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David R           

Hi, most people said the beach was rubbish but we liked it. There were plenty of watersports pedelos,ringos,paragliding) but they were pretty pricey.

If you go to the beach dont pay for the sunbeds at the bottom, there is a place where you pay for your drinks n get the sunbeds ( on the grass) and demitris which is brill as you have games and stuff for free on top.
The beach itself is v v small but its great for lil kids as you cant lose them and the see is shallow for miles!

David A           

the mew water park looks awsom, i cant wait to go abroad in may with my family, and ill do all of the water sports, are the water sports cheap????////////////????????????

David A           

im going on holidays in may, and i'm wondering if argassi is a nice place to go is there any

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  •  water sports
  • night life

Jenna O           

 it was a fantastic holiday i went a year ago to argassi with my parents when i woz 16 but theni got told bout laganas onli bein a taxi ride away so i got 1 nd rang ma parents told em wot id dun got paraletic and jus returned to england last month worked in a bar ad it all fun s**gs and sun drinks wot mor can j say


We only went once but there isnt really much sand there, just a load of seaweed. There wasnt really much room for sunbeds. But good

You couldnt really spend a full day there because it doesnt get busy and you get hot and bothered!
Overall just O.K

Gemma C           

The sand or whatever it is isnt that good but the water is gorgeous! its crystal clear! so overall we would say the beach is actually alrite!

emma n gemma xxxx

Sharon O           

what beach?lol

Lezlee H           

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The sea directly infront of  the Windmill Bay Apartments in Argassi - no beach just straight into the sea ! Great if you hate sand !

Jessica L           

Hello iv just returned from summer, worked over in zante for a few months but now returned to uni, i loved the water sports here

Stuart R           

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The part of the beach we went to was just down from the Red Lion and it was nice secluded wee cove. Sand was not up to much but the water was excellent.

Richard S           

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We liked it, the sea was amazing crystal clear and you can go out for ages and its only up to your waste the sand isnt as bad as some say although you get good and bad parts good to just sit and relax also poolbars run along the beech so you can always have a drink and a bite to eat while the kids have a splash in the pool

Sam A           

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this was good =D=D many great things to take! the ringos were awesome and the jetskis!! flying fish was though the best of'em all!! =D can't wait to come back and take it again!

Jimmi 5 was an awesome guy! we miss u! thanks for everything you've done =D
see ya again next year! yassoo ;) Yamas!

Nicola M           

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I tryed all the watersports. I was suprised at how calming the paragliding was. It was amazing. Thanx jimmy for catching me. The banana boat was great, i have never laughed so much, it was great. The ringos were wacky for me, you just bounced all over the place. Whilst we were they they brought a brand new ride out called the 'flying fish'. It was the scaryest thing ive ever been on ... it just flew you threw the air and you had no control when u landed back on water u just flew forward. It is quite daring so if u like them sorts of thing i would recomend it but i would try the banana first and if u found that ok try the ringos then if they are ok go for it but if u didnt like the first two i would def not recommend the flying fish. A girl hurt her back and was crying when i went on it she had to go in the speed boat. If you do go im sure youll meet jimmy, he is great but be careful flirts with just about anyone   

H X           

I dont know why Argassi only has 7/10 the beach is GREAT!

The sand aint much but the beach is all about the water! Which was warm, blue/clear, and full of tropical fish! We went snorkelling a LOT, looking at the crazy reef out in the ocean and all the beautiful fish. Such warm water, because its shallow for a long time. Lovely little chapel on the coast too.
Beware jellyfish and the sea anenomes further out though! My freind stepped on one and had to pay 100 at the doctors

Nicola M           

The beach was great fun. Went there everyday so see my little cousins lewis and joe. Would recomend going to waves it is great and so are the staff. Would really recomend the watersports. I tryed them all. The balloon thing is the most calmest out af all the water sports. Unless you miss the platform wen coming in to land. Thanx jimmy for catching me. the bannana boat thing is the next least wost one i had such a laugh on that. the ringos are a bit wacky you bounced about everywhere. I would not recommend the new one caled the flying fish. Quite dangerous and have no control what so ever. A girl who was on with us hurt her back and was crying. Great beach tho.


the ringos are the best!!!

Amy B           

argassi beach is great especially for the water sports. Jimmy is well fit  

Brian H           

we had a great time here! recommend it to families.

Brian H           

We went to argassi june 2004 ( me,her in doors and the two girls )and stayed in the captians apartments. it was up a bit of a steep hill, but the apartments were fantastic! nice and clean, plenty of clean linen and towel change.
Not much sand on the beach, but when you pass the metre or so of pebbels in the sea the water is fantastic! calm and clear! Great for young children! We bought a two man dingy and had a great time! we was in it every day for two week, and recommend buying the dingy with oars for 15euro to anyone whose going!
Not too many bars and taverners, just enough to keep everyone happy in this small resort! if you are going we recommend trying the phoenix taverna and meeting george the friendly owner, he's a great guy! along with the rest of the family, they will certainly make you feel welcome! but watchout for george and his medicine! ( ouzo! ) and please say hello from brian, english george and family.
Have a great time!
Brian Holt. Burnley.

Monica A           

hiya Eva1 loved the water sports because of ma boyfriend jimmy took us on the jet skis and jet boat !!!!!!scary but cuddling up next to jimmy was funn !!will c u soon bby xoxox shame they finshed 1 week into our holiday !!!great guys luv yas xoxoxoxo Lv Heather xoxoxoxox

Donna S           

We found a good spot no sand but ok for privacy if you walk down to the red lion and keep going until you find the hotel mimoza they have a free swimming pool area and sunbeds all free on the pool or grass area you can also find steps which lead down straight into the water so you can sun bathe right besides the sea excellent and they have a snack shop which is excellent value for money

Monica A           

hi we just came home from argassi, had a great time down at the beach cause jimmy my sister's boyfriend took us on the jet ski's and on this boat, me, jonny, my sis and jimmy we had a great time together!!!
i liked going to waves and watching my hunk working away, awwww. its ashame i wont see him till i go and stay for xmas and new year in athens with him, but going to work next may anyway xx

Fiona H           

Argassi does not have a beacj in the true sense of the word. All hotels border the sea area and in gneeral there is appromixatley 1 or 2 meters of pebble/shingle/sand between the hotel and seawater. If anyone tells you there is a beach in Argassi they are lying. Nearest beach is at Vasillikos and Kalamake. Hire a bicycle/scooter/car and get the hell out of that miserable town.

Kenny S           

Vey narrow and not terribly clean

Laura F           

We found a teeny tiny strip of sand down the side of the church (Zante Town end) which was full of rubbish but quite peaceful and the swimming was great if you were really desperate. We got a Taxi from the rank opposite the Piccadilly restaurant to Crystal Beach, Kalimaki for 8 Euros each way, worth it, we reckoned if ur not brave enough 2 hire a car/moped like us !

Nat C           

it was a gd laf wen i went on wit nikki millie loz jade sam kirsty it was a gd laf i wud luv 2 go agen wit every1 i met!!!!!!!!!!!!! jimmy u r a babe************ luv u all x x miss ya :(
luv nat

Loz P           

Argassi watersports r amazin!!!!!! the ringos r a gr8 laugh!!!! especialy wit me m8s kirsty, jade, nikki, nat, milli, katy etc. luv ya all!!!!! n peter andre looky likey (jimmy!!) u r fit as we love u!!!!! xxxx

Andrew R           


Victoria B           

the beach is a bit little but just go to waves bar coz jonny is lush vik and katie xxx

Nick C           

hi this water sports is the best out the 3 i went 2 cheep i went on the ringos and banna boat and pedlo 10/10

Nick C           

hi goin zante on the 10th of august cant wait this is in theyear 2004 this is the nearist beach 2 mi hotel how is it i have seen sum of the comments and they give me a rough idea can any 1 tell me any more plz email me at

Lesley W           

ps the name aswell

Lesley W           

hi im going to zante in october and i am wondering if the new water park is excellent and which city/town it is in. If possible could any one tell me the price in euros and english money, would be even better


we went on the ringos all the time they were great it was so much fun andi had such a good laugh. thanks jimmy

Lauren N           


Jon M           

we found a great little spot noone else could lydown if you were there before them... opposite the gazebo inn on the beach there are some steps by an unused shop there some rocks leading into the sea here theres a small trianglular bit of sand perfect for anything really!!!!

Graham & Melissa           

The beach was very small, however if you walk up it you will come to some small fishing boats that have been dumped and a very old bridge in the sea. We found this area much better and good to swim around in. The sad part about this beach is that there is lots of rubbish left lying around.

Denise J           

The beach is narrow and overtaken by sunloungers which you have to pay 3 euros a day for.The transition from beach to sea is shrouded by stones mucky seaweed and fag ends,there is also a sewer pipe into the sea.

Karen M           

where we was in argassi the beach was little stones not very nice would not tell anyone to go on the beach.

Jenni W           

This was my first time in Argassi and it was really good, the beach didn't have much room but it was lovely and sandy. The water was safe for children and it was warm, there were little fish in the sea which made it more interesting.It was easily accsessed.

Carol&pete M           

We have spent our 4th year in Argassi and always feel homesick not for UK but Argassi,the beach is not brilliant but the warm welcome from Fortis & Lerentzo at Dimitrios beach bar is 1st class the meals are 2nd to none, you leave knowing you have made new friends as you're made to feel special,we will be back next year.


Well, as most weather forecasts cannot predict for certain much more than 5 days in advance I don't think many will be able to fill you in on this one!

However as its October and the end of the season I'd expect the weather to be cooling down, probably similar to Aprils weather.

I'm off to Zante, Argassi next Tuesday and the weather reports predict thunder storms :-/ Oh well more cocktails for me :-)

Ben M           



Ben V           

There are 2 parts to Argassi beach, one end is non existent but has water sports and the other end is really lovely with no activities. I have no idea why most of the cafes and hotels chose to spring up around the naff end. Walk towards the Red Lion pub and then go on the beach and walk a bit further. You will be rewarded.

Liz & Jills           

We were there in May and found the locals very friendly and helpful!! The food was
cheap and good. Remezzos on the beach made our holiday, long nights of great
crack and plenty of cocktails and even managed a midnight dip in the pool. Thanks to
George , Black and "kojak" and Niko. Back next year

Keith P           

This beach hardly exists!!! Get the free bus from Avalon to St Nicholas beach at 10.30am. Now that is a beach!!!

Dave W           

(i'm dave woods daughter)

I went on a banana boat with loads of my friends I met there and it was really good

Dave W           

Thought the banana boat at Argassi was excellent value for money.
I also went paragliding, brilliant, would highly recommend a visit.

Jane P           

Ok so small beach but to all the skinflints that choose not to stay in a hotel right on the beach thats their loss. Few shinges but 6 feet into water its clear and very sandy and shallow, ideal for kids.
Next time book a hotel on the Beach like the Porto Iliessa, its more money but well worh it.
All excellent, it may be small but plenty of larger beache if thats what you want very near by.

Curly W           


Nick Y           

We knew what to expect, not the biggest beach on the island but good shallow and warm waters. Very good snack bars right on the beach, our favourite was Waves where the food was good and the staff very friendly.

Laura C           

Can hire boats on Laganas beach but no watersports cos of turtles. Argassi beach was good though - we did paragliding - 40 euros for 5-10 minutes. Brilliant!!
Water park is opening end of July - the one there just now consists of 3 slides and a paddling pool!!!

Julie A           

OK so there's not much beach to speak of but if you love swimming in the sea then there are plenty of hotels where the pool area looks over the sea. You can base yourself by the pool and walk the few yards down to the sea when you want a dip.


We only went to the beach once as we liked the pool better. The stretch of sand is really thin and packed full of sunbeds which cost 6 euros (i think) so theres hardly any room for anyone without a sunbed. The sea is really nice and clear and stays shallow for ages so it is good for kids.

Barry N           

Narrow is by far the best way to describe this beach. Unless you have a sunbed theres really nowhere to lie. The water was excellent, very shallow so you could go outa hundred yards and still be in your depth

John M           

we used the jet skis ( 700cc ) 50 euros for 15 mins..for 1 person or 2,
i took my daughter ( aged 10 ) who really enjoyed it.

Jean R           

Argassi beach was poor in comparison to other beaches further down the coastline i.e. St Nicholas Beach, Port Zorro and best of all Gerakis Beach. At Argassi the water was not clean. I went in once and saw objects floating by, I would prefer not to. However, all of the other beaches had very clean, clear water.

David G           

if you have read your brochure you know what to expect. the beach is narrow but it is sandy and safe for the kids.our 5yr old could go 30 yards out and the water still only reached his stomach.we hired sunbeds right next to the beach at remezzo pool bar and the kids had the choice of beach,sea or pool.don't think i would like it high season, it would be too crowded.

Barbara G           

Not the best beach in the world, long and narrow. great if you have kids because the water is clear and shallow. Lots of snack bars and
toilets etc..plenty of sunbeds but it gets very crowded in high season! Quieter area behind Locanda Hotel and Zakantha Beach Hotel.
Lots of water sports.

Mark A           

Beach is narrow especially if sunbeds around, but otherwise its clean,SANDY,ideal for sandcastles etc and the sea is crystal clear and shallow...............ideal for swim around but very hard to catch, though if you stand still they can tickle your feet!
Best part is if you follow the alleyway from the Tropicana to the main road, turn right towards the 'Red Lion pub', cross the road, leading out of town, pass the minerva hotel then turn left. It is very clean and quiet, you can watch the watersports in the distance, and have 2 good tavernas and an ice cream parlour next door!

John G           

beaches are OK in Argassi, but there is a daily bus to st nicholas beach. or you could get a taxi to laganas or kalmaki.

Judy & Teri           

Dennis is really friendly & all his staff are really good. We tried the para-gliding, the banana boat and the ringos. Paragliding was fab,u get dunked in the water on the turn around. Banana boat as usual, they are always a laugh. And the ringos, my God. We got bounced about all over the place and i came off them thinking i'd been kicked up the rear by a Clydesdale horse. Over the next day a huge bruise with every colour of the rainbow appeared and it was uncomfortable to move and sit with ease for the next 3-4 days, but they are the biggest laugh, it's what u go on holiday 4.

Mark A

wot are the local alternative beaches and how far away?....have 2 todlers 2/3.5

Angela B

Myself, my hubbie and daughter are going to Zante in August does anyone know of any places where er can hire a motor boat??? we are staying in Kalamaki.

Hollie E           

the beach here was horrible, i exepted it to be nice golden sands, so if we wanted to go to the beach we had to go to Lagnas that beach was fantastic and very lively.

Martin D           

We prefered Bodrum in Turkey, on both occasions we visited. I would recommend a Turkish bath and the nightlife at the Halikarnos disco is second to none!!!!Great views if you walk up to the ampitheatre. Shopping in the bazaars excellent and restaurants superb!!!

Jamie N           

the beach aint that much of a scene and is quite small. but once youve had a drink at one of the clubs at night then go there its so much better.the sun beds are comfy to have sex on and to chill out on.

Pauline C           

What beach? Oh you mean the metre wide strip of muck next to the sea. Poor.

Shirley C           

We live in Cornwall....fortunately we didn't go for the beach!!

Simon B           

Argassi beach is virtually non existent, it is a shame to see what the developers have done to a potentially appealing seafront town.

Matt C           

Argassi isn't a beach resort anyway so we didn't really expect much. However it was generally clean and the sea is really nice. There are plenty of nicer beaches which are easily accesible by car/moped.

Katie J

anyone know if there is a water park in zante if so is it any good cheers

Samantha G           

Really kool i tried banna boating and paragliding it was really fun had a great day!

Mike O           

Waste of time, The picture was taken on a "Good" day

Lorna S           

The beach is not as bad as people are making. there is no 'beachy' bit to it - no room for sand and so therefore no SANDcastles, but the actual sea is lovely, very clean and great to swim in and look at all the fish. its noce for just a change from your pool if you are right next to the sea as we were, but its not like spend a day there - more like and hour or so.

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