Castelli Hotel

Accommodation in Laganas

Karl E           

Cheers Gerry, just the reply I was looking for :)

I am booking today at about 4, only 2 rooms left hope they are still there although its only an extra 8 to go the week after.

I am so excited. haha



Gerry S           

Hello there Karl.
There are plenty of places to hire Quad bikes in Laganas, and there are plenty of petrol stations. Spiros has a limited number of double beds available - if you book through Thomson specify it at the time of booking - I think they charge a small supplement even though Spiros does't get paid any extra.

Karl E           

Hi people
I am planning to go to Zante this year and stay in the castelli with
both my mate and our girfriends.
I have some questions which maybe someone could answer:
1) Are there any Quad bikes for rent ( I prefer these to scooters, and
are much more fun than cars.)
2) I would like to see asmuch of the island and immediate area on the
quad bikes, are there many fuel stations around?
3) Do the rooms come with double beds if possible, don't fancy pushing
two singles together :)

cheers in advance


Mel P

i have booked to go to the castelli in jun with my partner and although most nights we will be in by 2 there may be some when we are not! is it true that if you let spiros know then he does not mind when you come back and will let you in?

email me mel_p_1

thanks x

Peter M           

having read some of the comments i can't wait to shout big thumbs up for castelli. this is not your average faceless hotel where people greet you with fake smiles and then forget your name but remember you as a room number... it's a friendly, extremely clean place.

and yes... this goes for some of the people who have written comments about the 2-6 period. if you like it, book if you don't, then go to another hotel where you can p**s on the floor when you return drunk at night. it is very sad tha "us brits" almost every year get featured on the news showing our private parts hidden by the uk flag or ancient greek style clothes... very sad indeed!

Christine B           


Deb J           

We've just got back and we absolutely loved it. Couldn't meet two nicer Greeks than Spiros and Anastasia!! If you go, you don't need to worry about a thing. Spiros will help with anything at all from hiring bikes/cars, places to go, how to get there without using the tour operator etc. There is no way it is like a prison there and it would hardly be a fair comment to make just because he locks up at 2AM so that he can get some well earned sleep before he starts again at the crack of dawn. Fantastic holiday and I would definately go back. If you're reading this, Jenny, Dave, Yvonne, Carol, HI!! Deb & Steph

Jennifer G

Gerry, many thanks for your reply, that's a great help. I will be able to get to the beach OK if it's only that far. Jo J will see you there! I am the one with the zip down the front - you'll know what I mean when you see me in a cozzy! We always have a great time wherever we go, you will too!! Look us up when you get there - Jenny and Dave.

Gerry S           

Hello there Jenny,
The beach is a short stroll away - probably a quarter of a mile I would say. It's not a difficult walk - a fairly flat road. There are sunbeds etc for hire all along the beach for well over a mile towards Kalamaki - which is the resort at the other end of Laganas bay. The majority are situated in front of numerous bars and restaurants so it's easy to grab a drink or something to eat without going too far. There are plenty of beds and umbrellas at the hotel pool aswell.
We go to the Castelli on 3rd May this year so unfortunately will miss you. If you need any more information I'd be glad to help.
Have a fantastic holiday.

Jennifer G

i have booked a 2 weeks holiday for my husband and myself at the castelli hotel from 28th may. i have read with interest and amusement the comments on the 'justzante' website and can't wait to get there - at last a hotelier who knows what he wants from his visitors and by sound of it, gets it! we are in our 50's (young 50's!!) and i have a heart prob! dicky ticker - bypass done, but have problems with hills and long walks. however, am very well. is the beach easy to get to? is the walk flat and how far? i love the beach and sky travel led me to believe that this hotel is very near the beach - is it? can we hire sun beds and parasol? so many questions!!i look forward to your reply - reading the web site it appears that you are at the castelli in may? are you there when we are there? if so, i look forward to meeting you.

kind regards,
jenny gillett

Jo J           

good! it does look really nice in the briochure but the few bad comments are a bit off putting. i think people make it out to be worse than it is. the website is mostly people moaning about it. anyway, now we're looking forward to it thanks.

Gerry S           

Jo - believe me, the Hotel is not a detention centre at all. The majority of comments display that. There is no need to think you need to "whisper and tip-toe around" - the pool area has loads of balls etc to chuck around in the pool, there's music there aswell, and the bar at night does make it's fair share of noise. On top of that there's satellite tv by the pool and in the hotel reception. Also there is music in each bedroom if you want it. So you see - the Castelli is what you want to make of it.

Jo J           

me and my 3 friends have just booked a 10 night stay here for June 04. Having read this i don't know if we still want to go! is it really like a detention centre, i knew about the 2 am curfew, thats ok,we'll go out early, but i don't want to spend my holiday whispering and tip toeing around. I mean, are you even allowed to splash around in the pool and stuff. we aren't yobs, but we're also not yet pensioners. has anyone got good news?

Gerry S           

The last time I saw Spiros he was very keen to get the two o'clock point over. He had a terrible year last year with drunks smashing the rooms up, vandalising the corridors, stealing off reception, the list goes on and on sadly. Even worse it was always "us Brits".

The Hotel re-opens it's doors every morning at 6, and I have known plenty of guests come in after this time. This could be an option?

I get the impression you wouldn't be looking to stay out every night so I think a quiet word with Spiros when you're there might be the best idea.

Whenever you're going, have a great holiday.

Louise F

Hi im going to be staying in the castelli hotel with my friend and her parents, we are both in our late teens and will be looking to have some good (and possibly late) nights out. Neither of us are inconsiderate and we would hate to ruin peoples holidays but really dont want to have to be in at 2 latest - is there any way we can get round this? please let me know
thanks xx

Paul E           

We spent a week at the Catelli in August,and i can honestly say that it was most relaxing holiday that ive had.

Yes there are rules but these are in place so that everyone can enjoy themselves. Those who enjoy staying out all night are catered for by a variety hotels in Laganas, however if you enjoy relaxing by a pool without fighting for a sunbed this is the place for you.

Throughout our holiday nothing was to much trouble for spiros and anastasia and we would return tomorrow given the chance.

Gerry S           

I've been asked by Spiros - the owner of the Castelli - to point out that he will from Summer 2004 on, be locking the hotel doors at 2am. This has been pointed out in the Thomson brochures for the last two years, so everyone booking or booked, should already be aware of this.
I would therefore advise anyone wishing to party all night to look for alternative accomodation.

Shaun H           

we are just back from the lovely island of zante.the resort we chose was laganas.laganas itself is beautiful,the sea is shallow,clear and warm and the nightlife is excellent.cocktails are between two euro,s and four with plenty of alcohol.
then there is castelli detention centre.from the moment you walk in to the hotel doors you are greeted with a short and sharp sit down,drink this(he called it orange was diluted squash)then rambles on about what you will do and the result if you disobey.
fair enough if you are loud and inconsiderate on holiday and upset everyone get told off or thrown out but all youngsters are not all the same.
as for quiet location dont go here from the 15th september week as the whole area (locals) shoot thousands of doves as they fly in from mainland greece)it sounded like iraq at 6.30am for a whole week.and the sight from your balcony as doves crash to the ground badly injured is not nice.!
last but not least my fiancee and myself are two of at least 20 unhappy holiday makers who paid at least 350 pounds for the above.
we cant wait to go back to laganas but will not go anywhere near castelli.
p.s spiros do yourself a favour and get a night porter to let people in.

Nadia W           

Me(28)and my partner (46) have just booked a holiday for two weeks at the Castelli hotel through Thomsons. We wont be going until end of August 2004 but i thought i would look up some info about the hotel and Zante! Its the most expensive holiday that we have booked and we will be saving all year for it, so i hope we have a great time.
I am a little relieved to hear that yobs are frowned upon by the hotelier and the whole place sounds just right for us.

Cant wait to go now!
If anybody can give me some tips of places to go/see etc i would be very grateful.



Gerry S           

How fantastic to finally see the true sentiments of genuine, caring people on this page. To finally see Spiros and Anastasia, and the Castelli itself, get all of the credit that they richly deserve is so satisfying. So glad you all enjoyed your time at the Castelli, I am after all Spiros's number 1 agent in the UK!!

Sally C           

Myself and my partner have just come back from staying at the Castelli Hotel & we both had an absolutely fantastic time. Spiros & Anastasia are undoubtedly the perfect hosts. I really don't know how anyone can have a bad word to say about the hotel or the owners. The majority of people who were staying there at the same time as us had been before and had returned purely because of the hospitality received from Spiros & Anastasia. You really are made to feel welcome and that nothing is too much trouble. We shall definitely be returning next year.

Tony A           

My wife and I have been to this Hotel 5 times and everytime the holiday gets better and better granted we are in our 50s. But we still like to see the nitelife in the centre of Laganas,a nice stroll along the beach a nice meal in the Blue Sea restaraunt or any where along the high street,its great just to watch the world go by,
Spiros and Anistasia are the hardest workig couple I have seen,and they always have a smile or a greeting for you.So please please don't take any notice of all the bad comments that have been said on this web site,if you want a good holiday we cannot recomend the hotel, and the owners high enough.

Vicki D           

hi all, i was outraged to see certain comments about this great place ! i went there last may and the hospitality of spiros and anastasia was great, especially when i had sun stroke and was laid up in bed for 2 days, spiros was great ! i came in late on several occasions ans he was fine, just out of respect tell him what time u intend to get in so he doesnt sit up all night !! no wonder brits get bad reputation when u have wastes of space writing untrue comments on truely great hoteliers !! i am going back end of this year.... book direct with spiros it is half the price !! xxxx love to spiros, anastasia and family and all the people that know them and their hospitality properly !!!

Kirsty W           

This is our second year running to hotel castelli, we absoloutly loved it there Spiros and Anastacia are the most loveliest people you could ever wish to meet.The hotel is the cleanest i have ever stayed in with the rooms being cleaned every day.
Its nice to just sit and relax by the pool there is always spaces so there is never a rush to get down there for first thing in the morning
Spiros wednesday bbq nites are a must you never knew you could eat so much.So all in all we liked it so much that we are goin back again for a 3rd year running, there are people that have been out there the same time as us and they seem to keep goin back as well because we have bumped into them each time

Anne M


David W           

We came back from a two week stay In the Castelli Hotel at the end of June, and we really enjoyed our time there... Spirios and Anastacia were the most welcoming people we have stayed with on Holiday, right from the moment you got there on day 1.

As for the aforementioned "riot act" - this is rubbish! Spirios calls this has "blah blah blah" - all he does is sit you down with an orange juice and runs through the hotel "rules" - think about this - you are entering their house so its got to be fair! At no time did we experience anythig bad!

The pool area was fantasic - lovely deep pool - and it didnt matter what time of day you went down there was always an abundance of room..

Laganas strip is around a 15 minute max walk away from the hotel so its easy to get to- whilst being nice and quiet.. we are both in our 20's and found it ideal.

Once last thing - we hired a moped and ran out of fuel (doh!) as we got to the hotel - Spirios phoned up the hire company boss, who then came out to put some fule in - for free! Thats I think is a perfect example of how great this place is! We'll be going back, although booking direct with Spirios - its a lot cheaper....

Karen S           

hiya...anyone going 2 castelli 19th sept ???? look 4ward 2 seeing u there.....karen 34....renee.....32.....
oh and thanx gerry 4 comment but not sure where elisa is situated

Neil T           

we are currently staying at this hotel and we have had no problems at all. In fact we are thoroughly enjoying ourselves, we have had some very late nights out (3-4am) and did not get any hassle at all from the owners.
We were not read the riot act, the owner spiros merely told us the way the hotel was run and how they would expect us to behave ie if you come in late show some respect for the other guests some of the negative comments made on this site have beeen made by guests who obviously did not have this respect.
We would recommend this hotel to anyone young or old and will be coming back again.

Gerry S           


I'm not entirely sure where the Elisa studios are - having read their own page I think they're just off the main road a few minutes walk from the beach.
To get to the Hotel Castelli go to the beach end of the main road, turn right and go straight on off the corner of the beach for about 800 yards.
I think the apartments Antony remembers are the Elias (virtually next door to the Castelli)- and to be honest I thought you'd made a spelling mistake until I checked up.
If you could get an exact location of the Elisa I'll be able to give you a good idea of the distance involved.



Antony B           

About 500 yards. Not too far to stagger.

Karen S           

going 2 castelli in september. meeting friends in elisa studio.anyone know distance between 2 accommodations??? cheers

Jo P           

You will have a great time the hotel itself is away from the manic main street and as Antony says there are plenty of places to go for a relaxing meal or quiet drink or you can go to the beach and have a pleasant meal overlooking the sea. If you go towards the harbour there is the Harbour House and Patio restaurants both of which serve excellent food.

There are many excursions from trips round the island, a day trip to Kefalonia or numerous boat excursions. Or you can do it yourself by hiring a car or if you're more energetic pushbikes. The island itself is about the size of the Isle of Wight if you hire a car you can go round it one way and see many sights then turn round and go the other way and see things you didn't see the first time or go inland and visit the villages and see life as it used to be, the people are extremely friendly.

I do hope you haven't been put off by the negative comments on this site please go and enjoy yourself we were there in May and there were loads of people in their 20's staying at the hotel none of whom I heard complain about the hospitality or the owners, in fact the only "whingers" I encountered were a group of four in their late 40's early 50's who I don't think would have been satisfied if they'd been in a 5 Star hotel! Have a great time.

Antony B           

You will not be disappointed. My partner and I are of a similar age to you and we had a great holiday. The main strip in Laganas is busy but the Castelli hotel is away from all the action and very quiet. There are an abundant amount of restaurants and bars on the beach front that are much quieter and a lot nicer!!!

There are so many excursions to do, which all come highly recommended, but shop around as prices will fluctuate drastically. Try the greek islands restaurant, or blue sea. Both are good and reasonable. A walk up to Aghios Sostis is also worth a trip. The restaurants on the front overlook turtle island, very pretty.

You will have a good holiday, don't mis-interpret the riot act, it isn't one. Enjoy yourself and have fun! Let me know how you get on!


Lisa N           

Me and my boyfriend stayed at the Castelli Hotel two years ago in July. The hotel itself was great (clean, well located etc). On some nights though we did want to sample the local nightlife, as anyone would. One night we went out, with some other couples, we arrived back just before 2.00 pm, and I can say honestly that the owner wasn't best pleased. He didn't speak to us and him and his wife were extremely ignorant the morning after. We all felt extremely uncomfortable, and made to felt like teenagers not adults. Some days, though he was like our best friend, and gave me the greek brandy to try when I had stomach ache, which helped! We really didn't know where we stood with them half the time. We are going back to Zante this year, and had the option of going to the Castelli again, but my boyfriend wants a peaceful / relaxing holiday, so we are staying in a Hotel close to the beach this time.

Laura D


My boyfriend and I are going to Laganas and have book Castelli hotel it looked lovely in the brochure and to avoid disappointment I booked early one morning over the phone. I then went on the internet to look at Zante for info etc... which I wish I had done before!
I was too put off by comments on this page and it seems that Laganas is a very busy resort, perhaps the new Falaraki (not what we wanted), and the comment about being read the riot act!, so I went to the travel agents and tried to book somewhere else but that would have worked out much more expensive, and we'd paid enough already.
So we'll just have to see what happens, any suggested bars, restaurants and excursions that would be nice for a couple (mid-twenties) would be appreciated.


Jo P           

Donna, I can't actually believe that you have cancelled your holiday on the negativity of the comments of some of the people on this page, especially on the word of the person who decided to add negative comments under the name of somebody else. I think you have probably lost the opportunity of a wonderful holiday - but that's your perogative!

Jo P           

I've read and re-read all the comments on the Castelli with amazement, we have never had a bad experience at this hotel either with Spiros who has stories to tell that could easily be turned into a book, he is always quick with a joke, loves to entertain his guests and make sure they are comfortable and happy during their stay. The rooms are clean, the bar is clean, the pool area is cleaned every morning, the pool bar area is clean and well cared for. My step daughter and son in law have been going for the last two years and on thinking of going somewhere different, decided if "its not broken don't mend it" and so are continuing to go, Spiros is wonderful to them they don't actually stay in the hotel but stay at the Elias Apartments but are welcomed with open arms to the swimming pool, bar and barbecue and the children love Spiros and Anastisia.

I believe these comments are being made to try and discredit a hardworking couple and I wonder how these people would react if they were criticised in this way.

Antony B           

What a shame that Donna cancelled her holiday to the nicest hotel on the island because of some of the idiots on this site. This hotel is brilliant and the owners are nothing short of fantastic. I have never been to another hotel where the owners make you feel so at home, and ensure your stay is nothing but first class.

My partner and I were there in May of this year and had a great holiday. We are both in our twenties and encountered no problems with either Spiros or Anastacia, in fact, quite the opposite. There is NO riot act, neither Spiros nor Anastasia will take a dislike to you purely for the time you come in at night/morning and never are they rude. Both of them put up with far more than any of us would tolerate (i.e. beds being broken and not paid for, arrogant holiday-makers etc).

If you are going and have concerns, just go. Like myself you will be pleasantly suprised when you arrive and have a great holiday. Don't be influenced by the mindless critics of the Castelli on this page.


Donna G

Hi Gerry

Thanks for replying back to me. We have actually cancelled our holiday now so will not be going to the Hotel Castelli. Thanks for letting me know though. Thanks!

Gerry S           

And finally..........

If anyone doubts what I say, on arriving in reception at the Castelli - check out the Thomson Gold Awards for yourself.
Then decide who is telling the truth on this page.........

Unless of course Spiros and I cunningly created the certificates ourselves?

Gerry S           

Having read back over most of the comments posted - it's no wonder the Europeans fear "the Brits abroad".
It must be hell for any hotel owner or restauranteer to know he has to work six months non-stop to be rewarded by selfish, drunken, loud-mouthed people with regard for nobody but themselves.

Gerry S           

Oh and Geraldine - It's Pseudonym!
Please don't question my integrity when you are obviously lacking in that department.

Gerry S           

Geraldine's comments are absolutely incredible.
To flag the cleanliness of the hotel as "below par".
You could eat your food off the floor and every single sunbed is washed every morning.
As soon as you enter your room you notice how clean it is.
The location is excellent if you want to be near everything but far enough away to avoid the noise.
I am not a share holder - I wish I was.
I am merely a holidaymaker that has travelled to a variety of places and only ever found one place that I would return to - The Castelli.
I have never witnessed such hard working people as Spiros and Anastasia. If you make the effort with them your friendliness is returned uneqiuvocally.
To call his chat a riot act - what a joke.
He is merely telling you how the hotel works.
And the only time Spiros would be "off" with anyone coming in after 2 is if they make too much noise which could possibly upset the other guests.
I actually think Geraldine was probably the holidaymaker from hell....

Anyway, at the end of the day it is up to the holidaymaker to have a good time, not the hotel owner. If people are so short sighted as some of the comments on this page make them seem then I feel very sorry for them.

Geraldine P           

Donna.If I was you I d cancel the holiday.The hotel is geared to older people and if you re coming in after 2 then you ll get nothing but hassle off the owner.This would spoil your holiday.It spoilt ours.Otherwise be prepared to be on the tv show-Holidays from hell.

Geraldine P           

A group of us stayed here 2 years ago.We had the riot act on arrival.We enjoyed the holiday but would nt stay here again due to the rudeness of the owner.Th hotel ia average.The pool is quite nice.There are nicer resorts on Zante.Try Tsilivi or Alykanas.Does gerry Slawson have shares in this hotel?I would disregard any comments made by him-he sounds like the owner under a pseudoname and his comments sound extremely biased.I wonder why?...........Enjoy your holiday.

Gerry S           

Hello there Donna.

There is no time limit whatsoever at the Castelli.
Spiros locks the hotel for security reasons at 2am, but sleeps behind the reception and willingly gets up whatever time you knock to get back in.
He is a lovely fella who cares so much that his guests (all of them) have a good holiday.
I've known guests come back in all through the night without it being an issue - in fact while we were there in May, 4 girls came back from their night out during breakfast!!
So, don't worry - have a fantastic holiday and tell Spiros and Anastasia I said Hi!!

Best wishes,

Donna G

Me and my 5 friends (all girls) have booked to go to the Hotel Castelli in August. We were not aware that you had to be in by 2am and have no intension of being in at this time. We are all 23yrs of age and are going on a girly holiday. We have made our views clear to the agency we booked with and they have advised that if we wish to cancel we will get a full refund. Should we get a refund or will spirios be welcoming if we are in after 2am, we don't want to be on a curfew! Can someone who has been PLEASE HELP!!!

Gerry S           

I have to question the integrity of at least Bryan Butlers comments.
First he stayed there in May, then it was last year..... do you know what day it is never mind year?
The owners were grumpy and it was like Fawlty Towers - which correct me if I'm wrong, was about a manic livewire hotel owner - certainly not grumpy!!
I think certain individuals on this site are working as a team to discredit a very hard-working, lovely couple who deserve better.
The Castelli Hotel has won the Thomson Gold Award year after year after year - which demonstrates Spiros and Anastasia's constant striving for perfection.
At least the UK's number one holiday company recognises quality when it sees it.

Bryan B           

We stayed here last year.The owner is a bit loony.Give us a right talkin to.We had nt done anything.I think he hates anyone young.

Bryan B           

I stayed here in may.Is this an advertisment for this hotel.Some of the comments are ridiculous.The accomadation is quite good.The owners are definatly grumpy.It was a bit like Fawlty Towers.

Jo P           

I have just read the comments by Steve and Roger and am absolutely amazed at their attitude to Spiros and Anastasia. If you think Spiro's talk when you arrive is the "riot" act then I think it is time you came into the real world, you have obviously been extremely "mollycoddled".

I can only imagine that they must have totally abused the hospitality offered to them. Spiros, Anastasia and the team are second to none and do everything in their power to make your holiday a pleasant one. Nothing is ever too much trouble for them and obviously this is their "bread and butter" and they like people to return.

The BBQ once a week is amazing with enough food to keep you going for a whole day. The pool is clean and well looked after.

As for the comment avoid the place if you are under 40 whilst we were there in May, 80% of the guests were under 40, and nobody complained about attitudes or being treated like outcasts, it was an extremely good mix of people, comments from some of them appear on this page.

I too would like to know when they were there.

Gerry S           


If you want to phone Spiros the number is 06950 52367 or 52369.
I think the code for Zante is 003.
You could simply write if you wanted to - Spiros Lougaris,
Hotel Castelli, Zakynthos, Greece.
Good luck.

Best wishes,


Gerry S           

I find the last two comments incredible - one moment the owner is abusive and rude, the next he doesn't say a word the whole time they were there? How can Spiros be abusive and rude in silence?
You two need to get a life. Probably more like get a job!!

You weren't part of the group thrown out by Thomsons were you for your bad behaviour?
If you would let me have the dates you stayed at the Castelli I will confirm with Thomson and Spiros exactly what sort of guests you were.
Obviously not literate ones!

Whereas you consider Thomson would be better off without the Castelli, the converse actually applies - the Castelli is better off without you!

Julie M

I am a previous guest to the hotel Castelli,having stayed there 4-5 years ago. I have never forgotten how well Spiros & Anastacia treated me and have decided to return if there is a room free the first week of September. Does anyone know how I can contact Spiros directly rather than lining Thomson's pockets?

Gerry S           

Really good to see Antony and Jo on the page - reflecting what true Castelli-ites feel about their holidays.
Was good to meet you Antony - hope to see you there again.
Bill and Jo - we'll see you next May if not sooner.
To everyone visiting the Castelli, whether as returning guests or first timers - have a great holiday!!!

Antony B           

My partner and I are just back from the Castelli after a fantastic two weeks. We are both in our early twenties and had the holiday of our lives. Spiros and Anastacia are more than the perfect hosts, the hotel is the cleanest I have been to, and we did not encounter any form of prejudice and neither were we treated any differently because of our age. We too had our reservations before we got there, but only because of the numerous people on this page who have a pathological aversion to the truth.

The 'riot' act that Spiros sits you down for, well it is pretty bad - He gives everybody a drink, doesn't raise his voice once, tells jokes and has a smile throughout. So anyone who can't handle that probably isn't in a stable condition to fly in the first place.

I hope everybody has a holiday as good as we did, and that the reports on this page will start reflecting the truth.

Jo P           

We returned at the end of May from another fantastic holiday at the Castelli, it's the only place we've ever been that feels like going home, the friendliness of Spiros, Anastasia and all the staff is second to none and the people of Laganas always seem to remember you! We bump into the same people every year. We love it and have just booked again for next year! and hopefully will go back in September this year. Looking forward to seeing you Gerry & Jill!

Ged S           

Just back from a fantastic two weeks - 35c every day! Unbelievable.
As always, Spiros and Anastasia were brilliant.

In response to Tamara (below) - most of the people there were young and having a great time. As I've said before Spiros and Anastasia really don't have a problem with young people.
The night life is only about a ten minute walk away aswell, so don't panic!! Have a great holiday.

Tamara R

I am going to the hotel Castelli with my new boyfriend and we are in our early 20's. Will the hotel welcome us? Are we far from the beach or nightlife will it take long to get to. REALLY PANICKING!!!!!

Gerry S           

I really don't want to get drawn in to any form of slanging match with Mark (below), a small hotel in a UK resort will not have the demands put on it that a holiday hotel on a Greek Island has. I'm sure you didn't get up at 6 every morning having gone to bed at 2, occasionally having to break your 4 hours sleep for the late-comers!
This every single day from 1st May to 31st October. I feel your comparison is probably unjustified. Also did you know that from the large amount of money we pay Thomsons, Spiros gets 10 per room per night!!! And takes all that stick - doesn't seem fair does it!

Also - my "whinge" was pretty justified at Binios with a swinging door and dirty room - as opposed to the clinically clean Castelli.
With regard to "the riot act" - It is very difficult for any foreigner to make themselves clear in a language that they are not used to - even easier for us to misconstrue what they say because they might not use the words we like!

I will gladly take back the whinger tag if it was uncalled for, however knowing Spiros and Anastasia as I do, and seeing the way they are so poorly treated by us "Brits" - does make me more than a little protective towards them when on the whole the criticism is unjustified.

So Mark - if you're happy with that ok, otherwise mail me at

Neil R           

In reply to Mr Pinson, Spiros and Anastasia were the perfect hosts towards us and as for his riot act?. I am looking forward to my trip again this year, only another 3 weeks to go. Supurb BBQ on saturday with the peace and quiet but near enough for the night life. Could not fault the Blue Sea restaurant lovely view and excellent food, Christina and the rest of the staff very friendly.

Mark P           

can i just add,my aunt and uncle actually own a small hotel in bournemouth which i worked in for two whole summers a couple of years ago.and guess what-i hacked it!

Mark P           

in response to Gerry Slawsons comments,i would just like to point out that i am not a 'whinger',just merely communicating my dissatisfaction with spiros's attitude towards myself and my wife.When we were shown to our room he was extremely rude in the way he explained his 'guidelines'to us.It was a reading of the riot act which i did not 'misenterpret'!if he had shown us a little courtesy and politeness(which cost nothing)i wouldnt have had a problem.i object to being called a 'whinger'by a person who himself 'whinged' about his own dissatisfaction with a hotelier in a previous review.i didnt enjoy my experience at castelli,you didnt enjoy yours at yannis's.simple.anyway all things aside,i hope you have a pleasant trip in may.

Gerry S           

We've been to the Castelli for the first two weeks in May for the last 6 years - whereas you don't get the blistering heat that July to September brings, you do get plenty of lovely warm sunshine - admittedly the odd shower, even the odd thunderstorm - perhaps even an earthquake thrown in, you could check the islands weather on - even lets you see previous years weather.
Hope this helps.

Antony B

Thanks Gerry. Much appreciated. Whilst I have the oppurtunity of tapping into your wealth of knowledge, what sort of weather should we typically expect on May 9th?

Gerry S           

I can honestly say I haven't seen a golf course on Zante itself - never mind locally to the Castelli.
I will check it out further but having walked and driven extensively around the island I think you're going to be disappointed regarding the golf.

Antony B

Are there any golf courses near to the castelli that anyone could recommend?

Gerry S           

Antony - what happens is Spiros sits all new arrivals down as soon as they're off the coach - gives them an orange juice - and in his own way, in which he does try to inflict a bit of humour - tells the guests how the hotel works, times doors are locked etc. Now being told the doors are locked at two doesn't mean you're locked out - Spiros sleeps right behind reception and willingly gets up to let you in regardless of the time. I have to say the first time we went - especially after a long flight and so on - the last thing we wanted was a meeting like this - but the more you spend time getting to know Spiros and Anastasia - hopefully the more you will realise what a lovely couple they are. He loves standing behind his bar telling jokes, and thoroughly enjoys a bit of banter with his guests.
Well over 50% of the Castelli's visitors are returns. Not a bad record.

Antony B

My partner and I are in our 20's and are flying out in May to the Castelli. I am worried to say the least about Spiros's attitude to younger couples which has been mentioned frequently within reviews? We have saved relentlessly for this holiday and don't want it ruined by a hotellier who has a prejudice to younger couples? Can somebody put my mind at rest or at least give slightly more detail as to what we are in for!!!

Ged S           

The Castelli is located amongst olive groves about 400 yards from the main beach, and a similar distance again from the main street in Laganas. You have to walk along the beach to get to the main street - passing a variety of bars and restaurants on the way. I have posted one photograph on this site of the Castelli's pool area - just click on the link at the top of the page.
Have a great holiday.

John D

Hi we are going to the Castelli in may this year and wondered if anybody knew where there were any pictures of the hotel or the surrounding area.

Kathy E           

We had a great time at the Castelli Hotel. Spiros & Anastasia have no problem with younger couples - 4 of us went and we had a brilliant time. We found Spiros & Anastasia very friendly and welcoming at all times. We must have been there at the same time as Sarah Wakefield - admittedly, the weather was not the best, but we couldn't have wished for a better hotel. It depends what you like and want from a holiday - but for us it was ideal. A nice, clean hotel, close enough to be within walking distance from the main town, but not too close!
We would go back again.

Ged S           

Can I just add, before anyone thinks about slagging any hotelier off - when was the last time you worked virtually 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for 6 months without a day off. Never, you couldn't hack it!!

Ged S           

I'm amazed by Mark Pinsons remarks (below). My wife and I are nowhere near our 50's, indeed this year we spent a fair amount of time at the Castelli bar with a couple of University students who were having a fantastic time. It's very easy to misinterpret "guidelines" as a "riot-act". Frankly the Castelli, or any other hotel for that matter, is better off without "whingers".

Mark P           

Agree totally with lynne bellis, spiros doesnt like young wife and me were read the riot act as soon as we got there.We were pretty stunned to say the least as we had no intentions of coming back from a night out to make a noise and trash the place!we were made to feel unwelcome for the rest of our advice is,if you are below the age of 50,stay away!!we wont be going back to castelli.Laganas is a great place apart from that.

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