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Taj Mahal
(Restaurants in Laganas)
10/10 Ellie A
View 5 posts by Ellie A ip - Greece
 Leon P
fantastic food and service at decent of the best curries ever!!!!
View 4 posts by Leon P ip - GB
9/10 Darren G

total top notch food at reasonable prices would recommend the korma and the onion bahji's the service is fantastic and poppadums on the house...fantastic! nice cold beer and close to the strip! can't fault it.

View 5 posts by Darren G ip - GB
10/10 Alex K
Can confirm it is still the same owner and the food is as good as every, try the sizzlers, excellent.
View 5 posts by Alex K ip - GB
10/10 Alex K

Did not go in 2008, but going back in 2 weeks, is it still the same owners? We are going to be very dissappointed if the Taj Mahal is closed or changed owners.

We have never had anything less than a fantastic meal in 8 years.

View 5 posts by Alex K ip - GB
10/10 Paul K

nothing to say just very good food 

View 15 posts by Paul K ip - Netherlands
10/10 Paul K

Food : Excellent
  Service : Excellent
  Price : Excellent

  • COZY


View 15 posts by Paul K ip - Netherlands
10/10 Graham S
click to enlarge

we were on hols in laganas beginning of june didnt find taj mahal till the second week , but still managed 3

visits , most definately the best indian myself and wife have ever tasted anywhere . 
thank you guys for your great food and service.
hopefully we will see you again very soon...
View 2 posts by Graham S ip - Ireland
10/10 John


View 3 posts by John ip - GB
10/10 Emma

we went here in june 07 n it was the best indian out there dnt go 2 the others lol or the buffet.. the food was really nice n cheap best indian iv had

View 9 posts by Emma ip - GB

amazing food .. and great service

1 post by Dan ip - GB
  Sarah C

Best restaurant in Laganas.

The tastiest Bhuna I have ever had it is lovely.
We went about 5 times.
View 16 posts by Sarah C ip - GB
  Lyn C
i was on holiday in laganas may 2002 we went for a meal 3 times there the food was excellent i only wish they did deliveries to the uk
View 3 posts by Lyn C ip - GB
  Kelvin S
We went to the Taj Mahal four times during our one week stay in Laganas, The food was great and the service was exelent, I would go back and eat there every night if i'd known it was there all along!
View 5 posts by Kelvin S ip - UK
  Ian "
A fantastic Indian. Worth the wait after went a night earlier but all power in Laganas went out ! Finally made ot the next night and glad we did. Great food and very reasonably priced, great service too thanks to the wonderfull Charlie, say hello to her please ....!
View 8 posts by Ian " ip - UK
  Louisa T
View 3 posts by Louisa T ip - UK
  Hannah B
Fantastic. Great food and service!
View 2 posts by Hannah B ip - UK
  Gillian B
Fantastic indian food - we ate here twice sitting in and twice take away (when we were too hungover to go out!!!) totally recommend it
View 4 posts by Gillian B ip - UK
  Sarah M
We went there 3 times & had a great meal each time.
View 6 posts by Sarah M ip - UK
  Shanne W
We ate here twice on our holiday just returned 27th June 2003. The meal was excellent & the staff were very helpful. Rice is included within the price. Average cost 27 Euros including wine. highly recommended.
View 4 posts by Shanne W ip - UK
  Lucy S
We went here on Friday nite cos my boyfriend was missing his curry!! Nice food, good service too! I would recommend this place if u have to eat Indian on holiday.
View 4 posts by Lucy S ip - UK
  Wesley D
Great Indian!!! I enjoyed it very much, so much so that I stuffed myself to the point that I was about to burst!
View 10 posts by Wesley D ip -
  Michelle N
Fantastic food, fantastic service and good price. All the dishes come with rice which makes things a lot cheaper because you only pay for the main dish.
View 13 posts by Michelle N ip -
  K H
I'm so shocked to see all these bad comments, we loved it! Our average bill worked out at about 10 a head for poppadums, shared starter, 2 special curries and a carafe of wine. The food was fantastic we were only dissapointed that we discovered it right at the end of the holiday. We probably did wait a while for each course but why is everyone always in such a rush - you're on holiday! It also saves spending money in bars. Try it - you might like it!
View 2 posts by K H ip - UK
  Zoe G
Most expensive meal I had there. Have had better curries and the portions were really small
View 9 posts by Zoe G ip -
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