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Pythari Taverna
(Restaurants in Laganas)
  Rachel P
We where in Laganas for two weeks from oct 10th and this was the best resaurant that we tried.John the P.R. guy was so friendly and helpfull the food was first class and the service great if you like mushrooms you must try the garlic mushrooms here they are to die for and the chicken dishes are excellent .Try the house white wine i would recomend it.We hope to be back in Laganas next year and will make sure we visit everyone at Pythari a few times during our stay . Once again a big thank you to John for getting us to go in so glad we gave it a try that first time.Rachel and Stewart ( the scottish guy with the tattoo,s)
View 4 posts by Rachel P ip - GB
  Rita S
We visited the restaurant again this year.  We found it had changed and was not as good as it used to be.  There was only one waiter and the owner serving and it was not as friendly as it used to be.  On the last night we waited ages to attract the attention of a waiter to ask for the bill.  The owner, his wife and the waiter were talking at the bar with several people and we were just left at the table.  The ower of the bar next door came in and we asked him to ask for the bill for us.
We have been going to the same place for 3 years and our friends have been going for 9 years.  We will not be eating there next year! I have to say that the place has changed, and not for the better. 
View 2 posts by Rita S ip - GB
  Rita S
We came back in September for two weeks.  The restaurant hadn't changed.  Still excellent food and service.  We stayed with Nico and Anita (the apartments across from the restaurant) and were made very welcome. 
We ate almost every night in the restaurant.  The chicken slovaki was great.  I think between the four of us we had everything on the menu.  The roast potatoes are out of this world.  
View 3 posts by Rita S ip - GB
  Rhys J

Very, very good food. Friendly service and nice setting. Definately one of the best in Laganas. Its a bit further up the main strip road but worth a 10min walk.

View 7 posts by Rhys J ip - UK
  Rachel S
The restaurant was our favourite on the resort, we went there twice and loved it so much we were sad to leave yesterday! great food, good value for money and brilliant service, very traditional, The waiters are very very! friendly indeed!
Rachel and the girls from Edinburgh
1 post by Rachel S ip - UK
  Colin R
 this has got to be one of the best resturants on the island right next to the pythari appartments  we  found the service  and the food  at its brillant best  if any body likes steak then  a must is the  fillet a la cream  it is to die for  and for a starter you  should not miss the  prawn sakanaki  its the size of a main course  all in all  amust for any body looking for a great meal
View 6 posts by Colin R ip - UK
  Karen A
View 3 posts by Karen A ip - UK
  Naomi C
Well worth the walk as it isn't in the centre of Laganas (but then only about 10-mins max)I was dreading the bill as the food was fantastic and service excellent. What a suprise!! A really nice meal for two with a bottle of wine and it came to about 16 euros! Bargain. Went back a second time and would recommend it to anyone.

A good sign in a restaurant: Locals eating there and the waiters were greeting visitors who were regulars to the restaurant.
1 post by Naomi C ip - UK
  Rita S
Just come back from another week in Laganas. Pythari restaurant is one of the best in Laganas. Probably the best for value, service and friendliness. We were there for three weeks last year (not all in one go) and when we came back this time we were greeted as friends. Truly very nice people who own it. Nico's cocktail bar next door is the place to go after your meal at Pythari. Very good holiday, weather, food and lovely people. Not too busy this time of year.
1 post by Rita S ip - UK
  Rebecca S
Can't fault the food at all. The service was excellent and the waiters friendly. You have to ask for the bill as the waiters are quite content for you to stay all night. There is no sense of rushing your food and leaving the restaurant. The waiters let you go at your own pace.

Brilliant food, briliant holiday. Laganas is a really relaxing place. Good weather, good company and lovely people.

A definite hit.
1 post by Rebecca S ip - UK
  Rita S
We went there for a week at the end of June and again in September for two weeks. We tried a couple of other places but kept going back to the Pythari. The food is exceptional and so is the service. The waiters (Yannis, Petros, Nikos and young Nikos) were brilliant. They couldn't do enough for us; nothing was too much trouble. After the meal we went next door to Niko's Cocktail Bar and were made very welcome there too.

We found the whole holiday very enjoyable and the people are lovely and friendly. We can't wait for 2004!
View 3 posts by Rita S ip - UK
It was a nice place - food was good, most of us had the lasagne. We made the mistake of sitting next to the speaker though.

Service was quite good as well and helpful, it wasn't really busy though.

Over all not a bad place.
View 8 posts by Decorus ip - UK
  Helen K
We ate at the Pythari on our first night in Lagana ( about 4 hours after we had arrived) so needless to say we were starving.

We both had the same meal ( a steak dish) and it was beautiful, although as they were very busy the service wasn't outstanding. We really had to fight to get the attention on the waiters and we had to ask for the bill twice ( which is a pet hate of mine) Once we did get the waiters attention, they were very obliging.
View 3 posts by Helen K ip - UK
  Julie W
I only tried this place once and would never return again!
The waiters were setting a table for a wedding reception and it took them nearly half an hour to bring our drinks and menu's then there was the wait for the food, which was about 25 mins and then we had to ASK for the bill.
I was very disappointed as this restaurant was suggested by quite a few people from our appartments - maybe it was just the wrong time to go with the wedding etc but they will not be getting any money from me next year.
View 13 posts by Julie W ip -
  Julia G
I've just been again to Zakynthos and have eaten in the Pythari every time. The first time I went was 1989 and the service and the food are always excellent! I send my love and best wishes to Nico, Christos and Viv, their families, and of course Nico and all the waiters who were excellent!!! I hope to see you all again soon.
One not to be missed!!!
View 5 posts by Julia G ip - UK
  Carrianne H
Only just returned from zante. The last supper of course was at Pythari Taverna. The staff were fantastic the food the best and the atmosphere was great. Am rebooking to come back next year, enjoyed it so much. If you like a good steak this is the place to go most restaurants in zante serve pass old shoe as steak but Pythari Taverna has the real thing. YUM! Excellent for the old stifado too.
View 2 posts by Carrianne H ip - UK
  Liz M
Yanis and the staff are top notch. The food and service is excellent we ate here several times in our two week stay in Laganas.
Good food and good value for money give this taverna a try.
Hope to be back there soon Liz and Geoff.
View 3 posts by Liz M ip - UK
  Chris and nicola C
we liked it here it was very nice the staff were very nice to.
make sure you pass at around 5.30 because its a very nice sight they have a greek diet coke break
mmm mmm mmm mmm mmm
very nice bodys!!!
View 2 posts by Chris and nicola C ip - UK
  Chris L
all the men are well fit. espeacilly at5 in the afternoon when they did there diet coke break.
1 post by Chris L ip - UK
  Paul R
Recommended by our good friend and Barman from Zero's - George. His brother is actually one of the waiters.

Well recommended and worth the short walk (300 metres) up the strip on the left). If you don't want to walk then it costs approx 2 euros.
Well worth a visit.
1 post by Paul R ip - UK
  Faye H
This place was right next to our apartment (Pythari Studios) so we came here several times during our holiday on our way into town. The food is very good and the price is even better - I think we managed to have a 2 course meal and drinks for about 16 between us - BARGAIN!! Oh, and the Garlic Bread.... yum yum
View 3 posts by Faye H ip - UK
  Ken S
One of the best places we tried away from the hustle & bustle further down the strip. Niko's cocktail bar next door was excellent also.
View 6 posts by Ken S ip - UK
  Sue T
Had several meals here! Waiters very good. Food gorgeous! Try the Tzatziki...mmm!!! The pork souvlaki was excellent too! Thoroughly recommended!
View 5 posts by Sue T ip - UK
  Steve H
Great Staff, Great Food, Great Price. Top Restaurant
1 post by Steve H ip - UK
  Pete T
This is a must to visit for good food! If your staying in Laganas near the seafront then you want to head straight up the main road on a quiet 15 minute stroll (away from the hustle and bustle)where you will find one of the original and undoubtedly, very best restaurants in town. Originally started (As I understand) by Christos (Pythari Apts) and currently run by Nikos his brother - this place has great staff (Pedros Yiannis, Nikos and Spyros) - and we found the food excellent - the location quiet, clean and relaxed and the staff superb. If your in Laganas - don't miss it - it sits between the superb 'Pythari Apts' and 'Nikos Cocktail Bar' on the main Laganas Road
View 3 posts by Pete T ip -
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