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Marlene T           

hello thanks for all the plums tomatoes eggs etc & for being there at the end of a day on the best beach in zante I didnt mean it about killing the cockrel really we became quite close in the end after all who wants to sleep late on holiday your bar was like an oasis at the end of the dessert those 123 or was it 4 beers was just what we needed.  Its the only bar where I have heard a customer say no more tomatoes!   

Charlene T           

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Photo of Sandra and Costas

Charlene T           

sandra and costa's are two of the nicest people you are ever likely to meet.  we walked past the bar every night on the way home and they always waved and said hello to you, many a night was spent in the bar talking to the pair of them!  sandra was frequently giving us token gifts, flowers,fruit etc they are genuinely lovely people.

if you go in make sure you say yamass from andreas,angela and charlene and tell costa's not to eat to many tomatoes!
x  i was sad to leave.

Deb W           

Sandra's Bar is a brilliant place if all you want to do is relax and watch the world go by. The host 's Costas and Sandra make everyone feel at home when they visit the bar.

see you again soon Deb & Stevie wood & family  ClapClap

Bob J           

Sandra's bar is the most welcoming of places with waving, calling out and even blowing a carhorn to passers by. They score huge on enthusiasm. But there is no class/ style/ professionalism. It actually becomes embarassing to walk past. If I could have found another route into Tsilivi (we stayed at Filoxenia which is just outside the village) I would have walked an extra mile to avoid the place. Great fun if you have no taste.


Sandra and Kostas are good fun but while they love to see you come in, they will almost beg you to stay for the rest of the night. Then again, you could do worse.

Helena W           

could somebody tell me where exactly Sandra's bar is? We are going back to Tsilivi on 9th September for the 4th time and wouldn't mind popping in for a cocktail. We are staying in the planos area of the village. Thanks.

Englishgurl L           

sandras bar was ok, sandra and costas made everyone welcome and the children got lots of lollypops throughout the holiday, and was given shots and munchies as soon as we walked in.


A little bit out of the way if you're staying in the centre of the resort, but it was recommended to us by friends so we gave it a go - and really liked it. It's great for a slightly more low key evening and the free shots were always welcome!

Iain P           

Very welcoming and friendly.

Kathryn L           

We went here every night on our way back up to the Park Hotel - free shots every night - Sandra and Kostas made us feel very welcome. Its definitely worth a visit!

Tracey P           

Sorry, forgot to mention that they had football on all the time, and as the bar was quite you had no trouble seeing or hearing what was going on.

Tracey P           

Sandra and Costas made a massive fuss of our two children (aged 5 & 3). Our children nick-named Costas 'Cheeky Boy' and Coastas nick-named our youngest the same. The evening was not complete unless we had been to 'Cheeky Boy's Pub', and the boys can't wait to go back next year.
Both Sandra and Costas were lovely, and phoned for a Taxi (on St. Dennis's Day) when one of the boys fell asleep, so that we didn't have to wake him. (Have you tried to get a taxi on St. Dennis's Day??)

Mr T           

The most unfriendly, soar looking woman worked in here. And thank god you got a free shot when you went in, coz the cocktails didn't do an thing to me !

Clair H           

Great little bar run by Sandra and her husband. Not only do they make brilliant cocktails but their food is excellent too, epecially their breakfasts!. As said before, its a shame people walk past it!. My advice, pop in and try a Sandra's special cocktail, believe me you'll go back again and again!

Gary F           

Friendly staff, who always gave us a lollypop for our nearly 2 year old daughter.

Vincent L           

Sandra's Bar very friendly, and take a genuine interest in making your stay the best ever, itís a shame people walk past on their way to the centre of the resort, missing a treat!

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