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(Bars in Alykanas)
10/10 Carol & terry R
Hiya lads........ Been going to Alykanas for 15 years.  Visit Mojo Cocktail bar.   It is our local. The lads are great. Makes holiday complete. great bar, great lads, great fun. If you visit Alykanas you must pay lads a visit.  Awesome music and Dimitri makes a mean Mahito !!!! Can't wait to see you again soon.  Lotsa love Carol & Terry xxx
1 post by Carol & terry R ip - GB
9/10 Amy H

Great bar located in the middle of Alykanas, I would highly reccommend trying one of Antonis's cocktails!!

View 2 posts by Amy H ip - GB
 Jackie & John

can't wait to see you all again on 2 august xx

View 2 posts by Jackie & John ip - GB
10/10 Platon M
Best Bar in Alykanas ! Antonis is Cool !!!
1 post by Platon M ip - Canada
10/10 Steve N
click to enlargeone of the best bars in alykanas,great atmosphere,tidy prices on the drinks and the brothers are friendly and polite.ive been there twice and cant wait to get back there later this year again.
1 post by Steve N ip - GB
 Nick G
MOJO....BEST place....BEST company.....

1 post by Nick G ip - --
10/10 Louise M
Heyy guys! Hope all is well! Sucks we had to leave! Hopefully we can come back soon to see you all! The best bar we have been to! Keep it up! Miss you!! Louise and sarah! xxx
1 post by Louise M ip - GB
10/10 Alexandra K
Hey Antonis =)
i hope everbody is well at the best bar
wish you a good start in the summer and many guest...... miss you all can't wait to see you!
xxx alexandra
1 post by Alexandra K ip - Austria
10/10 Rebecca B
hey guys
it`s becky
i hope you are all well and see you all very soon
say hi to your mother and my little nikos and peter
miss you all cant wait to see you soon
and boys iwill bring girls so dont worry haha
1 post by Rebecca B ip - GB
10/10 Carol & Terry
Hi Dimitri and Antonis hope you all okay and behaving yourselves. We had a great time every night in Mojo Bar with you all. Love to your Mum & Dad and Denise and Family. Coming back in September 2009 so get the Metaxa and sprite on ice !! Great guys, great bar, great resort, been coming to Zante for 13 years. Never get tired of it or the people. Love to you all Carol & Terry xxx
1 post by Carol & Terry ip - GB
10/10 Aaron B

hey mojos :), its aaron

just to say im missing zante so much but im not back this year most probally because my mum and dad going thailand on there own. leaving me here wen i got work as a LIFEGUARD/GYM INSTRUCTOR/LEVEL 2 FOOTBALL COACH :P. yh, im keeping maself busy but wid a decent income so im coming back for a week wen i can but jus not yet :( but i do wanna b a rep 4 a year 2 bug u all in near future (got da right qualifications so y not).
hope you still got my MILLWALL FC T shirt up there signed and ure still supporting them because we have big game tonight and may get promoted but ill b there soon to check ;)
see you soon, Aaron X
View 11 posts by Aaron B ip - GB
10/10 Janet B
click to enlarge click to enlargeFantastic time in mojo bar again this year.
There is such a good atmosphere in there and Dimitiris and Antonis are great.
music is good with NO tacky Karoke, a true Greek bar.

see you again soon

Garry Janet Sally and Jack XXXX

View 7 posts by Janet B ip - GB
10/10 Jackie & John
click to enlarge click to enlargemojo is the best bar in alikanas, we spent every night in there.
really missing you boys at mojo will be back soon xxxx
View 2 posts by Jackie & John ip - GB
10/10 Ciara W
click to enlargeclick to enlarge Hello there!
Good times to be had in mojo bar! Great cocktails especially the strawberry daquiris, they were spot on!
Thanks for everything, hope to see ye soon!
From some happy Irish customers!
P.S Thanks for the delicious Metaxa Nico!
View 4 posts by Ciara W ip - Ireland
10/10 Kirsty C


Just back from a week in Alykanas and had a fantastic time! ended up every nite in Mojo's bar till the wee small hours of the mornin! Had brilliant fun wit Antonis and Dimitris aswell as the others we met along the way!
would highly recommend this bar for every age group, the people we met were soo friendly and welcoming and made us not want to leave (just be wary if Antonis ask u to play blow football! )
hope to see u all again next year! miss ya's already!
Kirsty, Ceri, Lynsey and Louise
1 post by Kirsty C ip - GB
10/10 Joanna L
hey everyone at mojo's! weird to think i was in your bar literally a couple of hours ago and now im back in rainy london :( just wanna say i had a really great time in mojo's you guys really know how to run a bar. i want to especially thank antonis for the sing a long session on my last night in zakynthos, and for discovering the best new cocktail in the world- the joey antonis' cocktail and i will definatly be back for some more of that! hope to hear from you guys soon xx
1 post by Joanna L ip - GB
10/10 Aaron B
click to enlarge


its aaron from last year augest/september. im c*mming bck 17/08/08. so get dat xbox 360 ready man im gonna get u bck wen u beat me dat once :@ lol.
View 11 posts by Aaron B ip - GB
10/10 Antonis
click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlarge
View 3 posts by Antonis ip - Greece
10/10 Antonis
click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlarge mojo's summer 2007!!!
View 3 posts by Antonis ip - Greece
10/10 Jess M
click to enlargeclick to enlarge

Hiya - Jess and Joe here!

just a quickie to add some pictures from our holiday, hope your all well - missing your all lots and lots, hope you guys see this comment!!
See you next year xx
View 2 posts by Jess M ip - GB
10/10 Jess M

well......what can I say!! Mojo Bar!

me and my fella went (seems like years ago) it was the only bar we drank in!
The best holiday in the world - couldn't have asked for anything better (apart to stay out there!!)
Looking forward to going back - can't wait!
View 2 posts by Jess M ip - GB
10/10 Antonis
click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlarge

Hello everyone,i hope you are all well.

I just wanted to thank you all for your lovely comments,im very glad that i met u all and that we had some wicked time in Mojo's. It was the 1st year of  Mojo and im pleased that most of u enjoyed it,im sure we will be improved next summer with more entertaining and parties!
Cant wait  to see you all soon,best wishes for everyone and happy christmas   antonis x x x
p.s here are some pictures to remind you our crazy summer x
View 3 posts by Antonis ip - Greece
10/10 Janet B
click to enlarge
just got back from  a week in alykanas & spent every evening at mojo's before & after we had a meal. hello paula it was great to see you & can't wait for you to come home for a while (shopping to manchester!!) mojo's is so a lovely bar & so welcoming to everyone. our son "smiling jack" had a wonderful time playing pool with antonis & beating him more than once!!! mojos has a lovely friendly feel to it where everyone is made welcome. if you have kids ask paula to make them a special kids cocktail. nothing is too much trouble.we will certainely be back, love to paula, antonis, dimitris, nikko & anna & a panniyotis from janet, garry, sally & jack brennand x  ps: hope to see you at christmas antonis, jack has asked santa for a pool table so you may get a re match!!!
View 7 posts by Janet B ip - GB
10/10 Abi E

We love mojo! x Its modern and sexy!!!

And everyone in it!
Peter & Antonis me and Hannah love you!
Cant wait to see you next year!! x
Recomend it to everyone! x
View 3 posts by Abi E ip - GB
10/10 Gina H
click to enlarge Have to let everyone know what a fabulous bar this is. Not only because the lovely Paula works there. (Sorry, never got a chance to say goodbye  )
This is a great bar for just sitting watching the activity (hours of  free fun and pure entertainment!), going on at the crossroads, with a large gin and tonic in hand. And where it is located, a lovely wee breeze keeps you nice and cool.
Certainly going to be on our list for next year.
Gina, Walter, Mandy and Craig
View 19 posts by Gina H ip - --
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