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Claire H           

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We thought Chevy's was cool good cheap drinks but Joel was def the highlight
had a great laugh having a puddle fight wiv him!! here's a cuter pic of him (the ninjja trousers were really tight!!)
Claire & Lauren

Sam W           


Hi there every1 at chevys (the best cocktail bar in laganas!!)

We'r missin ya all loadz n loadz just wish we wer still there now. got back on the 19th sep n still suffering from the hol blus...

Pav, Blu, Geogre, Scouse, Paris, Dawn n every1 who works in chevy's we luv yas all, you lot made r hol amazing!!
Pav n Blu the apartments wer great especially the special morning wake up call from the GREEK WORKOUT WOMEN!!lol! Be back nxt year defo, can't wait 2years again!
Every1 best had be there it wont be the same without you bunch!!
Scouse n Irish Paul you better b there to make me my special cocktails, which we can blame Paul (Irish) for gotting me hooked!lol! Scouse gota tel ya lou adored ya, even though i'm guna get killed nw oops!lol!
By the way were the 2 Blondies from ova da water N if ya lucky or not so lucky we'l see ya in mood!lol!
Pav thnx for the T-shirts, keyrings n safety hats lol.
Well every1 dat stayed with 2wentys at bluebells we'll opefully cya at da reuion in Skeggy!ahhh cnt wait!lol
Daz, Walley n all u mad hatas ope ul b going it wernt da same widout u lot!lol!
  Well yas all best ad b there or
    "Il batta ya, ill batta ya"(Irish paul)
  Lv Sam n Lou

Carmela F           

we loved chevy's!! we were here evey night of our holiday getting our cocktails and shots!! big hello to all the staff, you were all so lovely and friendly, (especially joel you made it a holiday to remember your such a lovely bloke, thanks for getting us back to our hotel safe evey night!!) we miss it loads already!! we will be back next year for more of the same!! (much more!!)

lots and lots of love
   carmela and sarah
   mwah xxx

Sara A           

Awwww cute pic of u and joel :) Hope you had a wiked time!! Chevys bar rocks!! not sure bout the jelly's tho!! lol xxx

Louise S           

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big shout out 2 joe the pr guy he is brilliant although he never sayd bye to us lol anyway heres a picture of me n joe  get in touch if u want my email address is luved the vodka jellys in this place and bring on the cheerleader cocktails  x louise x

Clare H           

hey angelo, its clare and vicky here (if you remember us) feeling really sad to be here and away from you.hope to here from you soon.we will be back in september(hope to see you then)
p.s sebastian is doing well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!laugh
 tongue love ya lots the girls who fell in the sea xxxx

Sam W           

Hi there every1 at chevys (the best cocktail bar in laganas!!)

We'r missin ya all loadz n loadz just wish we wer still there now. got back on the 19th sep n still suffering from the hol blus...

Steph D           

Ate here almost every day for two weeks. Always great food, great service and great value for money.if you wanted to eat somwhere i would recommend you go here /rte/clap.gif


steph i hope you get this!! if anyone else that works in chevys gets this can you pass it on

hello my love i need you to do me a favour. ross should be out in zante at the mo. can you pass on my email address, tell him i lost my phone and had no way of getting hold of him and his shoes are taking up too much space in my cupboard!!
cheers bubbles xxx

Meena B           

We loved CHEVYS! food, service, atmosphere all on point! wish there was something like this closer to home. Everything you want is on the menu so if ur hungover this is the place to come

Miss it already!

BIGG HELLO TO GEORGE AND PARIS  ohh and the PR Guy forgot ya name lol
they know how to make some good cocktails

p.s if ur thinking of staying at the FANTASY (also known as DIVA) DON'T BOTHA ITS A DUMP!

love Mena and Sim

Lee F           

hello chevys! blue, pav, steph, evie, vicki, sofia, sara, danni, scouse, george, matt, my bro paris!, dawn (thanks for cutting my hair), paul and angelo in the kitchen will hopefully be seein you boys in thailand! and reina and joel! thanks to u all for makin it another good season! i loved working with u all! see u all at the reunion!


Good place at night and during day for breakfast!! Loved the jelly shots!!

Reina was really lovely and so was joel!!
Had our fave cocktails here and they were cheap..which is always good!! xxx

Steph M           

Hi Sarah its steph... oooh so u r coming then? yup im still here.. working in chevys... make sure u come and see me and we'll go out!... email me.. KIMBO u fuking idiot.,,.. what have u done? and u havent emailed me u big retard!,.,.,, well iv been well bored,, havent gone out since u left really...  im under the greek thumb/// i pray every night nut it just doesnt help,,,, come out for a hol???? were going 2 cuba or jamaica after the season.. wuhoooo!!... anway im offskiiii.


Hello to all my cheveys family!!!!

Miss you all like crazy!!!! Hate bein back in UK, told you i would!!! Miss bein in cheveys and seeing everyone!!! Hello to the waitresses, sorry you are having to work loads now ive gone,would of stayed if i could have!! Hello to the barstaff, and chefs (Angelo i miss my mashed potato!!) and finally hello to blue and pav!! Thanks for letting me work again in cheveys for 2006, i will be back next year!!
Hugs and kisses to everyone!!!
lots of love
eve xxxx
p,s, stephy say hi to pedopolos!!!! :-)

Palfrey J           

Hi guys

Chevy's is the place to be to and def to start your night here! Me and the Brummie gals (Jamie, Lea, Shall and Looby) started off here every night and how can you complain with wicked cocktails and free vodka jelly shots! Big hello to the PR guy Tom he was yummy! And even bigger HI to our boys from Croydon! Alex, Andy, Ricky, Adam (chesney), J Boy and Mattie B! Missing you loads can't wait to meet very soon!
Alex good luck with Uni babe, you'll have the best time ever!
Zante Rocks!
Jayne xxx

Rebecca B           

hiya!!!! its bex! how is everyone? missing chevys and you guys loads already! just to let everone know my kittens are gorgeous lol. everything seems to have changed back at home (except the weather which is still s**t!) haha. wish i was still there i'll be back for season two next year though!  havent got rid of me yet! anyways like i said, hi to everyone and sorry about the no day off for the other chevys girls now lol (not entirely my fault!) and see you soon!!

love ya loads!! bex

Darryl B           

this bar was quality,went with 11 of us and we always came here. 5 euros for 2 cocktails and 2 shots was the way forward,your PR gal reiner (sorry if i spelt that wrong) was amazin.would recommend this to anyone.


yasu chevys legends!!

hope all is well as summers on the end.
kimbo is on crutches. one too many rum punches (and the rest) at notting hill carnival last weekend!!!
jus thought id say hey and keep in touch with all. stef and paul, email me u massive bell-ends!!!
misses and kisses!!!

Helen B           

wow! this bar is gr8! its a good bar to sit in n get pissed n have a good natter b4 hittin the nyt clubs. the drinks were well cheap n the bar staff were lovely keep up the good work! the only bad thing was the boys n girls shared mingin loo's, but a tip jus hold it in til the nxt bar:D


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Kate W           

Hi everyone at Chevy's includin our mint friend Becky!!!

Thanks for a mint time at your place.. you really are all an awesome crowd! We spent many an afternoon drinkin Cheerleaders in Chevy's closely followed by loadsa good nights out down the strip! I Love it in Laganas and will be back to see you all next year with a crew haha! Also, we will post some pics of us up from when we were in Chevy's! Cheers for our mint keyrings and condoms haha!
Love Kate, Lauren, Stuart and Will! xxxx


great place to chill out at, great food and good strong cocktails, internet cheap aswell and great breakfast and sunday roasts, a must visit for any one,  defo gotta have the protein milkshakes,

Sarah B           

Hey Steph!

It's Sarah from the dreaded Lane Group lol i'm coming over to Zante like i said... 1st October!! Can't wait! Are you still going to be there?
Hope you're well and stuff... i tried emailing you but it wouldn't work.
Anyway.. see you in October if you haven't come back to boring Darlo before that!
Sarah xxx

Azzy T           

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f**king love this place....we started in here every night....15euro cherry bakewell coctail + free shots..never walked out in a straight line!!

Louise T           

best place that we found during our stay to do fish bowls. u have got to try them

Scottish B           

awryt becky! it's da scottish boys here lol....7 cocktails please haha missin zante awready...had a great time only droppin a line cos u told us to lol zante 06 never forget it!

Kelie M           

Chevys was a really great Pavlo and Bluebell where lovely and they make sure my grandad (Duke) has a great holiday every year.  Thanks for making us so welcome

Steph M           

hi kimberoooney... hows life? well phills on his way home soon and j and r have moved out so im gunna live above must2  mwahaha... life here is still the same.... niiiice weather!!  whats ya fone no anyway??? xxx

Sian S           

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hey guys, hi scouse and tom from the blue bell, its sian from plymouth just wanted to say we had a wicked holiday and gutted to be home, hoping to come out the end of august, tare care of yourselves luv sian and the girlies. xx

Mike P           

Hey to Bluebell, Becky and all the rest. GG here (another Bar Retro boy), loved the bar, had a great time and me and Alex are heading back out soon. Chevys most definately RULES!

Lisa F           

Just the thought of the food here is an instant hangover cure. English breaskfast til 4pm, only just managed to get there on a couple of days.......... Refillable tea!!


Kim C           

Hey blue and Pav. jus to let you know me and Stef should be arriving in zante town on 25th. staying in athens from sunday till tues and then gettin bus over to kylini and then ferry crossing to zante.make sure u got me some grub and a shot of red vodka waiting!

see u in 15 days!!
love kimbo x


 How do everyone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! worked here last summer and the summer b4 , quality bar and owners ,pav n blue are class ,and the foods the best !!!!!!!!!! hope every 1s sound  ,paris, neil , chris , scouse n tosh , conehed and jo n all the waitresess n of course blu npav and paul n lee the best chefs in town !!!!! gonna b back in lags sum time in may for my 3rd crazy summer , n e 1 who needs a job go to chevvys ur garenteed to have a class time  n get well looked after , think im gonna work down the bottom end this year for a change but defo goin chevvys for ma scran and pint of stella ,now av told u all ma life story gonna go !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cu all in 6 weeks WOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOO

Mick +           


Chevys B           

Chris Jo bluebell & Neil click to enlargesummer 2005


went on holiday twice last year, but been going for three years.  Chevys still do the best food anywhere in Laganas!  This place rocks!!!

Mick +           

5 months til the chevys fun begins!!

fishbowls all the way babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

Emma P           

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Zante G           

neil u have 2 go back!!

190 days til party tiiime!!!


click to enlargeWhats up peeps ! This is Neil ( old barman ) , hope everyone is well and healthy . Is anyone going back to big Z this year . In two minds at the mo whether to come back !. Anybody wanting to get away for the summer should come Zante and ask for a job here . Pav and Blue are top notch and will try to help everyone they can ! . Take care and let me know whats happening with you all . Neil x (P.s Chris is cool too, still a sex pest ! )

Mick +           

spoke 2 pavlos last nyt! aaaaaa! can't wait 2 b back in Chevys sippin on screamin' orgasms + sex on the beaches!  wot can i say- this is a bar in a million

much love...c u all soon x x x x


hey ppl jus wanted 2 say loved it ere the pr's an tosh the bar man wer fit. cnt wait 2 b bak hope 2 c every1 again. ders 6 of us c*min dis year an we hope 2 c loads of fit lads out der dis year 2! mite get 2 c tosh's sexy body again  haha. neway cnt wait 2 c u all. loadsa luv linzi n jenny x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

Lia B           

hey people we wer in greece last year an went 2 chevys every night its the best place 2 go 2 find some sexy lads. smiffy the pr is fit and so is tosh the bar man. tosh as got the nicest body eva  an the sexiest accent! irish! cant wait 2 c*m bak. only afew months now. ne1 no if them 2 r c*min bak this year?

loadsa luv 2 all of chevy's from us scousers x x x x x x x x

Mick +           

we're in 2oo6! yerrrr baby!!

gna fly by now n we shall b returning 2 chevys in 218 days!
always used 2 b sayin, 'til nxt yr kids!'....
now we can officially say with a biiiiiiiiig huge grin on r faces...
til the summer kids! wooooooooooohoooooooooooo! (we're just a biiiiiiit excited )
mucho love as always!!! mick n mary xxx

Welsh S           

hiya gowie

yeah am over here for crimbo an new year!!! well hopefully goin to liverpool meet sophie for new year but here 4 the rest of the time probz will drive bk wif scouse sophie coz she drivin ther an bk wif her parents.
love gowie



Hey all.. just thought you may like a few blasts fro the pasts.. basically a photo of flip getting friendly, if only it ere real.. 2 great girls, and the island i wish i was living on now!!
Hope you like..
Ex chevy's flip with Rachel (AKA Big Breasted Angel)
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Mick n mary!!x x
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The best place ever.. ZANTE!!
  Shame it was taken on the way out.. Im sure well all be seein it again tho!!
     Speak soon.. start puttin pics up!!    Ian.x


Hey hey all.. why's everyone stopped postin on here??

We gotta keep this goin till were back in chevy's checking it there!!
Big hello to everyone, really good to see everyone at reunion.. sorry if im too pissed to remember seein most of you!! Out of what i DO remember, it was amazing.. seein faces you saw every day, but which you hadnt seen for ages.. One BAD thing tho!! (other than being kicked ut of travel lodge, covent garden, for sleepin in the corridor!!.. Cheers to Chevy's Lee for buyin me breakfast in the morning.. why wewre YOU up??!!! walk of shame maybe?!! Lol!!).. Yeah.. one BAD thing....
Hello to mick.. you should have come sweetheart!! e mail me.x
Hope to see a few more messages on here, other than just the devoted mick and mary countdown!!
Keep it goin girls!!x
   See you all soon!!x x   Ian

Shane     reinas best mate from greece...pass ur number on mate and ill tell her!! or e mail address!!

Linzi M           

Hey I just came back from Greece 2 weeks ago and loved it (well apart from thr earthquake we had ) Was in Chevy's nearly everynight basically cuz I found the guy outside (trying to persude ppl to come) in was hot hot hot ! Shame I never got to talk to him tho as we went home early . If it wasnt for Chevy's I think I'd have gone maaaad!!

Linzi xxx

Jamie H           

hi there you all can night in there can anybody give me reinas number or email addy to get incontact did have but lost hope sombody can help jamie or yer rich g says hi to all you lovley ladies

Kim C           

Yasu all!

Just got back from zante a couple of hours ago. want to say thankyou to all the staff at chevys throughout the season. PR's, waitresses, bar staff....oh go on then and chefs aswell i spose! Ive had an f*in fantastic season and its all down to u!  And thanku to Bluebell and Pav for takin me back for a second season
Anyway guys and girls, not long to go till i see u all again
30/10/2005-Roadhouse Covent Garden Zante Reunion!!!!!!
Bye for now! xxx

Zante G           



Hi Every1 @ Chevy's, made some really good friends working in lagana big shout out to Eve (babe was mates since day 1) - email me, Neil, Chris, Smithy, Lee, Bluebell, Reina and every1 else at Chevy's, especially my little darlin Charlotte who worked there in her last week. Went in Chevy's most nights before out on the piss, loved it! Me & Donna hate being back home, miss it loads. Oh and Reina you are a lovely girl & totally NOT a slag, don't let any1 tell u any different. Hope to see you all at the reunion x Smile x   


What am I going to do now. The past 3 months of walking past Chevys and eyeing up Smithy as all come to an end! No more endless use of the internet at daft o'clock. Roll on summer 2006 when I can do it all over again.

Chris L           



Roy B           

Reina email me for that night out in wigan i dont have yah details, good working with u for them 3 days and thank u for getting me the job in the first place, bluebell have a swell winter season, make sure your little one dont get swapped schools again without u knowing haha! and see u in may!!!!

chevys = fishbowls & vodka jellys

Chris L           

yes cheveys its chris the stroking pr.

big up every one at cheveys, and every one i met out there! its bollox at home dont come back. hope every one is still banging and hope smithys c**k aint fallen off.
get in touch with me every one at
c ya at the reunion!!!!!

Ian K           

hey to all chevy's lot!!

Missin you all.. cant wait to see all next year and at reunion too!
Just wonderin, do workers need tickets to Roadhouse on 30th or do you need to buy them.. if so how?
AND.. Can you bring someone with you who wasnt a worker??
Emails welcome:
hope youre all good.. big hello to bluebell and pav.. and anyone else stickin the winter!
  Catchya all soon, ian - chevy's pr! x x
ps hey becci, reina, smithy, legs a kimbo, lee, leah, paulo, helen, flip, harry, rachel, nichola, brad, scouse, paris, holly, sophs, jenny rob etc and anyone else i missed out!!
     bye bye for now,     Ian x x

Takeshi W           

hey, what's the name of the bar maid with long, brownish cripmed hair?

i wasn't trying to pull you, even though i would have liked're fit and don't you just know it!
safe as f**k - you knows it!! 

Lee F           

hey to everyone at chevys! blue, pav, jo, stephie, kim, smithy, scouse, reina, paris, conehead, kine and soph! and to tosh, emma, eve, nikki, shane, neil, chris and my boys in the kitchen the 2 pauls! ive noticed we never seem to get a mention! ive enjoyed working with u all this summer its been the best! home is so s**t! its been raining since ive been back! wish i was still there! hope to see most of you at the reunion! lee

Fred S           

P.S. Is one of my mates winding me up or did my sister Eve genuinly work in zante over ther summer?

Fred S           

Hello all at Chevy's! If you remember a group of 10 lads (we were a Chester/London/Loughborough hybrid) who came (and were sick) everynight for a week then I was the quiet, reserved one. On the biggest downer since we got back. Missing the fishbowls to be honest and Bluebells outfits. how much do we owe for the broken fishbowls again?

Reina I wish you had been a slag but you weren't. HoHo

Eve S           

Hey everyone at cheveys!!!

Im missing zante and everyone at cheveys so so so much!! Made some great friends over the summer and iits hard being away from you all!! Started uni now and its going well, but i just want to be in zante! Hi to Bluebell, pav, all the great bar staff and the gorgeous waitresses!! In response to the Reina comment that nasty girl made - she just sounds jealous of the lovely reina. Reina was a great friend over the summer and ii miiss her lots!!Dont listen to her Reina!! Everyone at cheveys is great and its a fun place to go!!Cant wait for season 2006, so ii can be out iin zante again for the summer!! Miss you guys, msn me evebritchick@hotmail.ccom

Ian K           

Word up to all peeps!!!

Hey becci, missin yu too.
Really wanna say a big hello to all chevy's crew.
missin all you lot so much already..
smithy,  reina, steph, jo, tosh (at home), paris, leah, sophs, conehead, kim, scouse, pav, and bluebell!!
soz if forgott anyone!!
cant wait to see you all at Roadhouse, and next year back in lags too!!
Email me sometime, coz ive got serious holiday blues!!! 
catchya all soon!!
Chevy's '05 Ian xx

Becci R           

hey guys how is the ol chevys crew? thought i'd put a note on here, seems 2 get read more than the rescue one by u lot.  missin ya all loads , jo, reina, ian, smiffy, tosh, paris, steph blue, pav even me messy roomy legs a kimbo  back home is rubbish, cant wait til oct to see u all!!! hope ur havin fun, get in touch.. muuuuuuuuuwaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh xxxx 

Mary & Mick           


gutted ya left neil! hopefully c ya nxt yr! let us no!
323 days 2 go wahoooooooooo!!!
mary n mick x


click to enlargeAlright everyone at Chevy's . Its Neil the old barman , i had the best summer ever and it was because of people at chevy's and the other bars . Thanks to Bluebell , Pavlo , Tosh , Paris ,Jo, Scouse ,Shane,Conehead........ and the waitresses. I had such a wicked time and hate it back at home . Big up to the beautiful Reina and the Manc Smithy , miss you guys big time . If you lot are there still don't come home till late as possible . Hopefully i'll see you all soon back in the uk and give me an email if you can . So many memories .............. . Email Take care guys Neil


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erm well

reina baby ignore wot that stupid girl said on ere...i worked at chevys this yr behind the bar 4 a couple of months and i love reina to bits!! she is not a tart ur just jealous coz ur prob fat and ugly who ever u r!!
reina has the warmest heart in the whole entire world and couldnt b horrible evn if she tried love u baby shane x hi to everyone xx


Hi to all zante people and all u people out there that know Reina.I have known Reina for 2 years and love her like a little sister because of her kind and loving personality.She is so sweet and coul;d never be offensive towards anybody.As for her being a tart and a slag that is absolute bull,she is far from it!!She can't help it if all guys would rather spend time chatting with her rather than sleeping with jealous girls like becky!!Anyway everybody knows reina so i need write no more,but please all give her your support by leaving a comment on this sight!!!!!!



MY GOD is that kim actually saying some thing nice about some one, has the world gone mad. I have never heard a nice word for any one come out of that girls mouth.. But in her defence she is right, she's one of the only genuine people who work in that dump.


Totally agree, reina is a top, top lass n i dont know how any1 could say a bad word about her, obviously its jealousy because shes a gud lookin, sound lass n its the lads that are all over her, not the other way around!!

Ignore em reina m8.. lv parkin xxx

Kim C           

hi to all tourists who come on the site i hope u enjoyed your holiday and if u came in chevys i hope u had a wicked time. just want to leave a message in defence of our pr reina. as im sure everyone will agree she is the sweetest loveliest little thing u will ever meet and and its upsetting for her wen nobodys like becky (whoever she is, nobody knows!) put horrible things like that on this site. anyone who remembers reina can we have a bit of support for our brilliant pr reina!!!!

ps  just trying to figure out who u are. are u the chunky thunder thighs hammond/leigh reject?
rob says hey nik nak with massive thighs!


REINA  is a tart always over every  man she could find tart tart ..........

Patrice B

Hi Reina its your MUM! please will u phone me, I cant get in touch with you and I'm worried sick. Please phone me or email me so I can talk to you. Hope you get this my darling and you are ok. I MISS YOU SO MUCH PLEASE COME HOME SOON. love you, mum.x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

Claire G           

Hi Bluebell

Hows it going ??? Me and Gareth are coming out on the 22nd of September !!! We are sooo excited feels like it was ages since we were last out there and it was only May !! Will bring the wedding pics to show you, got some lovely ones of the driver. Hows the weather ???
Take care see you in 2 1/2 weeks
Claire and Gareth

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