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Vicky   (20 October 2003)         

Hiya to Kostas, Spike Tracey and Dimitri!! Just got back from Tsilivi and stayed at the admirals, we were at this bar every night. Plenty of free drinks and many a time spike and dimitri were chucking pure malibu and archers down our throat. Although Dimitri missed and got it in Lyndseys eye! lol we had a right laugh at this bar. The staff are lovely and make ya feel very welcome! Cant wait to go back in July xxx

Jane F  (29 August 2003)         

just got back miss u all so much!! be back next year!!! love you all thaks 4 a great hoilday!! big kisses + lots of love, the sexy girls jane + karen !! xxxxx

Da B  (26 June 2003)         

I went there and the bar was full old fuddy duds.... Get your act together and keep those kids away...

Hannah J  (16 June 2003)         


I have been reading all the excellent comments for Dave the DJ however on visiting the bar he is no longer there, which was a great disappointment, obviously he must have moved on to greater things. Dave come back!!!

Melissa O  (23 May 2003)         

We had a great time in the level bar!! great cocktails, good quizzes and a good time had by all. Especially you eh George!?! hi to Tracey, Spike, George and Costa's. Thanks for looking after us all.

Lisa W  (11 March 2003)         

Hi 2 all the staff at Level bar u r all wicked!! had a fab time for the 2nd year!! Dave is the best dj, Kostas is the best barman ever. Thanks Tracey for looking after us. See u soon!!!!

Fanny A  (10 February 2003)         

Dont worry its not my real name! Anyone that went to Tsilivi in May/June 02 and also went level bar, is it just me or was Sarah one of the most stuck up cows you'd ever met in your life. Ive never met anyone who loved themselves so much. Obviously the rest of the staff and customers didnt cause i heard she got sacked a while after. Shame! Try your hand at something else other than entertaining people. If you lose the attitude you might do slightly better at it.

Fran H  (08 September 2002)         

We visited the Level Bar on several occasions, Tracey soon learnt that I couldn't bring myself to name the cocktail that I loved the most..! Very relaxing, great service, great staff and wonderful cocktails! Dimitris, please smile!

Yvonne W  (10 August 2002)         

We enjoyed going to the Level Bar every night around 6.30pm to see the lastest movies with our little boy who is 6 (Scooby Doo, Stuart Little 2, Men in Black II but to mention a few). Enjoyed a good few bottles of Amstel throughout the 2 weeks that we were there and thought the 2 girls Tracey and Faye were really nice, they came to our table and took our order while we enjoyed the movies.

Mark J  (29 July 2002)         

We tought it was very good. The 2 girls served all the time we were there which saved having to go to the bar. It was very clean and the prices were better than most. Movies were on every day with the latest out all being copies but then all were showing the same copies. Tended to be more of a family place until much later in the evening.

Ross L  (04 May 2002)         

If you click on the link above there is a map in the site !!

Mark H (27 April 2002)

Can anyone please tell me where the Level Bar is in Tsilivi?

Em   (01 October 2001)         

great place.cocktails are lovely, films very latest.good music lovely staff and very clean throughout toilet was spotless.

Steve A  (23 September 2001)         

What can we say. We have just got back and we are missing Charley and Lynn already, Had a brilliant time in the bar, Definately the BEST BAR in the town. Everybody very friendly,great atmosphere EXCELLENT singers ( even Charley and Lynn) A sign of a good well kept bar to me is the toilet hygiene. These where spotless.Well Done.

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