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(Best time to visit Zante)
10/10 Zoe Y

I've just spent 2 weeks here and it was great but could be a bit hot for young kids, I think it reached up to 45 degrees.

View 10 posts by Zoe Y ip - GB
10/10 Alex T

Excellent love the island will try in may or september next time just a little too hot in july.

try the old vine yard restruant in tsilivi its the best and if you want to rent a car use margaris also in tsilivi its a good way to see the the shipwreck and bluecaves if you dont like boats

1 post by Alex T ip - GB
10/10 Stephen

This place is booming and the kids love it, brilliant for famlys, i have been in july for 2 years 3rd year coming, red hot day and night, not long now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

View 11 posts by Stephen ip - GB
10/10 Charlie B

15th July 2007 it was 42 degrees and all got a wicked tan i loved it did not want to  leave the good weather

Charlie batchelor age 12
View 18 posts by Charlie B ip - GB
 Kirsty M

weve just been 8th july - 22nd and found it good. The first week of our hol seemed quiet, just couples, a few families. This is prob due to school holidays havnt started. The second week of our holiday was bit busier. When walked into town it seemed to be more people in an evening (but not too much that it was unpleasant). V hot this time of year so be prepared for heat waves as our hottest day was 49 degrees. Good time to go though as heat an excuse for a cold drink, ice cream and relaxin days in pool or sea

View 7 posts by Kirsty M ip - GB
10/10 Christy E

we went 1st-15th july, really good time to go i think,was busy,but not too busy atall,weather was boiling! but we still loved it,got a great tan lol

View 6 posts by Christy E ip - GB
10/10 K

amazin time 2 go was so hot! loved it!!!

View 2 posts by K ip - GB
9/10 Dave F

July 03rd to 10th

Zante still fairly quiet and therefore to me more enjoyable - hate to go to areas that are crammed with tourists - every taverna heaving - drunken people on every corner and all excursions full to the rafters - would totally spoil my holiday.
I find that this week or early July was the best - at the end of the week was already noticing more people on the island and would hate to see it heaving in August - it may be great for the holiday business's but would be horrible in all the excessive heat for the tourists.
View 10 posts by Dave F ip - GB
  Juliet B

July 2-16 2006. Absolutely wicked time 2 visit. Very hot tho-weren't expecting temps over 40 degs!! Even our apartment owner was complainin it was 2 hot!!! Nightlife buzzin tho. Booked 2 go back next year-cant wait!!! July 29 2007!!!

View 17 posts by Juliet B ip - GB
  John M
click to enlarge

zante beach stayed in the louis hotel.staff unfriendly watch the diffrence in the staff to customers who are paying for food with cash and not us all inclusive and tagged fools.beach was lovely and clean again watch out for the crazy guy who looks after the beach he charges 8 euros for a umberella and two chairs per day regardless of what time of the day you hire them.shame on louis hotel group.he is also rude and unfriendly.taxies are a rip off.the airport is a complete s**t hole you will see what i mean on your return journey.we also had a small 4.2 earth quake on our first night? apparently this is quiet common there?although the island was completely wiped out in 1958 i believe.the island is beautifull typical greek island

we would not return
1 post by John M ip - Ireland
  Daniel W

 July is defo the best time to go me and my mates went last year and it was buzzing never a dull moment!!! cant wait to go back again this year! if there are any hotties (girls) who are going to Argassi between the 6 and 14 july cya all there!ha

Dan, Pazza, Crouchey and Buffalo
View 17 posts by Daniel W ip - GB
  Lizzie D

zante in july was totally awsome!!! anyone who decides to go during july, or anytime really, will have an amazing time guaranteed!!! i went with 14 of my friends last july (05) and we loved it! we've already booked for this july and i cant wait till we go. we're staying in gemini apartments this time and from what u lot have been saying bout it it looks like quite a nice place. we stayed in alkyonis hotel  last year and loved it, the owners were sooooo nice and sweet, they helped us anytime we had a problem (even 4am!) and never got a**ey with us even tho we prob were'nt the best guests ever! rescue was deff the best club for us, we went there bout 5 nights out of  7 we loved it so much! they play really good tunes, a mix of rnb and old skool dance that really get u goin!! oh n g-spot do the best cocktails!

well anyway, hope any of u thinkin of goin decide to! and see you all in july!!!!!! 
1 post by Lizzie D ip - GB
  Emma H

it was lovely, the weather was gorgeous the locals where friendly th food was nice and the bars where nice. wish i was still there

1 post by Emma H ip - GB

weather was nearly 40degrees everyday, never a cloud in the sky. Resort wasnt extremely busy, but wasnt dead either. I would recommend july as when we left at the beginning of august, it was getting even hotter!!!

View 15 posts by Louise ip - GB
  Oxlade S
we went around this time of year and believe me was really nice not to busy the first week but got a little busier as weeks went by the euro2004 was a blast thanks to all the bars including the red lemmon bar for the red vodka??? why where u closed the following day lol well i have some photos of the euro winning night you had to be there to understand will go back again
View 2 posts by Oxlade S ip - UK
we went from 22nd july 'til 4th august and it was HOT'~* Too hot sometimes, just make sure you stay somewhere with a pool. Definately get a tan though..
View 7 posts by Louisa ip - UK
  Amy H
We went durin 27th July till 3rd Aug n loved it. We stayed in Laganas and it was very hot. u will deffo get a tan. loads of kids, includin me were der which is betta 4 ur kids so dey got peeps 2 hand with. if u dont like kids bein der, FIND SUMWHERE ELSE
View 5 posts by Amy H ip - UK
  Hayley A
Be prepared....VERY HOT!!! We went 12th-26th july, the first week was around 36 c, and a little cloudy, which was nice as you got a little break from the sun, the second week was absolutly redders! saturday the 24th our apartment owner Costas took his thermometer into shade at 5 in the afternoon and recorded 35c and then put it in sunlight and it got as far as 45c before he removed it before it exploded!! Don't go in July if you don't like the heat.
View 3 posts by Hayley A ip - UK
6th-20th july, fantastically hot and no kids, excellent time to go at beginning of july if you want total bliss.
1 post by Gary ip - UK
  Nigel R
Just got back today ( 26July 2004) from Alykanas, weather was superb all week , 35 - 40 degrees every day, saw only 1 cloud!!
View 3 posts by Nigel R ip - UK
  Emma E
Very hot - between 90 and 100 every day that we were there. Go at the beginning of the month though - before all those pesky kids arrive! Ha ha, just joking x
View 22 posts by Emma E ip - UK
  Stephen C
Know nothing about anastasia hotel but weather in july is usually sunny with temperatures in the 30's.
View 39 posts by Stephen C ip - UK
  Vikki W
I've been for the last two weeks of July for the last two years and it has been rammo out there! You will love it. Guaranteed good time. Find it hard to be sober here! Free shots everywhere, as well as lots of single ladies n gents. It is the new Ayia Napa but a hell of a lot cheaper! I'm off to Faliraki this year though but I will be back in Laganas giving it some welly next year!
View 42 posts by Vikki W ip - UK
Chris, Ive been all over to places such as Ayia Napa, Malia, Faliraki you name it, ive probably sampled it but I have to say that I love Laganas the best, the nightlife is fantastic, the cocktails are yum the shots are free, goldfish bowls are strong (I got red sick!) if you loved Malia then get ursen to Zante. Theres 5 girlies booked to go beg. of July n cant wait. Might see you there.

Rach, I went last year at the end of June and it was absolutely banging then so uve got no need to worry about it not being busy in July - it will be mad

View 25 posts by Manda ip - UK
Hi me and My friend have just returned from two great weeks in Tsilivi. We found it a little too quiet this time of year for two 18 year olds but are coming back in July, Just wanted to know what the nightlife is like this time of year, would be grateful for any comments x
View 19 posts by Vicky ip - UK
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