Piggies - (Bars in Laganas)

Carly H  (March 11, 2002)         

Me and my boyfriend went to Laganas in August 2000 and June 2001. We went to Piggies more in 2001, as soon as we walked in the manager (I think his name was Martin) remembered us from the year before and gave us a drink on the house. Gaynor was really friendly and we would often have chats about nursing as I am a nurse and she is also, when she's not being a friendly barmaid. They do a mean breakfast perfect for that morning after. The only problem was that Martin told us he was chucking it all in in 2002, Piggies was going to be no more, he was going to try his luck in Turkey. Does anyone know if Piggies is still there? As me and my boyfriend maybe going back to Laganas in 2003 and it won't be the same without Piggies and their gorgeous Grasshopper cocktails.

Navagio Bar - (Bars in Laganas)

Carly H           

Me and my boyfriend were in Laganas in August 2000 and June 2001. We stopped in the Poseidon Hotel, every night our first port of call was Navagios. Nikos is the owner and the barman, his brother is another barman and his neice is the waitress. After spending alot of time in Navagios in 2000 our first night out in 2001 we went straight there. Nikos came straight to us and shook our hand and give us a drink on the house. He was really friendly. His little nephew used to often pay him a visit at night pretending to be a barman (his mam and dad own the shop next door also his name is also Nikos). When we go back to Laganas I know where we will be going. Check it out Nikos makes some mean cocktails, watch out for his vodka shots many a bad hangover from them.