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Bocca BBQ
(Restaurants in Laganas)
3/10 Peter K

Very nice looking restaurant but the service was very slow and it was expensive. If you want pasta or pizza go next door to Spaghettomania where it is cheaper and it comes from the same kitchen as both places are owned by same people

View 9 posts by Peter K ip - GB
8/10 Stu C
We had a meal here and had no problems, it does look like a footballers restaurant though but the food was quite nice and the street its on is where you find the better places, stay off the main street the ones there are crap.
View 6 posts by Stu C ip - GB
5/10 Paul R

I agree with the previous post! & at half 8 they had run out of most items on the menu!

View 8 posts by Paul R ip - GB
3/10 Kirsty F

We decided to go here as we thought the restaurant looked really nice and the people looked friendly. When we ordered our food it didn't come out very nice and some of it didnt come out how it ws ordered. So we didn't eat there again!!

View 6 posts by Kirsty F ip - GB
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