyone and you will need two weeks to do just the basics. We spent about a week just at the pool and the beach ( which is just 3 minutes away if you know the shortcut - hint ask Kris !! ) and a week just cruising around the island. We fitted in a boat cruise around the island ( day trip ) which was the best, 2 days on scooters for just 10 euros a day each !! which we recommend as the best way to see the island due to the refreshing breeze in the hot weather, also hired a pedelo for a few hours on numerous occasions to go and see the Turtles just out past the waves ( swam with them as very frendly ).

There is so much to do or not to do on the beach or at sorrentos or just by visiting all the other places in Zante such as the smugglers cove ( ship wreck ) Turtle Island, watersports at nearby beaches, Loud and friendly night life with loads of free drinks offers.

( Tim and Laura - email us soon at{a href=""}{/a})

Great Memories and would love to return some day.