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Location: In the next bay north of Tsilivi Beach
Getting There: For anyone staying at the top end of Tsilivi near to the Caravel Hotel this is the local beach
Access: Three roads lead down to the beach with easy access
Sunbeds: Yes plenty
Toilets: Yes
Watersports: No
Safe for Kids: Yes, the water is shallow
Food & Drinks: There are bars and restaurants next to the beach
Turtles: No
Seaweed: Not usually a problem
Sand or Pebbles: Fine sand
Car Parking: Not many parking spaces next to the beach but you can park on the road and walk a short distance

Zakynthos Beaches:
Bouka Beach
(Beach in Tsilivi)

heyyyy loved the beach! its awesome. dead clean and the waters lovely, also got a bar and tsilivi watersports is just a short walk away! mint beach.

View 3 posts by Ally ip - GB
  Rena X
I LoVe BouKa .... MaNy of U TouRiStS Go To ThE RiGhT eNd Of ThE BeAcH wHeRe iT iS Very RocKY buT wHeRE i GO To tHe FaR lEfT sIdE It Is Very cLeaN AnD SaNdY i GO 2 ThAT bEaCh VeRy oFtEn WeN Im ThERe DuRiNg ThE SuMmEr
View 6 posts by Rena X ip - United States
  Lucy P
Is lovely especially if you want it nice and quiet away from too many kids, bar around the corner is great just need to change their cd once in a while!
View 13 posts by Lucy P ip - UK
  Tom L
Before we arrived we had been told the beach was tiny and unclean. When we arrived we found it was the opposite, the water was crystal clear and the beach was very clean. It was very uncrowded as well, so you had plenty of room to spread out. Also try the restaurant at the alexandra beach hotel, great views and friendly staff.
View 2 posts by Tom L ip - UK
  Pat H
Had apartments overlooking this beach and it was lovely. Within walking distance of Tsilivi beach and yes there are fish but only around the seaweed and rocks. You can venture out quite far as well which is good for the short variety of human - kids I mean!! Sun beds are at a premium at the busiest times but plenty of space to throw your towel down and just laze around. Volleyball net up at one end of the beach as well for those fitness freaks out there. Handy bar though for those who are not! Came back two weeks ago and had brilliant time.
View 15 posts by Pat H ip - UK
  Sarah-louise N
We loved this beach for snorkeling, much better than Tsilivi Beach just round the corner which can get quite busy and doesn't have many fish. However westill ove Tsilivi Beach and I think it is a better one for children as the water is shallower. Try both and have fun!!
View 3 posts by Sarah-louise N ip - UK
  Chris G
Just got back for a holiday in Zante...This beach is a bit quieter than the adjoining Tsilivi beach but worth a look none the less. Read my full report at:
View 8 posts by Chris G ip -
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