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Tom L           


Lee W           

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hey amigos how u doing thanx 4 a great holiday superb brilliant comeing back over soon so get a large stock ov jack daniles in haha thanos an stelios top blokes c u soon

Mike S           

click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlarge Guys you were tremendous. Live music was excellent and Annette you certainly love to dance. Hope you enjoyed the cocktail. Cheers for the Russion Red. Now we are drying out in Rainy Scotland.  Hope to see you all again.  If you like to Party HardCore then this is the Ultimate Bar in Laganas.  Here are a few pics of our late nite drinking sessions.  Slange!!!


William R           

 Just as great in 2006 as 2005. Couldn't wait for the season to start. Great to see you again Annette and will see you again in October.

Willie & Jo (Mythos Mmmmmmmmm Oh go on then, give me a Metaxa.

Ingvild B           

Hello Amigos!

It was fantastic to see you again after soo long time!
You havent change a bit and that is a bit scary!
You are special,Thanos,take care of your self!
Love Ingvild

Agapi M           

amigos bar is the best bar in laganas.   A special thank you to thano who made our holiday the best...THE REAL BOOZE MASTER!!!!!!!  We will be back next year to cause some more kaos.  Adios Amigos 

Barbara K           

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Hello Annet, Tanos and Stillios

I'am just one week back now and I had a great time again. With this I send you the pictures I made from you. Wish you all a good time during the last months of the season and see you next year.

Greg B           

Well gemma if she doesnt want to wear them then i will. but you'll have to let me know so i can shave my legs. get the old gilette venus out and sort out my bikini line.

laters greg

Greg B           

Pump into you, you should be so lucky. Our outfits are pretty dam special its got to be said. you'll have to have something special to out do us. good thing you changed your spelling anyway, you could have given us all the impression your up for more than just a laugh with that one.

Cumbria ay does that mean your a farmer with goats and stuff? not that you look like one but i can see you in a flat cap and overall's chewing straw might be a good look.
and if you see a group of lads doing the mangina for a photo then thats us.
laters greg

Greg B           

Alright gemma we're all 20 or 21 all from manchester. Definately up for a laugh its our first time in laganas and we cant wait to get stuck in. we are prob gonna arrive at 8 in the morning on te 9th.  So by dinner time will prob be dacing on the bar in our bra and pants like you. were only there for a week but we are gonna live it up big time any tips for us then? need to know where all the talent is.

Greg B           

me and the boys are flying out on the 8th of sept from manchester. we're on the half midnight flight though. looks like theres a couple of old pro's going out at the same time to show us the way to do it in zante. theres twelve of us to choose from ladies so you can treat yourselves.

Joanne S           

me & my boyfrind drank here a few time & it was a great night everytime the girl (cant remember her name) was so nice & helpfull & friendly as i had loads of mossie bites she helped  me out with some ice & an after bite stick,also a great place for meeting folk as we met a nice geordie family there who we hope to keep in touch with Jo & steven Edinburgh x

Dale J           

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Yup, we're on the 6.30 flight from Man T1 on the 8th. Can't wait now.
I take it from the pics that you're slightly mad & not exactly tea total?!
Haha, might see you about. Is it your first time to Laganas?

Dale J           

Thanos, AMIGO!!! Its been ANOTHER 2 years so we're coming back to drink all your Jack Daniels again! Coming back to Laganas 8th September so will be probably be at yours that night. Hope you're well & haven't written any more cars off? haha

Tell that tart Stelios to make an appearance too & we'll all get wrecked together.
See you soon & all the best
(Yorkshire) Dale & Jan XX

Karen D           

the dogs bollocks,what more can i say,i even drag my Mum along and she loves it.x x x x

Lynn M           

We have spent many enjoyable nights here drinking till well after dawn and bopping the night away but one of my favourite visits was one wet afternoon in october sitting at the bar watching old movies eating nacho's - fantastic. Needless to say we sat there so long my legs were drunk by the time I tried to stand up !!!

Ingvild B           

We have had lots of fun nights here years ago.With Thanos,Dimitri and Georgos.Surprised to see that Thanos is still here!

Hope to see you this summer!


rock your sox offf

Sarah H           

its a fab bar live music 2 rock ur sox off.
cant wait to go back in jun/05...

Norm & Jo

Anyone know about the 'Alexander' Hotel? Booked up for May 2005; know the location, wondered about anyone's experience.

Elaine B           

This bar is great if you want live music and also be able to hear yourself think, the bar staff are excellent and some of the live gigs were really great. Good mix of music, 60's 70's and modern keep it up Amigos.

John M           

The most friendly bar,in all lagana,and the most importain good drinks,not b quality ,like many others serve in the strip,live music every day,and the most importain, friendly stuff Thanos and Annete ,


Norm & Jo           

joanne and norman from scotland say its the best place in zante for entertainment. thanos is a character and very kind. his girlfriend, annette (sorry if spelling is wrong!), is lovely.

we are soooooooooooo looking forward to see amigos next may.

drinks are very, very reasonabley priced. 'a must go' (as opposed to 'a mi go') place!

love you thanos and annette, jo and normxxx

p.s. the chain we left for l. (if you remember)

Norm & Jo           

See our general comments.

Norm & Jo           

Ask Thanos for music by John Cougar (Mellencamp). Annette, how are the 'wisdom teeth'?! We have booked up for May next year; hope to see you. Take care. Best pub in Zante.

For those of you who have not must go to Amigos!!!

Nikki C

I am looking for a job starting at the beginning of May 2005 through to October 2005. I came to Zante in July 2004 and loved every minute of it. Any help would be appreciated xx

Jade D           

Amigos is great fun, the staff sterios and thanos are great so's is anette the waitress.great laugh good music different from the strip live bands makes a good change.side show bob very good so is andy.if you like a drink and live music it's recommended

Jane M

any bars/clubs play 80's music?? thanx


Good atmosphere however paying 12E for two coctails was just too much especially in comparison to everywhere else. Only went once but there are far better bars with better prices along the strip.


This bar has a fantastic atmosphere and is a lovely relaxin place to av a drink in!!!My dad loved the live music (from the 60's+)and the staff are all really friendly specially the barmaid who's lovely(don't know her name!)Definatley worth a visit!!!!!

Tabi K           

We have been back to Amigos for the past two years and in 4 days we will be returning. It is a great night out, the atmosphere is fantastic. If you're brave enough to stay till the end of the night Thannos will ply you with some of the weirdest (& strongest) shots ever!!! Can't wait to be back there!!!

Richard S           

Amigo's is a fun place to go (Avoid nights when side-show Bob - (Mick) is playing his live set…..V-BAD!!). Stellios behind the bar is an absolute scream. However watch the shots he pours for you, you will end up paying for them. Do not be fooled. You have been warned. An excellent place to start or finish your night out.

Nicola S           

A great place to start the night, with a few lethal cocktails, all made with fresh fruit and sparklers for decoration. I dont know about anyone else who may have commented on this page but we didnt see any poo when we were there, although I can advise that you stay away from draught lager. The barstaff were very good too

Tony M

is the early part of april a good time to visit? and if so will amigos be open? what would the weather be like? from Tony and Danny

Dougie B           

Didn't spend an awful lot of time in here, but had a hell of a night emptying a few Tequila bottles with the owner. Worth a visit

Pippa B           

This was really expensive and not very frienldy at all. Only went in because we went three years ago and it was excellent


full of weirdos who gave you the creeps, place was dirty and smelly, vodka and orange was watered down. The only saving grace was Bomba Blue playing but you could enjoy their music at a number of other venues in Laganas, so there was really no need to visit this sh*thole!

Diane E           

We enjoyed this place mainly because of the wonderful Bomba Blue who, I might add, were partly responsible for me losing my voice - all that belting out songs & competing against the other half of the bar in the loudness stakes ain't good for a sensitive girls throat, you know! Good cocktails with scrummy fresh fruit decorations. Not bad at all.

Adele P           

Amigos bar - ace! visit if only to see the wonderful Bomba Blue on a monday & friday... Spanky rules!!!

Bomba B           

I wont have a word sed against that Amigos bar! If you don´t like the conditions that create its unique atmos´ then your probably queer!

Terry M           

we were a party of seven who called in at the amigos,and we never went back,the prices of the drinks were exhorbitant e.g 1000 drachmas for a can of tonic,and we thought the beer had been tampered with,it was the worse we had tasted in laganas. el tel

Loraine V           

Tried this place once. Never Again. Was that beer really Fosters? I have never seen my partner leave a pint before. He did this time!

Tim M           

I really thought that this was one of the worst places I have been to in my life. It smelt of fish and I kept stepping in poo. I don't know what kind of poo it was but my word was it smelly!!!! I hated that place!

Julia H           

to much booze

Adrian G           

This is on Kalamaki road just across the street from Fatsos and Georgios. Nice freindly bar a good place to sit and chill watching the world go by plenty of free drinks given out by the bar staff. Its not on the main strip so it dosnt get too busy

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