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Location: On the northside of the Vassilikos Peninsular
Getting There: Follow the main road from Argassi. The access road is on the right not after the turning for Kaminia Beach. Watch out for a restaurant in the shape of a windmill on the left
Access: A long bumpy and difficult road, but rewarding if you are in the mood for adventure! The beach area itself is flat and easy to get about
Sunbeds: Yes
Toilets: Yes, in the tavernas adjoining the beach
Watersports: No
Safe for Kids: Yes
Food & Drinks: Yes, a good selection of food and drink
Turtles: Yes, this is another important nesting beach
Seaweed: Some, but easily avoided
Sand or Pebbles: Fine sand
Car Parking: Not many parking spaces, but it is usually quiet because of the difficult access

Zakynthos Beaches:
Dafne Beach
(Beach in Vassilikos)
10/10 Andrea B
1 post by Andrea B ip - Italy
10/10 John B

Just got back from Zante and I think Dafni beach was the best on the island that I had visited.

I was there this Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday
Was on a scooter so was able to go down to the bottom, all cars stopped at the top car park.
The beach was clean and well kept; apart from some old sun shades at one end, very quite, a few nudists at one end each day (I did'nt realise it was a nudist area) but the view, waters, snorkeling and sunsets were for me the best.
Dafni Taverna does great food at very reasonable prices
The area at the back of the beach has a slightly run down feel but just added to the charm, some work is going on there; the national Park Rangers were patrolling each day and keeping people away from the nest sites .
As I was staying in Laganas the tranquility of Dafni, a greek salad, mousaka and a glass of wine at lunchtime looking over the beach was what I work all the year for. 
1 post by John B ip - GB
9/10 Sue F

Lovely quiet peaceful bay probably our favourite beach (there was no rubbish when we were there!). Bit of a long trek down a narrow steep road to get there but fun in a jeep. Recommend the taverna at the far end on the left as looking towards the sea great melon juices and Greek salads. Can use the sun loungers for free. However, after reading the comment below about bulldozing the dunes etc to stop the turtles I don't feel so good about this beach!

View 19 posts by Sue F ip - GB
  John R

Hi Dafni beach was kinda very quiet it seemed that a lot of the buisnesses were closed tho we did go in late september, we couldn't drive down we had to get a lift to the beach and back which was a bit of a pain on the whole I wouldn't reccomend it.

View 4 posts by John R ip - Greece
  Jilly D

I understand that Gerakas beach is the only oficial naturist beach on the whole island, can any recent visitor comfirm this for us, we have been to most naturist beaches in Greece but not on Zante, please let us know,

Jilly - London
1 post by Jilly D ip - GB
  Annette P
Went to this year but is closed untill next week due to the turtles nesting. We were 4 years ago after hiring a jeep for the white knuckle ride, am really pleased that something is being done about the turtles and had no problem being turned away. As we were a week earlier this year due to family commiments I hope we can go back next time. ,    
View 3 posts by Annette P ip - GB
  Maddy D


I wouldn't recommend walking to Dafni from Kalamaki at all, as it is all hills, and no beach, so it is dangerous and impossible to walk to.  You have to walk up into the mountains, which is very difficult going.  However, you can swim from Kalamaki!!! 
Dafni Beach used to be really beautiful until they deliberately trashed the beach with rocks, stones, rubble, and built loads of illegal building, tavernas and car parks, basically to put off turtles.  They have done so much damage.  Bulldozed the sand dunes to turn them into a sun bathing area, complete with a lawn and tropical palm trees.  Dafni also used to be the second most important nesting beach in Laganas Bay for the Loggerhead turtles, and now nesting is seriously reduced, almost disappeared.   (Sorry, you might have guessed, but I don't like Dafni!)
The best place to walk is at Gerakas. You need to drive to it, but you can do a circular walk from the beach, up into the hills and Vasilikos forest, down towards Porto Roma and then back again.  You can either get the guided trail from Friends of the Ionian, or if you are on the island this summer, come to Gerakas, and get a self-guided trail from the Earth Sea & Sky Info Centre just up from the beach.
View 4 posts by Maddy D ip - GB
Can U Help?Sarah H
Me and my husband are keen hill walkers. would there be any chance of walking to this beach or would it be too dangerous. We are staying in kalamaki.
View 3 posts by Sarah H ip - GB
  Mike J
click to enlargeclick to enlarge

Dafni sounded great from comments and did have fantastic views. Was slightly dirty to be honest with rubbish built up in one part of the beach. Pretty good snorkelling by Zante standards. Drive there is pretty ropey-road has not had any upkeep for sometime.anyway enjoy the snaps

View 3 posts by Mike J ip - UK
  Purple T
Went to this beach last year and loved it, best in the afternoon as you can stay to watch the sun setting over towards Laganas... stunning. The drive down is an experience in itself but once you have negotiated the car eating pot holes and heart failing drops you should arrive ok. A couple of tavernas on the beach. Only problem last year was after a couple of storms the rubbish seems to collect on the beach and isn't cleared away. Over all a cracking beach!
Also message for Ian MacEwen, Gerakas beach has a large nudist area. Once on the beach head to the left as far as you can
1 post by Purple T ip - UK
Can U Help?Ian M
Dafni beach is only a few kilometres out of Argassi.Go down the main street of the centre,when you get to the crossroads at the bottom you turn right.Keep on this main road for only a few killometres and keep a look out on your right for a signe which is on a large board on two poles over the road where you turn to the right.The road down to the beach is a really bad road and takes a bit of negotiating but i can assure you that once you get there it is really worth it.If you are like me and my wife,turn left when you get to the beach and then go allong for quite a way and you come to the nudist beach.It is the only one we could find on the island.If some one reads this and knows of another nudist beach on the island then please let us know.THANKS,
1 post by Ian M ip - UK
  Samantha H

Supposed to be one of the best beaches on the island.  Quite a drive to the beach along not the best of roads.  Sandy beach, the sea is very warm (we went 1st week in June).  Couple of tavernas, covered parking area.  The beach was quiet when we were there, lots of rubbish on the beach, no watersports, we didn't stay.

View 19 posts by Samantha H ip - UK
  Rena X
DaFnI Is a NiCe BeAcH tHe WaTeR iS so0o ColD aNd VeRy nIcE. If u StAy DuRiNg ThE aFtErnOon U caN WaTcH tHe SuNSet iTs so0o nice
View 6 posts by Rena X ip - United States
Dafni beach was beautiful. It was quiet and frequented mostly by locals. Not so nice after a storm though as the rubbish washed up is not cleared. The drive down is what really makes the beach... steep tracks full of potholes and of course the cliff top drops! Hard to get too after a rain storm but worth it just for the peace & quiet and hot sand & sun.
View 5 posts by Rachel ip - UK
  Jenna M
View 12 posts by Jenna M ip - UK
  Paul H
If you can find this beach then go there it's so quiet and the people who run the bars are very friendly.Cost us 10 euros for the parasol and 4 sunbeds for the day.Left hand end of the beach past the cliffs is nudist but it's a fair walk from the main beach.If you want to pose then try another beach as very limited audience here.
View 4 posts by Paul H ip - UK
  Diane A
In our opinion Dafni is the best beach on the island. It's off the beaten track so not too busy, well worth that drive down to it!! We absolutely loved it here the water was so warm and the scenery was lovely. It was very peaceful and after Gerakas which was packed with hungover foul mouthed clubbers!! it really was paradise.
View 7 posts by Diane A ip - UK
  Helen W
Worth finding and riding down the difficult road absolutely beautiful, amazing for snorkelling, you feel like you have found somewhere not many people know about.
View 9 posts by Helen W ip - UK
  Will M
As A Zante worker over the summer, Dafni was by far my faveorite beach as it is romantic, secluded and picturesque. . .The road down there is great fun if you have a nice big scrambler dirt bike!!
1 post by Will M ip - UK
  Julie D
Well worth the off road driving skills needed to find this beach. Nearly deserted in October....tavernas closed...but still beautiful.
View 14 posts by Julie D ip - UK
  Roderick J
Beware, Dafni is quite difficult to find, and devilishly difficult to drive down to, the road is littered with bumps and pot-holes. It is a private beach, and mainly frequented by locals. Either pay for the owners' sunbeds and shades, or pay to erect your own. A bit of weed as you enter the sea, but once in, there are lots of moss-covered rocks with fish swimming around, that are great for underwater exploring, and in the middle of the bay is all sand, and very safe. A nice beach to go if you want somewhere a bit quieter. Two beachside tavernas and a bar.
View 15 posts by Roderick J ip - UK
Dafne, that was the nicest beach in Zakynthos only the entrance by scooter was not very good, but the enviroment near beach was really beautiful. Hot sand, beautiful umbrellas, beautiful blue sea, it was really fantastic. You have to go there, it unforgotable view.
View 4 posts by Martina ip -
Wish we'd found it nearer to the beginning of our hols! It's a brilliant place, once you find it! From Zante take Argassi road, thru Argassi, along very twisty stretch (blackspot for scooter riders, smooth tarmac, ride slow, don't bank over don't use front brake!)After several bends you'll see a sign Dafni Taverna this road is slightly easier of the two and a few Km shorter (better for scooter riders) we preferred to carry on towards Vassilikos a few more bends then after Porto Zoro sign on left take next Dafni sign right, road starts ok, follow Porto Mella, steep bumpy muddy climb, thru cutting at the top and there you see it below, Wow! Steep descent on mud road with lots of hairpin bends (difficult but possible for scooters) Parking at the bottom. We liked the Porto Mella restaurant, superb no frills trad food, new little bar, great friendly family. Free sunbeds and parasols There is a nice narrow little nudist beach if you turn left
View 2 posts by Chop ip - UK
  Mark H
Drive on the coast road heading south towards St Nicholas' bay and a few miles after Argassi you come to a road sign marked Dafni taverna, ignore the first sign and take the second which is further down the road , we took the first and although the first few hundred yards are a good surface it starts to deteriate when it starts to go down hill. This bit is narrow, very steep and bendy with just dirt and gravel and covered with pot holes. The sweat was dripping off me as I inched my way down it in my Corsa, it did not help with my youngest telling me he did not want to die that day - so be warned. When you get to the bottom, it is worth it, the sea is calm and warm and the restaurant is nice.
View 22 posts by Mark H ip -
Can U Help?Sonia C
I would be grateful for directions to this beach please.
View 6 posts by Sonia C ip -
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