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Old Alykanas (Xohoriati)

Location: About 2km east of the main resort of Alykanas
Getting There: It's fairly easy to walk here from Alykanas or Alykes. Just follow the small roads around the coast.
Access: A few steps down from the road
Sunbeds: Yes
Toilets: There is a Taverna nearby
Watersports: No
Safe for Kids: Yes the water is shallow
Food & Drinks: From the local Taverna
Turtles: No
Seaweed: In some areas where it is rocky, but easy to avoid
Sand or Pebbles: Sand
Car Parking: Not many places to park but it's usually quiet if you avoid Sundays and Bank Holidays

Zakynthos Beaches:
Old Alykanas Beach
(Beach in Alykanas)
10/10 Sonia

Spent the day here after starting out on a walk from Alikanas on a cloudy day that suddenly turned sunny - luckily we took our beach gear!!!

Lovely beach which gently shelves into the sea.  Sunbeds and parasols for hire.  Unfortunately the day we were there so were some nudists - this is not a nudist beach, so I wasn't too impressed.  Shoestring taverna above the beach is great for lunch - a view to die for.
If you are staying in Alikanas and the beach is too windy, you may find that this beach is more sheltered.
View 26 posts by Sonia ip - GB
  Lucy K

i have just returned from alikanas and used this beach everyday. there only a few sunbeds at the far end of the beach now and the english lady that lives there has put some in the field above the beach . they are a brilliant idea, they are slightly raised and have astro turf for those who dont like to sit on the beach. this year they are putting showers on the beach and it was very clean. would definatly recommend.

1 post by Lucy K ip - Greece
  Simon W
The beach was a little disappointing this year - the litter is disgusting. Let's assume there are 75 sunbeds on the beach at 4.00 per day - that's 300. Seven days a week is 2,100, say $2,000 to make it easy. There are 30 weeks in a season - this makes a grand total of about 60,000 divided between Andreas Marinos, Nikos Marinos, Franciscus Marinos, Tassos Marinos and three others in the syndicate. Do you think they might be able to afford to clean the beach a couple of times a month, at the very least? In 1992, Timsway, Direct Greece and Friends of the Ionian jointly organised a mid season beach clean up which got only half way along the beach before they ran out of their supply of 26 bin bags! OK,so it's late in the season and it's we tourists who create the litter, but the few bins provided are filled to overflowing and never emptied.

It's really such a shame, because this should be one of the prettiest and safest family beaches on the island and it's in danger of ruining its amenities just for the lack of a little effort.
View 14 posts by Simon W ip - UK
  Simon W
This is still, in spite of the sometimes unwanted publicity,one of the best, quiet, family orientated beaches on the island. There's not much to do other than relax. Above the beach, there's the Shoestring Bar (for the rich) and, a little bit further away, there's the mini market (for the poor, like me ). The water is clear; it's so shallow that you can walk out about fifty metres before it reaches your naughty bits! The fish, which will be served up later at the Psarapoula as whitebait, will come and nibble at your toes! Where else on the island will you find a little shelf with fruit and vegetables with an "honesty box" in to which you drop a Euro or two to buy delicious, fresh grapes, tomatoes, courgettes, melons - it's on the path on the way to the beach. It's the last fling of Nikos Marinos, the Captain, who's now in his eighties. He even uses his car, now, to get the fifty metres down from his house, up by the mini market, to the beach. Please support him, if you're passing that way - the pickings are fresh and delicious.
View 14 posts by Simon W ip -
I had forgotten how relaxing this beach is. It's lovely for small kids and an excellent place to learn to snorkel, with some interesting fish on the rock beach protection. The shop in the village behind is open all day, so is the Shoestring above. The little ouzerie on the road up to it (Palazzo) is also extremely relaxing and convenient in that area.
View 8 posts by Jane ip -
  Ian Q
Didnt think the beach rated that highly ?? The Psarapouli Restaurant (Sat in the Lemon Grove) on the other hand..........EXCELLENT !! Possibly the best meal we had in two weeks was here!
View 14 posts by Ian Q ip -
  Simon W
I wish now that I'd never mentioned the beach at Xohoriati. Everyone, Chloe, Susie etc. seems set on giving away the secret. The big Alikanas beach which is an extension of the strand from Alikes is good enough with all its umbrellas, seaweed, bars and general Sunmed muck - go there, please! Enjoy life there with all the noise of "water sports" and the other paraphanalia of today's package holidays. Our little beach is really only for those who want a quiet break away from the hurly-burly of today's urban rat race.
View 14 posts by Simon W ip -
  Chloe P
Susie - please don't assume that I want you to share the secret of Xohoriati with anyone else. After all, it's not a large enough beach to cope with an invasion. If you really must insist on encouraging people to go in that direction, against all my best instincts, please make sure that they patronise the good local places like the Psarapoula fish restaurant and Dennis's mini market.
View 6 posts by Chloe P ip -
  Susie W
Hi Liz! Sorry - I think that what Chloe and I were indulging in was irony - but it's obviously worked and you are intrigued! The only problem; I have no idea where your accommodation is. Xohoriati is just off the road from Alikanas to Amoudi, beyond the Psarapoula and the church, but before the Shoestring. Ignore the first turning to the left just after the cemetery. A little further on, but it's easy to miss, there's a sign on the left directing you down a small track to the mini market run by Dennis & Andrika Marinos. Follow that, through the hamlet, to the beach. I hope you find it - the only condition is that you swear that you keep its whereabouts an absolute secret! Nobody else is allowed to know - on pain of death!
1 post by Susie W ip -
Can U Help?Liz L
If its a secret why are you telling people about it?! If you may not know but if you have any idea dear where it is in relation to the villa denise apartments i would be greatful, as that is where i am going to be staying and this beach sounds nice so wondered how long it would take from where I am staying, thank you
View 8 posts by Liz L ip -
  Susie W
I agree with Chloe - please don't come to Xohoriati. That little bit of Paradise must not be ruined by becoming crowded - find your own wonderful beach somewhere else, please.
View 5 posts by Susie W ip -
  Chloe P
Please don't go to the little beach at Xohoriati that is mentioned below - it's a small, secret paradise and it would be wrecked if more people discovered it! It's quiet, peaceful and unspoilt by watersports and any commercial exploitation, there's only a couple of bars and cafes and just one excellent mini market. You have been warned - stay away! Help us to preserve our idyll!
View 6 posts by Chloe P ip -
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