Mariana Hotel

Accommodation in Laganas

Michael H          10/10

This holiday changed my life!!! The Mariana was 5 star in my eyes, probably because it was where i met the love of my life. We got there early in the morning and we started drinking straight away!! I was with 5 of my mates who could all handle their drink, but i am a bit of a light wait so i went to bed in the early afternoon. Around 11 oclock they all went out clubing but i was to weak to go out dancing so i stayed in bed. I woke up in the night and really thirsty so i went to go to the bar, only to find that my friend had locked me in and had left me without any electricity! I cut my losses and went back to bed, what seemed like minutes later my friend stumbled in noisely. I woke up all hazey and there she was, the most beautiful creature on earth.

Nicola M          9/10

To anyone staying at the Mariana Apartments or Studios - dont listen to all the bad comments u hear! John and Pete are the two australian brothers who own the place and if u keep on the right side of them they are great! Be careful not to break anything or u will have to pay!

Best club is by far Zeros! For a great meal go to Chevys which is an american diner - absolutely amazing!
You will all b club 18-30 so dont b conned into signing up for all the trips - I would miss the booze cruise and school disco cos they r not really worth it and u would get a better night out on ur own.
Anyway - to everyone going away have a great time xx

Lynsay B

hey am goin to the mariana studios in july anyone stayed there is it good or bad!!!

 need information thanks xx 

Mike H

hi niggy - ye me and some guys are going out round that time too. i really hope its going to be super cool and full of special memories that will last a live time. heres a poem to show my feelings:

memories are happy things,
smiles and laughter this way brings,
together we will share super times,
i hope you like how my poem rhymes
thanks xxx

Paul Q

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troooooooopz, there is 10 of us goin on the 15th of july! thers, aldo, quinn, seen, fire, begz, ken, zenga, raeside, kerr n burns goin! see ya soon b***hes! mega mega mega bounce bounce bounce!!!!!!!

Sian C           

Me n mi mates have just booked to go to Mariana studios in July!!! Reading these comments have put us off abit!!! Is it really that bad there??? N is ther ani body goin in July this year???

Write bk x

Stu Q           

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Took your time with that blue wkd.

Hows your mates doing???
Stu quinn AKA Donkey dick(apparently)
And to the Mariana I want a job!!!

Big P           

Stu quinn is that aka donky dick?... ive finally finished ma blue wkd!!!


hi i'm ashley, 21, from scotland!

i stayed at the mariana for 2 weeks. just got back there on monday. i went with my cousin.
everything was alright, cept my cousin.
the apartment was kinda tidy, the cleaners came like 2-3 times a week, arn't they supposed to come everyday? and toilet roll!...we always ran outta toilet roll and the cleaners only gave u one whenever they came, which wasn't alot.
the weather was usually good, but once, think it was the 2nd day, we had an earthquake, only lasted a few seconds, but still! and it rained bad twice, and had some showers too, with thunder. but yeah part from that we had alot o sun. got a good tan thats the main thing!
our apartment leaked when we had that bad rainstorm, water coming down the walls n that, floor all flooded, so we got moved to another apartment.
yeah and when we were in the new apartment i realised i forgot my plug socket thingy, so i went back up to the old apartment, n there was the older aussie guy, taking a p**s in the our bathroom with the door wide open! but then laters, after that embarrasing moment, i was thinking 'wait a sec, the toilets on this side n he was taking a p**s on the other side, was he taking a p**s in the sink or something??' lol.
and ur supposed to get ur food from a certain shop or get charged in u dont. but me n my cuz got our food from a supermarket, n never got charged. we barley ate while there anyways, think it was the heat, coz ur always sunbathing all the time. we always got breakfast (full english - 4 euros) and a afternoon meal in some restaurant.then we;d go to clubs n bars.
i loved zero's, especially the hot bartender carter! luv u! and cocktails and dreams was good for a dance.
anyways i think i've said enough.
basically, the weather was alright, but i recommend u go in summer time, and only for 1 week. and maybe pick a better hotel.
on the last day i had 13 euros left and my cousin only had 4 euros left. so i had to pay for the meal. so the meal ended up coming to 18.50 euro's and we only had 17.50. so we just put all the money on the dish, handed it back n did a runner. lol. only a euro but still.
our reps were simon, scott and jake. i got pic's of them but they never even turned out! they're all sexy guys too and such a laugh.

Claire A           

I stayed at the Mariana for two weeks (24th/7th September)  It was great the people we met were nuts, the welsh boys, Gerrand, john, BIG Dave, Ian, Tom and Steve.  Gemma, Katie, Baker and Stu and first weekers Sarah and Viv.  Its Claire from Glasgow

Well I had a fab time with you lot and would love to hear from you all.  I think the Mariana was good as out of the way from the noise and bars all the way to the centre - not that I even made it every night!  yeah everything you hear is true but your told all of it on arrival.  We got our deposits back as did Katie and that but poor Sarah got a rough deal.  Get the passports back pronto - say its to change money down the road or something.  Our room was cleaned but others were not.  We got on fine with John and Pete, but not his damn Parrots!
Its the best club property I've stayed in or seen!
Byeee Claire

Jenny M           

Just got back from a week here and we had a fab time.

Was a bit worried about the apartments after reading the comments on here but we found them nice and had no probs whatsoever. The bedsheets were changed regulary and the room was nice. The pool area was really good, it was the best 18-30 accommodation Ive ever stopped in. The aussie guys dont have the best customer service skills but suppose u cant blame then when their prob used to people trashing the place. Didnt cause us any trouble. They tell u from day 1 if u use safe deposit box/fridge/fan/ u will be charged so u are warned.
Zante its self was really nice, bars were great and weather was ace.
Fab holiday, would recommend.

Mel B           

this hotel is perfect for those who want to be able to party at all hours of the day and night. you can more or less do what you want.

the rooms are filthy and you get charged for the use of your fridge unless you buy all your food and drink from a certain shop. it's only 20 euros for a  fan for the week and it's well worth it.
the hotel is always noisy but you learn to sleep through it.
every one you meet here is really nice and that's what made this the best holiday ever (except the older ozzie brother - i think he's called pete- he is a total c*ck and will speak to you like a child unless you kiss his a**e. the younger brother john is really nice tho)


stayed in the mariana hotel for two weeks in aug (10th - 25th) the weather was great, bars were great, food was great only major let down to the holiday was the hotel. the two guys who run it are complete con men. they will take ur money for everything. they make such a big deal about our passports, honestly fokes if u go make sure you get ur passport back the next day, they will try make any excus to keep it but make sure u get it back.....i wouldnt trust them! everything at the hotel is so over priced, so best buying ur own food and keeping it in ur room! also they make such a big deal about the fridges, u have to make sure u buy the food from there shops or u will get charged for using the fridge....this really is a p**s take!

also one big hint to anyone staying there, do not pay for the fan in your room.....get a clip or something simmilar and turn the fan on urself! they guys never flind out and ur quids up!  
wouldnt go back to the mariana....but all in all had a ace holiday!  x


Is that you scotland??? we didnt get a chance to say bye, and need your msn. who are we, where are we, who are we now, come and stay at the cheap cherry bay. GGGGGGGGG UNIT!!! xxx

Allison W           

just got back from 2 weeks at mariana 13-28 aug.... was 10 ov us mad mackems for first week 7 the second had absolute mint time.... hotel was ok aussies take ya eyes out but there ok cheeky buggers tho.... reps were awesome great laugh anyone going out there soon say hi t si the man  n scotty to hotty ..great lads. whoop whoop!!!!!! bring on the reunion cant wait


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hey people

just got bk today from laganas. sh*t hot. not sure if id go back again tho, bit expensive (drink wise). where do i start about this place, we got charged 250 euros for suposedley puttin a dent in the door, we neva did they was already there when we got there. the 2 ozzy blokes try and fine u for anyfin and everyfin. the drinks in the bar are expensive and the food is crap. this place is ment to be self caterin but u can only buy food and drink from the 2 shops that they own. they are a couple of scam artists. all u hear them say all day long is "bacon butty" and "full english". the only thing that was gd about the hotel was the we had the best room in the whole hotel, we had the biggest balcony which over looks the pool. everyone was jealous. lol. meet some wicked people there. u no who u r.

Emma F           

Hey You Guys!!

Well, the 6 Folkestone/Dover girls made it back in one piece- just! We got back on the 28th and i've only just recovered!!
It's a fantastic place to go and i'd def go again, just watch out for the Ozzy managers- they'll try and rip you off! My best mate went last year and he was suprised when I said I got my deposit back!!
Ollie, are you one of the lads that was with the Woolverhapton lot? If you are can you please ask Daz, Jason or Tom to e-mail me the pictures- cheers babe!!
x x x  

Ollie C           

I just got back from zante yesterday after having had the craziest 7 days of my life! if you were staying at the mariano the last week the chances are that you met me. i'm ollie,18, lad from birmingham who was totally pissed up the whole week! i was there with 9 other friends who you might not have seen because they spent ALL day sleeping. I could write an essay on the whole holiday, there are so many funny stories to tell. My memories are vague due to excessive alcohol abuse but my best has to be meeting the beautiful girls from Reading! Natalie especially but stevie(yes it's a girls name), lennie you were wicked 2!  I can't believe you lot blagged my head on the last day though and you know what i mean! I got arrested too but i can't remember why! i got filmed in a boat with a norwegian bird by channel 4 so watch out for zante uncovered! The booze cruise was fun and so too was the cabaret!

If you're about to go to Zante be prepared for an amazin, funny, drunk, exciting, mind boggling week! For lads, the place is full of good looking friendly girls who want to enjoy themselves! Don't sleep too much while you're there its just too good to waste time in bed, sleep the booze off when you get home!
The rooms in the hotel are ok but to be honest you're hardly ever be in them, only to shower and change. I had a quality hol, best ever wish i was still there! Hope if you just got back from zante you had as good a time as i did lol Ollie

Cazza M           

me and the girls r just bk from zante we had a magic holiday best one yet. we are already plannin to head back out there hopefully sooner rather than later. people we met out there were brilliant too mainly scottish but the english were s**t hot too.if anyone has the number for the mariana apartments or contact details can u plz give me them and the guys who are just heading out there u are gonna have the time of your life uz better be ready to get bang on it

Andy D           

8 lads from yorksire are heading to zante and the mariana apartments on the 28th july 2006!!!!

hope you girls are ready for us!!!  i'll be the one with blonde hair, tanned, tatoos and a nice physique, if you wanna say hello!!!
let me know if you will be waiting for us

Georgia P           

After reading the reviews we expected the worst. Credit to Pete he is ok John is the Auzzie to watch he is a scam artist he will get as much money out of u as possible. They will charge u if u dont give the safe key back and stuff like that but when u arrive he gives u a piece of paper that clearly tells u that so we cant hold that against him.Always make sure he never owes u money he owed me some and when i went to collect it he said it was already crossed off in his book coz he had returned it. He was talkin s**t but i never saw it again coz he was adament he had given it bac. He is sly i don't like him. The cleaner never swept out floor so it gets mingin. Have to say though the rooms are really nce and the rooms we were in had really nice bathrooms for Greece they even had shower cubicles. That is a luxury in Greece. Location is ok is a fair way from the main strip but there is bars all the way down so you don't really notice. Quietness is pretty much non existent if u have what we had which was 75% Scottish lads that were pissed up constantly and bangin on everyones doors from about 5.30 in a morin til about 9. Got quite annoyin.

Mike T           

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Your all be pleased to know our 6 is now an 8 after some extrodenary last minute effort from 2of the boys to get out there and join us!!! Not long now cant wait, see you boys out there!

Mike T           

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The Bournemouth boys are coming back for our 4th year in zante, the best greek island going!!!!! We are there from 18 June to 2 July, our numbers my be dropping year by year but luckily we'v been left with the hardcore, think the rest of them are just getting too old and cant hack it any more! We stayed here last year and we couldnt fault it, drink and food any time of the day, clean rooms and plenty of fun round the pool especially when the shark gets in there  ;-) Anyway hope to see all  you sexy peps out there


Kirsty J           

Mariana was great!! we heard kots of dodgy reports about it so we were very wary.. but turned out to be the best holiday we ever had!!! The 18-30's reps were great especially Grant!!!

Definately going bk this year in September!! x

Kerrie W           

click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlargethe place is ace, i stopped there last july an had the best 2 weeks eva, iv told all my mates to go there this year. its a 18-30 hotel so dont expect the ritz but hey wat more do u need that a 24hr bar, nice clean pool, nice clean rooms an did i meantion the 24hr bar, jst keep on the rite side of the managers an u will be fine its 5-10 min walk from all the clubs an on the way r some nice cheap bars zante rocks p.s keep on the rite side of the police as well they r well scary lol


Any one remember KING SAMOOOO?!!!???!!!? xxx

Kat P           

Well, i didn't agree with Ian 2 start with but i've just visited the site he mentions in his post......and all i can c r sum pretty gud examples of how clean the apartments actually were!!  And what exactly is the problem with the balcony doors?  U don't look like u were 2 fat 2 fit thru them??....neway just thought i'd comment as i totally disagree and those pics don't look bad at all......


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Ian Johnson it's an 18-30s hotel not the fúcking Ritz you piece.  Your website is laughable. I'm not surprised you had a shít holiday if you spent some of your time taking pictures of wardrobes and patio doors. I can't believe that an ordinary piece of plastic patio furniture could offend you to the point you have to label it as nasty, what exactly did it do to you ? To take a picture of the "vacant" swimming pool when the time must have been about 8am is just lame. I'm guessing this was the time due to the "vacant" sunloungers. Perhaps people were recovering from a night on this PARTY island.

However, for anybody planning to go to Zante for the time of your lives and not packing your hot water bottle, pipe and slippers, this hotel is definately for you. It's in a great location, about 10 minutes from the liveliest part of the strip which is great as it's quiet when you want to get some kip and it's really nice round the pool as it's set away from the main road.
I read a lot about Pete & John, the 2 owners, before we went away and the comments were very varied. We didn't have any problems with them for the 2 weeks we were there. They were on hand to serve you food when you wanted it, look after your key if you wanted to hand it in, cash travellers cheques if you needed to and if you wanted to watch something on TV they'd sort you out if it was available. Plus the place has a 24 hour bar and there aren't many places which you can say that about. Anybody thats had trouble off them before, it must have been for a good reason. I think some people are to thick to realise that the hotel is these 2 guys livelihood. The pool was cleaned every night as well so the only time it might have looked "skanky" was after it had been in use, yes that's right Ian the pool was always rammed during opening hours !!! Shock Horror !!!
What's been said about the Mariana over the last couple of pages annoyed me to the point I felt I had to write this, but not to the point where I feel I need to make a website as I do have better things to do with my time. As one eighth of the Bournemouth Lads (Zante Veterans) and as a realist, I think you'll find these comments closer to the truth. Enjoy Your stay at The Mariana. Treat it as your temple as Zante is a paradise.
Peace Out, Love Goater xx
NB Please note the attatched "vacant" swimming pool and of course The Bournemouth Boys, June 2005 @ Mariana


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Bloody hell. That Ian Johnson bloke goes on a bit don't he?! This place really is no way as bad as this man makes out. Granted, was staying in the new block and not where he was, but from the pics it aint too dis-similar. Don't really see the need to go so mental coz at the end of the day I doubt you expected the world from 18-30? Me and 7 other lads went here in June on our 3rd visit to the island. 1st time of staying at the Mariana, but in comparison to a lot of other dives in the resort this place is class.

We have all clearly realised that the owners are money grabbers, but it pays (or rathers saves) to stay on the right side of these cowboys. They will put menu prices up if people eat loads of an item, they will charge stupid prices in there shop and the bar prices go up after late doors without warning. But this is the simple economics of a tourist trap like Zante.
All the hoteliers out there are after a quick buck, they all have ridiculous damage charges and the will try nabbing you for something. But us 8 lads managed to stay for two weeks, didn't get any stick from them and got charge for a misterious missing glass. Getting charged 5 Euros aint too bad considering we were partying hard 24/7. The warnings are true, but just have the common sense not to wind the people up that are accomodating you. If u F**ked a waiter off, he'd spit in you dinner wouldn't he?
Simple reason for your lack of fridge was you B&B board, they are sods for that, but you don't need to store any grub for brekkie do ya!
Love the pics of the 'empty' pool on your website, was there no sun or was the pool just closed for the evening?! Not gonna be a busy pool 24 hours a day is it.
Anyways, this hotel is bloody awesome considering it is an 18-30 gaff. When you book I'd reccommed put in a request for the new block. Also just wanted to laugh at the price you paid as well Ian, proper ripped off. £299 for 2 weeks when we went and after all your words of wisdom, you blank you face out in you pics on your website. Running scared perhaps................................


Got back from Zante yesterday and had another amazing holiday!  It was my second time this year in Zante and i cant wait to go back next year!  The Mariana is basic but clean.  Although we did not actually stay in the Mariana we had to use the pool and bar there.  The pool was a decent size and was clean but VERY cold and the bar was always good.  Prices on drinks were quite high but we made the most of the free bars on the pub crawls!  The two bar men were nice enough and kept the bar open until everyone decided they had finally had enough!!  I seen inside one of the rooms and they were a decent size and clean.  I would stay at the Mariana again and would recomend the 18-30 bar crawls!!  Hi to everyone we met over there, i was with my friend Anna and my boyfriend and his friend!! xxxx

Gary F           

Hi. 12 lads from Manchester got back on the 16th September. Had a great time at the mariana and the main strip. See you in skegness. Snap, Banjo,  Lowdown,  Stannie,  Farrell,  Nick Hucknall, Kersh, John Boy Walton, Osti, Henstyle, Graham and Jimmy.

Kat P           

Well, i stayed at the Mariana June this year and it was the best holiday i've been on.  I'm pretty surprised at the responses to the hotel at this time of the season as we had an awesome time.  There were 10 of us girls sharing three rooms all of which were in the newer block so i can't say what the other side is like.  All rooms were really clean and a good size, we never ran out of hot water or anything when showering (which is pretty good goin when u consider how many of us there were!).  We had fridge, plates, cutlery and glasses etc and a nice view from our balcony.  We also didn't have any problems with the owners, i think that from the sounds of things you just have to stay on their good side though that really only involves not breaking anything!

Anyway, that's pretty much it, we are all hoping to go back there to stay next year and the reps were absolutely fantastic, made the holiday even better!!

Feeder M           

just got back from Zante and Laganas...we stayed in The Alexander Apartments...

A very nice place...Laganas is a top place and me and my mates meet some top Ladies...
Look out 4 Steveo,Louise(wat a SORT),zoe,jen,michelle staying at the Alexander....Wat a bunch of top ladies...
from Feeder.....
any 1 like Worchester sauce French Fries(lou)


Michelle how long are you staying for?  Me and my boyfriend are going 2 weeks on Sunday.  We are staying at the Villa Aliri but have to use the Mariana pool as it does not have one.  I am dreading both appartments :(  I have just returned from zante last month.  I stayed in the Alexander Appartments and had read alot of bad comments before i left and i can honestly say they are one of the best Appartments i have stayed in so it might not be all that bad....i hope!  Had such an amazing time in Zante cant wait to go back!

Michelle N           


me and my boyfriend are going to zante i week on sunday (18th sep) and are staying in the mariana, judging by the comments on here it sounds s**t to be polite, is there any good part of the hotel at all?

Ian J           

click to enlarge Well we've just returned from the Zante resort of Laganas and stayed at the Mariana hotel - now we decided on this holiday as a last minute cheap deal as we only paid £255 each(2 of us) and thought, well the hotel's only really going to be there for sleeping so it won't matter on the standards but were we mistaken.  The resort itself was nice, lots of cheap boat trips around the island, cheap car rental and lots of things to do.  The pubs/restaurants were all nice enough, especially the food.  As for the hotel!! I have travelled quite a lot in recent years and have never been as shocked and taken aback by the complete lack of facilities and inhospitable staff.  We went for B&B although were never informed what time the breakfast would be although upon seeing the state of the hotel in general we felt it would be more health consious to go up the road to Steve's place for a 3 euro meal.  Our room did not consist of a fridge, cutlery, glasses, or any cooking facilities, not even a kettle!!  I'm not even going to get into the toilet and bathing facilities, but if you expect a bathtub or a shower cubicle think of it more as a basin!  There was not surprisingly no air con but we felt a fan was at least a neccessity however this was at an additional charge of 50euro for the 'privilage' of using the fan which required a power card!!  On the whole you will get the hotel on the cheap for a reason!  They try their utmost to extract as much money from you as they can - they offered to hire a fridge at 35euro, glasses could be bought for 11euro! and as you can tell everything else was extortionate as well, for instance on the day we were leaving there was a group of guys from england who were charged 300euro for breaking the door on the wardrobe, now if you saw the furniture you could probably replace all of it for 20euro, it's old, cheap and nasty - they will try their hardest to find something wrong with your room and charge the hell out of you for it.  They go against their rights by not only taking a 50euro deposit but also attempting to hold your passport for the duration of your stay so that you can't leave unless you pay up!! luckily we were informed they can only legally hold them for 24 hours at which time we had to practically beg for their return and were constantly fobbed off until we had to practically threaten the australian manager with legal action who subsequently made a misery of the remainder of our holiday by blatantly insulting us!! - to sum up at long last, although i could say a whole lot more my fingers are tiring, if you want to be ripped off, treated like children in a nursery, insulted and conned then stay here! if not then don't waste your time, money or self-respect!! Pictures of this skany dive will be available on

Kate M

E-mail -

Kate M

The Coventry girls are arriving in Zante on the 5th of sept - can't wait. Were 3 lively girls up for a laugh. Anyone else staying there the same time we are just give us an e-mail. Bring it on!!!!!!!!!!!!!

John S           

flying to zante today

Aaron A

has anyone got a phone number for mariana. or know where i can get one

Siobahn W           

9 sexy girls stayed in zante for 2 weeks 4th-19th aug 2005 had a great 2 weeks met some wkd lads in our hotel 2 .

the hotel was ok did rip u off tho word of warning if you are gonna stay there do not touch anything you get charged for absoloutly everything you touch in your room and in some cases outside your room they go over the rooms like sniffer dogs!!!!!!!!!!!!!
a big thanks to our reps esp katie and vicki you are wkd cant wait to see you guys in  skeggy yey.
we advise you if going with 18-30s is pay for there package they offer at the meeting you will save a hell of a lot of money as you get 1 hour and 2 hours free bars where your left crawling home they are fab . a vodka redbull in some places cost 6 euros now if you drink like a fish you will run out of money in no time.
finally the walsall girls wanna say a big hello to :
blazin squad
the scottish lads
"ken " and lads
the stourbridge lads
the sexy geordies esp david and stephen with the ph
love you all loads cant wait to see you guys in november from
barbie, sam, nat, chink, sarina and venus, zara,  faz and shy sarah

John S           

n e 1 going on the 1st of sep i am living it large with

2 more wiganers

Kayleigh S           

as everyone has said pete and john like to rip people off! it costs £1.40 for a mars bar. john is ok, we had a good crack on with him, "baycun buhtty"-  but pete is a total w**ka! the rooms could have done with being cleaned more often!! but apart from that it is ok. its not too far away from the strip so thats a bonus. i stayed there from 1st - 15th aug and i had a belta time!!

the reps are kool. vicky, grant and limpit mary!! lookin forward to seein them again in nov at skegness!! definatley do barred up , the main event & soap - they are wicked events!!
you will have a good time if you go to the mariana, just keep on the right side of pete & john!! 
kaylz & anth

Vicki W           

hey every one!!!! just got back from the best holiday ever! only downer was the money grabbing owners whp seriously love to rip off unsuspecting 18-30 party go-ers! ' bacon buttie' 'full english' - you guys know what i mean! watch out for the 24hour bug going around- take your sickness pills!! katie is one of tyhe best reps ever your all sure to love her, we did! we went on all trips apart from the cruise, and although they are over priced we had the best experience meeting people and going out in a houge group, which we woulds have got going out on our own!

missing the navy boys and the north west london lads already (stelios says hi!!) room number 59 certanly did rock!!!
if you were there from the 28th july - 12 august email me would love to hear from you!
love the bournemouth babes, vicki, cannon and shammy xxx

Danielle K

Would like some pictures of the rooms please! we're staying in a studio in september and would really appreciate some pics! x x x email them to please!

Kerrie W           

hey well iv been bk 3 weeks now an im missen zant elike mad

the hotel is mint there is 2 buildings we was in the nicer one in room 59 every sud remember us hahah
john an pete are all rite as long as u stay on the rite side of them i saw people gettin thrown out on their last day so jst try an behave!
i wud recomend that u do BARRED UP , SCHOOL DISCO , thats about it the crusie aint that gud an nore is lush wen they take u 2 st nicolas's baech.
clubs are wicked RESCUES , ZEOES , BAD BOYS , CHERRY BAR , COKTAILS AND DREAMS are the best ones we always ended up in rescures
oh and stu the bar man in the hotel is a top lad he spent alot of time in our room hahahah "HI STU"
made loads of mates out there all the newke lads bob  gareth, ted, bennint ect hi an c u at the reunion if any one remembers me get in touch email me at

Rosie A           

stayed at mariana 17-25th july, best apartments i've ever stayed, but you've got to go with expectations of 18-30s accommodation not some 5* posh hotel cos you'll be disappointed as is v. basic. fan on ceiling is 18 euros for a week n definitely worth it, especially as my bed was right under it!! john n pete the owners are a right laugh n they will only rob you if you get on the wrong side of them, remember they work all day and night dealing with a load of p**s heads and even stay up to serve you drinks when you roll back at 6am! food from hotel is not brilliant - go to steves at end of the road its nice food n really cheap, bella napoli or whatever its called was nicest pizza ever had. also book onto the 18-30 package cos all the trips are worth it n the reps are all wicked - girls pj is the fittest man alive! don't let the little albanians rob you cos theyre sneaky n go to rescues/cherry bay. loved laganas, loved everyone there, been back a week or so n still depressed.  click to enlargepic below - first night bar crawl, its lethal.


Stayed in Mariana earlier this year, stil missin Zante like crazy.  Yup there is a decent enuff pool

Johnny T           

Just got back a couple of days ago and the old holiday blues have set in big time. the hotel was good but if i hear 'aussie burger'' one more time i swear i will go mental. The rooms are decent and the pool is good, but food is a bit pricey prefer to go to steves up the road what a ledgend a full english for 2.95 euros cant beat it. If any one was there from the !4th-29th July then come n chat to me or send me a little cheeky email, would be good to chat to sum mariana veterans. Johnny  

Dan T           

Hi Staying in the mariana for two weeks on the 12th of august 05 can n e 1 tell me if their is a swimming pool can only find photos of the room

Dan the Man

The N           

allo again girls, how ya alll keepin? we're hittin zante on the 4th of august. lookin 4ward to seein u treacles in action. only out there for 7 nights, come say ello.  if ya fancy a dabble u'll no who we r.

take it easy darlins wb

Vicki W           

Whhooooooo zante in 2 days! any one else on the 11.20, thursday, flight from gatwick???!!! is it true about the owners??cant wait guys get in touch if your there at the same time as the 3 gals from bournemouth!

Kellie H           

ey up to the north west london lads

this is the yorkshire lasses, there's 9 of us lot going out on the 1aug for 2 weeks, cant wait..!!!haha

yeh were up for a laugh and maybe much more Wink...!u'll know who we are too, cos we've got matching t-shirts, with wakey girls on.wb luv kellie n jodie x x

The N           

we love you yorkshire lassess. how long ya out for ladies? up for a bit o banter??????

heard u lot can be a right handful, reckon u can handle us????????????
north west london boys are ere, s**ggin tongueur women an drinkin ur beer
take ur pic girlys...........
smilejoe   tongue rudders  wink magners  cry bacon (rat boy,i miss alice..)  laugh lynchy  pissed paul da p***
clap  gags  embarrassed  malone  confused  old man steves   angry brian  ouch   fenner

The N           

allo ladies hows it hangin'?  10 likely lads and a tag along rat (a.k.a- bacon---look for it on the shirts ;)     )

all on our way out to zants for bants,on the 4th of august. eard a lota great fings bout u lovely ladies, come n say ello an we'll buy ya a beer. you'll know who we r...............
north west london boys are ere,s**ggin ur women an drinkin ur beer!
any ladies out there at the same time, get back to us.
sound sound sound.

Peter C           

hey hey, jst got back from zante (7th-15th july) stayed in the mariana, not bad hotel very basic, the owners peter and john are auzzie t**ts who try mugging you off every time, we got chucked out the hotel coz they tried mugging us off on the last day, coz they tried makin us pay for damages!!! anyway  were the folkestone lads!!!!! remember...... sea sea seasiders!!!! yea that was us!!!! anyway goin 2 the big reunion in november!! cnt wait.... any1 wana keep in touch e mail me

Siobhan M           

hey every1 just got back 2 days ago and missing it already!!! John n Peter the 2 owners r top guys. john get your baps out!! Peter good luck wif the juggling. Stuart the barman is hot!!!! The only bad thing i would say is there is no air conditioning n the rooms r roasting at night, well its normally morning b4 i got 2 bed!  

Marc D           

hello. me and 3 other geordie lads were in the mariana from 19th june foor 1 week. made some good mates there, charlotte, gemma, maz, linzi, gemma, luke etc etc if ya remember us e-mail me on its a very nice place. there are 2 buildings. the old one and the spanking new one which i was in, i had room 48. try and see how big it is if u can. its f**king massive 3 times bigger than all the rest, was just lucky i supose. the 2 ozie owners are decent blokes but do like to rip u off big style. like the supermarket which is attached to the mariana is theirs, dont let them tell u otherwise. but dont argue with them or u will be kicked out as a few london boys were earlier on our stay there. reps are spot on. grant is a good guy and kellie anne is cool also. just dont let them fill u with there saless s**t.

defo go on get barred, foam party and school night. dont do the beach thing its s**t. do what we done and for 35euro, we hired quads drove to the beach which took 1 hour but was good fun, ddone the jet ski's etc then drove home. much better cos there is a free bar on the boat they say, but its free soft drinks and the beer is 5 euro a pop. up to u but i wouldnt.

24 hour bar iis good though after u stroll home from cheeri bay or amnesia at 8 its nice to have a beer before u cabbage on the loungers. anyways if any1 wasnts any info e-mail me .


Kellie H           

Only 33 days now until.....the yorkshire lasses arrive. Hope ya all gunna be-able to cope, were up almost anything really hahaWink. Where flyin from east midlands, u'll no who we are cos we've all got matching t-shirts with wakey girls on...!!! So make sure u come and talk to us. wb luv kellie n jodie x x x  Tongue

Joe C           

Stayed at the Mariana apartments from the 16th to the 24th june. had such a good holiday want to be back there already Zante was quality the only thing to put a dent in this holiday was the two knob jockeys that owned the apartments (Jon & Pete) give them there due it was clean, in a good location and had a 24 hour bar but the pair of them were nothing more than money grabbing numnuts everything was over priced you couldnt bring any drink or food onto the resort there attitude and mood swings was disgusting i think it was the time of the month for both of them big shout out to the derby girls and the sheffield girls

Buckers!! B           

click to enlarge

Here is a picture of me:

i left the other 8 out because! well u take what u can in this life.
sorry im a bit of a poser.

Buckers!! B           


please note that there was 11 now there is 9 including myself we are from chav city [leicester] we will be joining all of you on the 25th of july so keep the shampers on ice ta.
ps. we got rid of the ugly ones for ya.

Kerrie W           

hi only 9 days til me an my to mates arrive in zante an us lovely laddeis carnt wait anyone out there the same time an lookink 4 sum fun?drop me an email

Lee J           

hey ladies, 3 lads from leeds going 1 july 4 one week. just looking 4 a good laugh wi anyone who up 4 it. first time us 3 been away together on lads holiday. my mates 19 on the 4th, he bit shy so hope some of u ladies going to give him a bday kiss lol. sorted lads just going to b relaxing during day and partying at night but dont know where to go but well find somewhere. if theres birds then its all good lol. any ladies want to chat b4 we go add me to your msn or something so can get to know u ( my sister also tagged along wi us she just broke up wi bf so says she needs a break lol. so if there any friendly lasses she will b all on her own lol.


Anyone else going tomoz?

Come on Zante!!! 

Ross J           

hiya has ne1 got ne fotos of the aprtments or the place! thanx ross

Katrina P           

Hi, stayed at Mariana 26th May - 3rd June.......was best holiday eva (10 of us so was a gud laugh).  Apartments are not as close as some to the main strip but was neva a problem only a 5 min walk,  they've just been done up to so were pretty spankin when we got there (basic but cool, what d'ya want on 18-30's?!)  Just don't break nethin else u may get charged a small fortune.  Everyone was really cool there includin the reps.......loved it........missin it.......hopefully goin back 4 longer next year!!

Kat xx

Ross J           

is this place ne gud? im goin there nex year! email thanx ppl!!!

Liam J

can i get some information bout the state of the hotel and acomidation thanks a lots

Liam J           

hello my names liam and i liked this place all the g*y people send me a photo plz and ill get in tuch very soon ;-) lovyaz

Louise J

The phone number or email address for Mariana Apartments in Laganas, Zante


Come on!!! Only a week on Thursday until the B'mouth lads reignite that Zante flame. I'm on a serious mission to have a belter and live the dream. Let'sget it on, big tiiiiime


Lol well I've been chatting to a Maz (or at least I think I have been) whos on the same flight as us. Not to worry, the carnage will commence at The Mariana in 8 days  

Heather B           

Goater u do know were flying from Birmingham sweety?? so the fun will start in LAGANAS!!! see u there. love hev. xx


The laughs will begin at the airport and those 2 weeks at The Mariana are going to be quality. More people up for a good time the better. It's gonna be a classic

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