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Laura W (13 March 2012)

where is tsilivi taverna situated in Tsilivi please??

Gary C  (27 June 2011)        9/10

Good price

Great food
Lovely people

Gary C  (30 June 2010)        9/10

Found this restruant for the first time and it was great!! The Meze for two was brilliant and the staff are really friendly. Look out for Takis who works the door, he is mad!!!

Aimy J  (09 August 2008)        10/10

everyone has to try Tsilivi taverna. FANTASTIC  food very good service and very friendly people. Special thanks to Dennis and Irini 

Deb H  (23 July 2007)        2/10


Hated it!
Only place we have eaten Lamb Kleftico and been given a really tastless dish with bones in the lamb still.
Never again!

Russ   (18 August 2006)         

We had a really good meal here. I usually only eat Greek Food in Greece, but I gave the mixed grill a go, and it was REALLY good.


All the family enjoyed the meal, and the service was good, the restaurant was clean and the food was what we wanted.


Gary F  (08 August 2006)         

This restaurant used to be opposite the Lazoros hotel, where we stayed, so we were disappointed, when we arrived, to find that it was no longer there. Later in the day, we discovered that they had moved about 100m towards the Enigma night-club and were now on the opposite side of the road.

They had only reopened the previous week, after the lease on the original restaurant had expired, in what appears to be a brand new building, though I felt that as it was right on the road, some of the charm of the place was missing.

The food was good as usual and the service I believe has improved, though that maybe due to them not being really busy, but then all the restaurants we visited seemed quieter than when we have been before in September.

George R  (11 November 2004)         

well what can i say judging by some of the comments below it cant be the same taverna we visit when we are in tsilivi we were there in june and october this year and found the food and service up to our expectations i had meatballs in tomato sauce with greek roast potatoes in garlic realy tasty we have been for the last 6years and will visit again in june 05

Gary F  (20 September 2004)         

Eat here 3 times during the holiday, though 1 meal was not upto the previous standards that this place has provided.

D not believe the comments made by the person below, how can you rate a place 3 years after you visited, the place could of changed totally for better or worse.

Service was good, so much so that on two occassions when we were talking to people on the next table, we had just about finished the starters when our main course arrived.

Richard S  (22 August 2004)         

Could not understand the mark for this place 'till I saw the 3year old hatchet job in the comments below - thats a really helpful review mate!!!

Ate here twice without being let down. Good points are a pleasant setting back from the main road, reasonable prices , and a willingness to make anything on the menu in a smaller portion for the kids. Cooking ranges from average to occasionally very good, with pleasant service. You can eat better, but can do a lot worse too!

Trevor H  (21 July 2004)         

Just noticed Mary-Anne Woods comment about both sauces being the same. Mary, love the way you described it as strange. I think I would have described it as 'The chef does not really give a t*ss'
Sorry I think I got confused....did I say chef!!!! now that would be a novelty in a Greek restaurant

Trevor H  (21 July 2004)         

sorry for the delayed report on this place. we went there about 3 years ago--said it was late!!!{s>

we ordered food..waited for at least an hour and then when we heard other people at other tables complaining about waiting even longer we decided to get up and leave. we offered to pay for the wine and covers ie bread. we had waited long enough. those friendly greek people decided that if we were not going to wait for the food and pay for it they were going to ring the local police. not wanting to end up in the local nick (spiros's brother was probably the policeman), we just paid for the food, went to the table but refused to eat it....we had the feeling they had gobbed in it!!!. there was a queue at the desk of people complaining at this time.

we just left then.....all this nonsense about greek hospitality..this was meant to be a genuine greek taverna.....lets face it, they are all out there making a lot of money for pretty crap food....i am now of the opinion if the greeeks are friendly they either want your money or else want to s**g you.....sorry for being cynical but read other peoples comments about their teenage daughers.

cheers anyhow....back to france next year...they are a bit sour but at least they know how to cook and are not as false!!!!
forget to mention....dont bother going here

Mary-anne W  (21 June 2004)         

I really liked this restaurant (I had the Zakynthian rabbit), but my boyfriend wasn't as keen. We had different main courses, but the sauce was the same on both which we found a bit strange.

Vicky   (21 October 2003)         

Wasn't over impressed with this place, the food was ok but not very big portions. We had the lamb in the oven which consisted of a farty little piece of lamb which was 90% fat and chopped-up potatoes which were smothered in pepper. The prices were reasonable though, may try again but only after the reccomendations of other people.

Andy T  (11 August 2003)         

Good food, good choice good price. What more can I say! Set back from the road a little, so much quieter than the avarge restaurant here, could also be the reason many people walk by it. Pay a visit, it's well worth it.

Jacqueline G  (26 June 2003)         

There are seven of us who have eaten here on many occasions and we have never had any complaints about the food,it's always been exellent and at the right price to.At times the service could do with being a little better.

Melissa O  (23 May 2003)         

Food was fantastic, 6 in our party and we were all happy! very nice swordfish. toilets left a little to be desired, service was slow, but all in all good.

Annette J  (01 October 2002)         

The restuarant was set back from the road which was nice but the service, the atmosphere and the general cleanliness of the restuarant were poor. Tables were left for hours uncleared even when waiters weren't busy, tips were just left where customers had put them. Food was average.

Gary F  (25 September 2002)         

We ate here twice, as the first meal was so good. Very good value for money, especially the house wine, you receive a litre for the same price you pay at other places for 1/2 litre. Tried both red & white and very drinkable. Meze starter is huge and well presented. It can easily be shared between two people. Also recommend swordfish steak in Lemon sauce and the Swordfish Souvlaki.

Joanna R  (05 August 2002)         

This taverna is well situated away from the road. The service is very good yet unpressurising and you can choose where you want to sit! The tables are large so everything doesn't get squashed onto it. The food is fresh and simple but very cheap compared to alot of the other restaurants we tried. The house wines are also incredibly cheap and taste fine. All in all, excellent value for money

Mark J  (29 July 2002)         

We went there from recommendations from these pages. It's set back which was good but the service was poor in comparison to the other restaurants. It wasn't down to the staff as they were rushing round serving but the tables were left uncleared fro some time. Once the food came it was very good.

Beki D  (16 July 2002)         

Our favourite restaurant in the whole resort. Wonderful meals especially Chicken Souvlaki and Chicken Parmesan. Fantastic place.

Jim D  (05 July 2002)         

the service has improved vastly since last year. Another good meal in nice surroundings, the prices are very reasonable.

Marion R  (04 July 2002)         

The Tsilivi taverna has an authentic Greek feel to it and benefits from a superb location set amongst gardens back from the road and away from traffic fumes. The food is fresh and delicious and the staff are friendly and attentive. Apart from the 'Korali' our other most favourite destination!

Keith & Sally  (02 July 2002)         

I presune we are talking about the Tsilivi Taverna here, set back from the main road at the top end of the village. Voted our favourite until we discoverd its sister restaurant, The Korali. Very Greek (makes a change). Try the 'Greek Meal for Two'. Good selection, excellent value and superb grub.

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