Antonis Apartments - (Accommodation in Kalamaki)

David A           

We love the location. The pool was above average. The beach a 5 min stroll along the mad driver roads. This said, Antonis have a new block - the 'white block' and a shed load of totally sub-standard awful rooms. I will never go again if there's a chance of being lumbered with the older blocks. The litchen and eating area - apparently for 4 persons - was a flaking chipboard unit and cupboard with cutlery for 2, a table and chairs for 2 (the chairs were split and foam coming out)and all this 'luxury' was crammed into the hallway. Yes, I do mean the hallway leading to the 2 bedrooms and the bathroom (that'll be the bathroom with the rotting door and the wrongly angled floor that ensures the water goes anywhere other than in the floor drain requiring manual mopping after every shower.) Smell of sewage. Ok - the double bedded bedroom - the double bed is in a minature room - 3 of the walls are against 3 sides of the bed. No wardrobes. The so called balcony was a communal slab of concrete at the end of the car park with a plastic table and chairs on it. However - complain to the JMC rep and meet with rudeness and pathetic excuses. Carry on complaining and get a move to the newer white block which is A1 and lovely. Bottom line - if you aren't assured you're in the white block, choose alternative accomodation! his all said, staff friendly and we eventually enjoyed our stay but are looking to 'First Choice' for next year.

Vanessa Hotel - (Accommodation in Kalamaki)

David A          6/10

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Stayed here 2 years running. Last stayed in 2005 as we have found Tingaki in Kos preferable due to its wonderful beach.
Accommodation is marginally above average for the resort.
Kitchen? - well self catering is a strange explanatory term for a random handful of cutlery/plates and 2 hot plates but there you go - seems to be the norm in Greek resorts.
Shower was adequate and had a wall clip which pleased me!
Pool was nice but not big and only benefitted from a window of sunshine due to the apartments on one side and a high shop building on the other.
The brothers who run the place are helpful and pleasant.
One our first stay, most of the apartments got broken into and the 'safe' in the room posed no help given they could be opened with a paperclip - useless. To add insult to injury, them police wouldn't take a report unless you paid 100 EU for an interpreter (no wonder their crime figures appear low!)
I found these apartments excellently placed but pricey for what they are. you can get a 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom house in Orlando for less that the price for the same period at this place - and the Orlando house is considerably more comfortable and well equipped (and has security patrols included!)
If you book this on a package holiday- you won’t go far wrong and all the venues in this resort welcome outside use of their facilities so go jump in anyone’s pool if you buy a drink at their bar! 2 places away is a glorious pool.
The beaches are a hot stroll away - nothing too clever as beaches are dirty and water cloudy.
restaurants and bars are plentiful enough and if you're young, single and want a hectic nightlife with excessive alcohol and outrageous behaviour there’s an awful report just for you a mere 3 miles away (I’m not a prude but….)

I have added a picture of their accomodation - as you'll see; pretty typical really!