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Kozanos II
(Restaurants in Amoudi)
  Caroline E
We spent two weeks staying at Kozanos II from 8th Sept 2002 and had a fantastic time. The rooms were basic but the view from our balcony was beautiful. Everybody in Amoudi was so friendly and helpful and Tassia who ran the hotel was brilliant - we both had the English breakfasts most days and loved them. I highly advise the pizza's, omlettes and home made chips.I would definately go back.
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  Ruth C
Tassia makes a great omelette and good snacks. They have Satellite tv there and one of the better selections of postcards. The pool is nice, kept very clean. The only thing Id say is dont have the English breakfast there, its defintely not Tassia's forte but she does the other stuff really well and is lovely and friendly.
View 6 posts by Ruth C ip - UK
  Pam V
Very good value. Chips were real potatoes, deep fat fried! we saw Dassia peel the potatoes! We stayed in room here,JMC, which was very good.The rep Jo is a scream, Geordie extrovert! Try the Greek salad too, & omelettes to die for.
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  Diane F
Tassia's breakfast is lovely and great value. Snacks available all day I highly recomend the pizzas and salads.
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