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Mavratzis Beach
(Watersports on Zante)
9/10 Steven B

great day out water sport fantastic even they take pic for you and sell them to you for your experience but a bit forgetfull as they didn't put all the pics on the disc which i was abit disapointed about when i got home

View 12 posts by Steven B ip - GB
10/10 Lindsey B

We went parasailing here and it was ace! The beach is really clean too! It's definately worth a trip!

View 5 posts by Lindsey B ip - --
10/10 Ann & Lee
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Just wanted to leave a POSITIVE comment for Mavratzis Beach Watersports. We called by the beach as part of our "Sunkissed Cruise". The watersports equipment was all brand new, top quality gear, and the prices were SLIGHTLY better than at Tsilivi Watersports (although Tsilivi Watersports jet-skis are ancient). All in all, Mavratzis beach wins hands-down! I've attached pics of me and my daughter prior to the jet-skiing, and one of the jet-ski (to show the quality of the machine!)

View 5 posts by Ann & Lee ip - Germany
10/10 Ruth W

we have visited zante twice on the first occasion we went to st nichols bay this time we went to visit TAKIS  on MAVRATZIS BEACH his watersports are by far the best on the island takis and his staff make you feel safe and sucure the prices are very reasonable and his equipment is in A1 condition and i m sure that the next time we visit the island we will make it one of our first port of call

THANKS Takis for making our holiday great
ruth and the OLD man
1 post by Ruth W ip - GB
  Charlotte E
heyyy, just came back from zakynthos this morning at 2am ( 23rd august) watersports wer sik!!! enjoyed all of em, n we did most as well!!! i recommend it 2 EVERYONE!!! the guys are ALL great, n the photos wer good as well!!! they all made my holiday . n the gorgeous guy who worked there . hahaha . anyways thanx for a great time, and we might be comin back next year! so see ya then mwah x x x x x
1 post by Charlotte E ip - GB
  Ally S
Awsome watersports.  Ringos were the best fast,safe,and fun.  Parasailing was from a paracraft, smooth and safe,I might ad great view saw Gerakas Beach from the other side of the Island.  Best watersports, owner is actually from California and speaks fluent English great guy.  Definately a good choice, beach was like a private beach not too crowded and very beautiful.
1 post by Ally S ip - United States
  Don C

Great beach, fantastic watersports, a place you must experience.  Thank you to the guys at the watersports for a wonderful time and a good laugh, my family really liked the extra time on the ringos.

View 2 posts by Don C ip - Greece
Never go on the Flying Ringos. I am usually ok on fast rides etc but this was the worst thing I have ever done. Paragliding was good though.
View 6 posts by Julia ip - UK
Can U Help?Aimee
on average how much did it cost
View 6 posts by Aimee ip -
Can U Help?Dean C
Where is Mavaratzis Beach and is it possible to get there by bus etc.... From Laganas?
1 post by Dean C ip - UK
  Panayotis K
Mavratzis Beach was increadably beautiful. The watersports were uncomparable to the other two locations we visited St.Nickolas Beach, and Argasi. These people truly have the best watersports center we've seen. Ski Nautique, and MASTERCRAFT tow boats, not to mention their parasailing boat that winches you in and out with out you worrying about a thing, extreamly safe. This is were my husbant and I chose to parasail as opposed to the other locations that use a launch platform. In Cyprus they don't even permit launch platforms, just paracrafts. The Jet skis were the latest Yamaha modles, very stable and fast,compared to the relics that are used on other beaches. If you like ringos, Mavratzis has these new flying suaser ringos that ride like a roller coaster, yet you don't fall off, all the fun without needing a cork for your bum. And for all those that complain about the prices of watersports, if your going to do watersports why not get the best value for your money since the prices are about the same all over the island. We belive that Mavratzis Beach may just be the best watersports we been to in Greece.
1 post by Panayotis K ip -
One of my occupations is Ski Instructor,so I went looking around the Island for watersports since I heard from our rep: that their were a few around on the Island, to make things short the best that I found was at Mavratzis Beach, All new equipment, and some that you find in very few places,a parasailing boat that winches you in and out of the boat,good and safe boat drivers, the price was basically the same as the rest around the Island, which was fare for europe,in an overall pictutre I would have to say that it was the best watersports set up on the Island.
ip -
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