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Hannah L  (September 21, 2006)         

They were working on whats left... found out what happend...was competition from the one over the road so all the greeks are thinkin... mite be somethin new next year.

Kelly and claire the ment   (July 30, 2006)         

this place doesnt exist anymore. it went up in flames in the early hours of the morning when we were there.

Julie H  (July 08, 2006)         

was one of the nicest chineses we have had..and the staff were so friendly...but i must tell you it burnt down whilst we were there so hopefully they will hurry up and rebuild soon!!

Angie B  (May 26, 2006)         

Excellent Curry, best i have ever eaten.

Well Done
Angie and Co.

Amanda D  (October 02, 2005)         

We have eaten at this restaurant many times especially on our last visit in September. The choice is very good and the service is excellent. The prices are very much the same as the UK when eating out at a Chinese restauarant, so don't expect it to be considerably cheaper. Eg 2 alcoholic drinks, a mixed starter for 2, 1 main meal and portion of rice, prawn crakers (all large portions) came to about 24 euros.

We will definately go there again.

Emma C  (September 08, 2005)         

Food is excellent and well worth the money, I was in Kalamaki in June this year with my sis and my litlle boy, we ate there 3 times. Me, my sis and her friend becky are going to kalamaki on the 25th sept 05 and we will definately be eating at the Hong Kong restaurant.

John A  (October 15, 2004)         

This is nothing like people on here would have you believe!!
It took 2 1/2 hours to get 2 courses and the food was well below par!
The duck was overly fatty and dry and ransid!! The crispy chilli beef had no beef in it - it was all just crispy coating!!
The bill was a fright as well!!
If you go here dont plan for a quick exit and dont expect a culinary pleasure
You have been warned!!

Sandra P  (July 26, 2004)         

Excellent food and service. It may not be the cheapest you eat in Kalamaki but it is always consistently good, regardless of how busy it is. 4 starters (bbq spare ribs which are the best I have tasted),4 main courses with egg fried rice, 2 rounds of drinks and a bottle of wine for approx 75 euro. We have eaten here every year for the last 4 years, always the same quality you will not be disappointed.

Jenna M  (July 23, 2004)         


Bev G  (May 25, 2004)         

We went to this restaurant 4 times. Every time it was spot on. Fast service, friendly staff, excellent mouth watering food. I'll definately be going back here when I go back to Zante next year.

Matt W  (October 15, 2003)         

Our meal at Hong Kong was o.k, but I would not say it was excellent, the portion sizes were very small and the prices were very high!
And yes I saw the kitchen too and it was not that clean.

David N  (October 13, 2003)         

This was one of the best chinese meals i have had on holiday. Everything was spot on. Recomended *****

Brian W  (August 27, 2003)         

Nice food, but expensive.
Accidentally caught a look at the kitchens... they were very dirty.

Jeanette C  (October 02, 2002)         

This is one hell of a restaurant with wonderful food and gives you enough to feed 5000!! It puts a lot of the restaurants at home to shame as it is so good. Nice friendly staff too.

Amanda M  (October 01, 2002)         

The food here is up to UK standard and the price is what you would expect to pay in a restaurant at home. The waiters are very friendly and polite. We have now been several times over the last few years and have not been able to fault it once.

Michael B  (September 27, 2002)         

One of the most expensive in Kalamaki, food was ok, although the mushrooms were from a tin, better Chinese in Laganas.

Peter M  (August 15, 2002)         

We ordered Crispy duck with Pancakes on our visit to the Hong Kong and were told by the waiter that it would be just like you get at home, what a let down! It was a duck breast ( very fatty ) sliced up served with three pancakes and if i recall it was one of the most expensive meals on the menu. The rest of the meal was good, although the portions were small and we needed to order two further meals to fill up on.

Darren P  (July 01, 2002)         

Food was fantastic on the two nights we visited. The standard of english of the waiters caused a few problems: Teriyaki Wings ended up being Satay Chicken, Egg noodles (despite a discussion to clarify that they were available) became egg fried rice and on our second visit a beer and a shandy became two beers and two little shot glasses of lime cordial! But don't let that put you off, if you like chinese food give it a try.

Phil F  (June 16, 2002)         

Went to the Hong Kong twice. I cannot compliment the food highly enough. In particular, the Sizzling Satay Beef and the Sweet and Sour Pork were as good as I've ever had. You would pay more than some other places in Kalamaki, but that is probably a reflection on the quality. The only downside is a Visa sign is displayed inside, but when you need to use it, they say that the machine has not been converted from drachmas to euros (six months after the changeover!!)??

Andrew D  (September 30, 2001)         

Set meal for two is good value. Soup excellent. It's a nice meal, though a little more pricey than a take-away at home. However, we went here 3 times - good enough recommendation?

Jano   (August 22, 2001)         

The food here was lovely. Better than the chinese food we get at home. The waiters were very friendly too.

Leona G  (August 14, 2001)         

Service was very quick and of course in Zante very friendly. The food was superb. Everything was freshly cooked and very plentiful. Totally over-ate on both visits. And although it was one of our dearer meals it was still cheaper than you would expect to pay at home and was very good quality.

Karl P  (August 02, 2001)         

Food superb and plenty of it. Service very quick and friendly. As for the price more expensive than other restaurants-but still far cheaper than the equivalent in the UK

Mike T  (July 30, 2001)         

Food quite good, and well worth a visit, although can be expensive.

Barry C  (January 18, 2001)         

The food from here is out of this world. I know you are on holiday to try different foods but you must try this one night. The crispy peking duck is superb

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